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Oh Gee.

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Gerard visits Frankie.

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Thanks for the reviews everyone! =) Thanks for the support with my Grandma and everything to. Here's the next chapter. Sorry, it's another sad one... I don't really think there are any chapters that aren't sad. Maybe the first one... maybe. ENJOY.




There weren't any taxi vans in this city so we all crammed into a cab. I feel so cooped up. My head hurts like a fucking bitch. And on top of this we're going to see Frank. This has to be one of the most guilty times of my life.
I borke my best friends heart, made him quit the band, and get hit by a car. How much more could I mess things up? Frank never did anything to me... well he may have punched me in the face multiple times... but I've done worse to him. He might never wake up because of me. And I know what you're saying, "If I was you I would just think happy thoughts!" Fuck. That. Shit. Sure, I could say I was trying to think happy thoughts, but we all know that never works.
I lean my head against the window and stare at the people who are oblivious to my pain. We wind our way through the city, it's a mix of modern buildings and old houses. There aren't any apartments around here but then again there aren't many business buildings. We pass a werird strucure. I want to ask about it but I'm not in the mood to talk. Maybe the driver's used to people asking because he points out that it's a sky tram, it leads up to part of the University that is also a hospital. He tells us that it's an extention, but we aren't going to that part of the hospital.
We are now nearing the hospital, we can see the narrow street that leads to it. It's rather spectacular. There's a sky bridge and there's art all over the inside. To get to the level we need we have to walk through the cancer wing. It saddens me to see the toys and books littering this place. Sometimes kids play here while they wait for their bed ridden family and friends. If I was a little kid right now I don't think I could bring myself to play with the toys.
I'm sort of distracted now. The group turns a corner and I almost loose them. Oops. Guess I got kind of carried away. We take the elevator up. The hall is circular, on the right there's only windows and on the left only doors with windows. It scares me to wonder which one is Frankie's. I wonder if he's awake, and if so for how long? How long has he been wondering where we were and why we didn't come earlier? The nice girl who had been leading us opens a door, Frank's door. I stand outside of the door while everyone else walks inside.
"Mr.Way?" The girls asks, wondering if I'm going to step in.
"S-sorry." I say quietly, making my way in.
Why did I hesitate? I should be hurrying.
I walk inside. Frank's awake. Staring at me.


I had been dreading all day the arrival of my old band. Or so I thought. Something inside of me wanted to see them. Either way the clock seemed to tick so slowly. After what seemed like forever they finally arrived in the afternoon. At first I only saw Ray, Bob, and Mikey enter, in that order. It got my hopes down that Gerard hadn't walked through the door. I really thought I didn't want to see him, but I'm just so fucking in love with him. It's not fair at all. Or maybe I deserved it for doing that to Gerard the other day. His face was all bruised and cut just because of me.
All of a sudden I heard a girl outside the door say something. I heard her say /Mr.Way/. Maybe she was just talking to Mikey. Mikey turned a little but so did everyone else, that's when I heard him answer back with a shy "sorry". Gee was here. I stared at him wide-eyed as he walked into the room. I wanted so badly to sit up and run over to him, but I was stuck laying down on this damn bed.
"Gee." My voice came out so quietly and raspy.
I could barely speak! Ugh, how great.
The rest of the guys stood back as Gerard walked over to my side. He loomed over me, not looking me in the eye. A tear dropped on my sheets, then another.
"D-on't cr-ry Gee." I tried to say. It came out rather broken, but he heard me.
"Frankie I'm so sorry I did this to you." He spoke quietly to me, like he would hurt me with loud words.
The nurse still stood in the doorway, waiting for conformation that she could leave. Ray broke his gaze from me and looked at her, smiling weakly,
"Thanks." He said to her.
That was the normal way of saying "Get the fuck out now." and she simply closed the door behind her.
Gerard's words hurt me so bad. He thought he did this to me. But it's not like he made me run across the street in a black hoodie, not looking where I was going. Well... maybe I could have seen it if there weren't tears, but it was still my fault!
I wanted to take his hand in mine but my arm was too tired.
"Oh Gee." I whispered.
He was the sweetest thing, which was weird after all that we've been through together. Gerard looked up at the rest of the band, his eyes still watering. He whiped his tears with his sleave and tried to smile,
"Could you guys uhm... give us a minute?" He asked softly.
Without a word Ray, Bob, and Mikey all exited the room. It must be really awkward for them, seeing as none of them really fully understood what was going on. They were right not to ask though. They would find out sooner or later anyways.
Gerard pulled up a chair and sat at my bedside, right at my torso. He stared at the ground for a minute, and I stared at him. He was incredible. He was always there for me. The one mistake he ever made but singing that song on stage. It really hurt me. But at least he let me know that he didn't love me anymore. No matter how much he didn't love me, even if he hated me, I would still love him the same. I could finally admit that to myself. I loved my best friend, Gerard Way. A lot.
"Frank, I still love you." I couldn't muster up enough strength to make an expression, but if I could it would be shock.
"Ger-rard, y-ou do-on't have to li-e to me." I manage to reply.
"I'm not lying Frankie. I'm in love with you. Completely. I'm never going to let you leave."
I close my eyes. I'm so tired, I've been sitting wide awake all day, just waiting for Gerard.
"I love y-you too." I really do Gerard. You are the love of my life and there's no denying it.


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