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Meeting With Old Friends

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Billie meets up with Jaymee and Gerard and dreams about Bob Bryar. What does it mean?

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"Billie! We're at the venue. It's time to wake up." William told her gently nudging her awake. Billie stirred and opened her hazel blue eyes to the soft light of the tour bus. She looked at her surroundings and looked back up at her brother. She gave him a tired grin then sat up. He handed her a cup of coffee then sat down next to her.
"What were you dreaming about? You kept mumbling Bryar to yourself. Who's Bryar?" He asked. Billie looked at him shocked. Had she really been talking in her sleep about Bob Bryar? If she had then why? Billie looked at her brother again and shrugged.
"I don't know but, let's head inside. I'm getting tired of sitting here on the bus." With that, she stood up and stretched. The bus doors opened up and they headed out. Billie ran off to heated arena as fast as she could to get out of the rain. When she got inside she caught a glimpse of pink hair. Billie grinned evilly and walked towards the woman.
"Well, well, well. If it isn't JaymeeLynn Isis Way. Spawn of Satan herself. I thought I smelled trouble." Billie joked. Jaymee turned around and glared at her.
"Well, hello to you too bitch." She joked back. Billie hugged her tightly, almost like she was to squeeze the life out of her.
"It's good to see you again JayJay. It's been too long. How's Gee?" Jaymee pointed to the man at her side and then slightly nudged him but he wouldn't pay any attention to her. He was listening to his iPod and bouncing his head to the rhythm of the song. It seemed interesting enough otherwise he wouldn't have had the volume up so loud.
"Gee, honey. Gee? Gee! Gerraaarrrddd. GERARD ARTHUR WAY!" She yelled, trying to get his attention. He finally looked up to see who was talking to him and he looked at his wife to see what she wanted.
"Yes Jaym- Oh! If it isn't BillieJeane Elizabeth Beckett. My, my, my, haven't we grown in the past, what, 3 years I believe? I think we have." Gerard said, sounding like the smart-ass he was. He had a smug grin on his face. Billie mocked the gesture.
"Gerard Arthur Way. Hmm, I see you've really gotten older as per usual." He glared at her menacingly and she only stuck her tongue out which made him laugh.
"And I see you've matured too...NOT!" They soon began tossing insults back and forth until Jaymee hit them both in the arm playfully yet surprisingly hurtfully.
"Okay children. The chicky with pink hair says knock it off before I go insane." They both laughed at her and nodded, calling a truce for the time being. For a while they hung out until Billie started to wonder where everyone else was.
"So, where are my Fall Out Boys? I guess they haven't arrived yet have they?" Billied ask them. Soon to her surprise, a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and a pair of hands covered her eyes.
"Well, you're half right, I suppose."
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