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Billie gets to be with her brother on tour and she gets to meet up with old friends. But, what else may happen?

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Rain. The soft tears of a thousand angels tapping against the windows of a young woman's home. The gentle rhythm of the falling rain brought peace to her mind anymore. It was always raining anymore those days as Billie Jeane say in her room looking out the window as she waited upon the return of her brother, William. She grinned as she remembered the first day he came up to her in high school and said, "I want to start a band Billie." Those were the good old days.
But, he was on tour and tonight was going to be the night that she went with him. She was nervous because she was going to meet old friends and possibly, an old flame but she wouldn't let that get to her.
"Where the hell is he?" she asked aloud. As she was about to get up from her spot, she noticed a large bus stop in front of her house and a grin crept across her face. She rushed to grab all of her bags: laptop, guitar, and luggage. Once everything was ready, she began to run to the stairs. She stopped when she heard someone come through the front door.
"Billie?! You alive in here?! God, you didn't even pick up the living room while you had the chance!" William called out to her. Billie quickened her pace. When she was almost at the bottom, she set her bags and guitar down and jumped into her brother's arms. She felt better instantly. The long months of being apart soon began to melt away as he embraced her. From the familiar scent of the cologne he wore to the very sight of his unruly hair from being wet.
"Bill! You came! I'd thought you'd forgotten about me for a while there. Thank God you didn't!" With that he set her down and kissed the top of her head. Billie closed her eyes and sighed. She was glad to see William again.
"How could I forget about my BillieJeane? But, c'mon. Let's get this stuff on the bus so we can meet up with the others at the venue. Oh! By the way, Gabe decided to get onto our bus along with Travis. We got bored and tried to tackle Travis on our way here. I still can't believe you moved here, to Chicago, last year." He said grabbing her suitcases and guitar. Billie grabbed her laptop bag and opened the door for him. He smiled to say 'Thanks' and they ran outside. When they reached the bus, the door opened for them and William ran in first to go get her stuff ready for her. But, Billie stood in the rain for a second, breathing in the cool air as she was about to go on a life changing experience. Moving from her parent's home to Chicago was an adventure alone but, who knew what was to happen on tour.
The moment she stepped onto the bus and into the main room of it, she set her laptop down on the couch and put her hands on her hips. She looked around and noticed the massive mess of food, energy drinks and clothes all over the place. When she turned around, she was bombarded by none other than Gabe Saporta.
"Billie!!!" Gabe exclaimed as he pulled her small, delicate frame into a deathly hug. Billie felt as if she was going to black out from lack of air from how tightly he was hugging her. Well, more like crushing her. He only let go when she managed to bring her knee up to his balls. The grown man fell over in pain, groaning. Travis began to laugh at Gabe but soon was on the floor also because Billie decided to tackle him in a hug.
"Hey, B.B. How's it going?" he asked, laughter and joy in his tone. She gave him a thumbs up and the cheesiest grin known to mankind, before getting up and brushing herself off. William came out from the bunk area and sighed. He sat down on the couch and propped his feet up on the still pained Gabe.
"What happened to him?" he inquired. Billie grinned and plopped down next to her brother and giggled.
"Got him where the sun don't shine, duh!" William gave her a look that was supposed to make her feel guilty. "He wouldn't let me go! He had me in a hug where I couldn't even breath and he was crushing me!" Gabe shot her a glare.
"Yeah, but those are my-"
"You mean, were right? I think they are now non-existent." Travi and William nodded in agreement. Gabe pouted and threw William's feet off of his back. He got up slowly and slightly re-adjusted himself. He looked over at Billie and pointed a finger at her.
"Just you watch your back Beckett! I'm warning you BillieJeane!" Billie just rolled her eyes and grabbed her iPod out of her hoodie pocket. she put the headphones in and put on her favorite song by her brother's band. The Phrase That Pays. And with that, she slowly drifted off to sleep as they made their way to the venue. Only fate knew what was to come.
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