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Just about the chars.

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Name: BillieJeane Elizabeth Beckett. She is the twin sister to William Beckett of The Academy Is...
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115lbs
Eye Color: Hazel-ish blue with a honey color
Hair color: Dark brown
Nicknames: Billie, Jeane, B.B., Beckett, Liz, Jeannie, Bill, and McLovin'(don't ask)
Age: 23
Birthday: Feb. 11
Fave. Foods: Sushi and GummiBears.

(This is my good friend)
Name: Emmi Asia Ross - younger twin (by three minutes) of Ryan Ross
Height: 5'2" (I'm a short ass!)
Weight: 80lbs
Eye Color: Black - for real dude!
Hair color: Black with bright red highlights
Nicknames: Em, Emo, E, Little Ross, Baby E
Age: 21
Birthday: August 30
Fave. Foods: Pasta...
Pairing:Gabe Saporta

Extra info: I'm vegan, bisexual, a dancer (ballet, tap, belly, Greek, exotic and stripping) and a singer. I play bass, piano and guitar, if that comes in handy. Oh, and I write lyrics...

I have three ear piercings (bottom set plugged, middle set hoops and top set black studs), a nose piercing and a lip ring (the opposite sides to Franks) and a navel piercing, and a butterfly tattoo on my lower back - I can give you a photo if you want. And I have white skin. No shit, its pure white.
And I only wear black or dark red.

Name: JaymeeLynn Isis Way
Height:5'8 1/2
Weight:200 lbs
Eye Color:Sky blue
Hair color:Currently Pink [Gets dyed often]
Nicknames: Jay, JayJay, James, Jaymer, Dimentia, Isis, Tainted rose baby bunny,Dimentia Starz [stage name]babe, cooties [thanks Mikey] Sis, Sissy
Birthday:April 3
Fave. Foods: Whatever geebear makes! and Italian food as well as what i cook! Sushi!!!

Extra info: i have my lip pierced in the middle and currently my hair going half was down my back. i have a tattoo on my neck that says "Sandra and Stephen" I have mcr on my shoulder blade on my wrist i have Gerard's name. I have my ears gaged to a 14 with plugs. I'm kinda pale but when Gerard does my makeup for stage im ghostly white!

Name:Arielle "Luna" Nicole Iero
Weight:110 lbs
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Nicknames: A lot of names...too many to name. Mainly goes by Luna.
Age: 21
Birhtday: July 29

Extra info: Gets along with people really well, looks great in photos(camera person), easy to make her laugh. Great person. You'll love her.
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