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Goodbye for Now.

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Hey guys! Thanks for the reviews! =O I'll keep it at needing two reviews for a little bit because sometimes I just get three at most. So here's the next chapter! Oh yeah, and sorry for doing this to you guys, I know how annoying that is. xD Enjoy!




We've been watching TV for a while now. I heard Frank go outside a while ago, I though he was just going out for a smoke, but he's been out there a while. We've watched two whole movies. It's been 3 hours. I know I shouldn't care, but you know how it goes. You shouldn't care but you do, blah, blah, blah. My eye's find Mikey's, he's been sitting next to me staring intently at the TV. He feels me staing and looks at me with a brow raised. I motion toward the door, letting Mikey know that I'm going to check on Frank. As I walk I can feel my pulse quicken, just thinking about talking to him scares me. He's just so damn perfect, I don't even deserve to know him. If anything ever happened to Frank I don't know what I would do. Despite the song I sang tonight I still really do love him, I love him just as much as I did before any of this happened. The door clicks as I open it, I step out and it makes a slow sliding sound as it closes. I step around the front of the bus, searching for him, praying to see him leaned against the bus.
I've circled the whole bus by now, no Frank. I circle it over and over again. Still no Frank. I run as fast as I can back into the bus, please let him be somewhere in there. I ignore everyone as I speed through the cramped space, I'm at the door before I know it. I stop. If he's in there I don't want to look to worried, maybe just like I'm grabbing something really quick and running out. I try my best to gather myself, but I open the door rather quickly anyways. There's no one sitting on the edges of the bunks so I guess he's sitting in his bed with the curtain closed.
Slowly I make my way towards his bunk,
"Frank? Frank are you in there?" There's no answer, not that I was expecting one.
I open the curtain, despite the fact that he might yell at me for disturbing him. He isn't in there. Now I'm freaking out, I search everyone else's bunk but he isn't in any of those either. I figured it would be a good idea to search his bunk again, but I wish I hadn't. I notice a sticky not on his pillow, I read it but the words just jumble together.

"This is Frank. I wrote this to tell you that I'm leaving. I've just messed everything up and I was never that much of a good band mate anyways. To Gerard; I'm sorry. I was heartless but I see now that you're over me. Don't go looking for me, You shouldn't waste your time. I'll always love you guys. Especially Gerard. I love you so much Gee, none of this should have ever happened. Maybe when we're all old we can meet up again and be friends, but for now, it's best if you don't have to deal with me. Goodbye for now."

The end was signed in cursive, it read 'Princess Frankie'. I don't think it was possible to have made that note any more heartbreaking. He got me straight in the heart with every word. Now I feel my eyes start to swell, the tears threatening to pour and never stop. I lay my body down on his sheets, taking in the smell of him. My sobs are quiet, but they shake me and cut off my breathe. Frank I miss you and I didn't even know you were gone. You've been gone ever since the kiss off-stage. I just didn't know how much I missed you until now. Until you actually told me.
I want to get up and tell everyone else but I can't. The only thing I can hear are my sobs and the sounds of the cars. I hear police sirens, now ambulence sirens, now everything just fades together. My brain is a hectic mess of sounds and pain. I don't hear anything but I can feel a hand on my arm. I turn to face Ray who's speaking. His mouth is moving but I can't really hear any words. I can't really say anything so I just brought my hands above my head, covering my face with my forearms.
"Gee? Hey, Gee what's going on?" He asked me, rubbing my arm slowly.
"F-Fra-ank L-le-eft." I choke out. It's muffled but I know he hears me because he pulls me up and out of the bunk.
"We're going out to look for him then, I guess." He brushed my shoulder off and pulled me out of the room by my arm.
I stayed silent as Ray took me outside. He yelled Frank's name over and over again. It hurt me to see him trying. There was no way we were going to find Frankie now. He was long gone. I only wish we had found the note earlier. This was all my fault. He thought I didn't love him anymore, but I was just playing games. That was so wrong of me to mess with him like that. And he says he's the heartless one? I'm leaned against the bus, letting tears fall down my cheeks. I don't make any noise though, it's weird to cry so hard when you're around your friend. What a dumb thing to say. Ray would understand, it's just, I don't want him to know how much I love... loved Frank. Ray heads back into the bus, getting everyone outside. It's pretty damn late to be getting a search party together, isn't it? Now everyone's gathered around me, talking back and forth, what are we going to do anyways?
It's been about four hours now since Frank's left. I hope he hasn't gotten too far. We decide to call the police station and ask if they can put up a missing persons report. Every step we take toward "finding" Frank just makes it worse. We find out that "that Frank Iero kid" just got taken to the hospital. The police station didn't have all the information on it but they had to rush to the scene. He had been hit by a car. Everyone was bickering but I just let my body slide down the side of the bus. I covered my face in my hands. The tears couldn't even come out. I just shut my eyes and tried to fade everything out.
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