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Billie gets a little surprise greeting from someone from her past. How will this little encounter go?

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That voice. She knew that voice and the feel of those hands. Who was it? She decided to go through everyone she knew.
'Hmm, the voice is higher than Pete and Patrick but, lower than Andy. Ah! I've got it! It's Froman!' she thought.
"Hi, Joe. And, Andy, you can remove your hands from my eyes now. I know who it is." she told them. Immediately, both sets of hands withdrew from Billie and she grinned to herself. She turned around to face them. They looked both shocked and appauled.
"Damn, you caught us again Billie! How do you do that?" Andy asked as Joe scratched his "fro" still confused on how she caught them everytime they did that too her. It stumped him on how she was so good at figuring everyone out. No one could sneak up on her because she would know exactly who it was. Unless it was her brother. That was what really got him. They were the only ones who could truly scare the living daylights out of each other.
"For one, Joe's voice is higher than Pete's but lower than yours and Andy, your hands aren't as calloused as theirs are either. That's how I can tell." Andy was really shocked now. He looked down at his hands and began to study them.
"Is my voice really that high?" Joe asked. Billie nodded.
"So...where exactly are my two favorite knuckle heads Dumb and Dumberer, eh?" Andy and Joe looked away from her. She got nervous when they did that and even more when they did it at the same time.
"Well, Pete's on the bus, but Pat's well..."
"Hi!" called a male voice right in Billie's ear causing her to jump so high in the air she thought she was going to have a heart attack. Jaymee, Gerard, William, Andy and Joe all began to laugh at her. She glared at them causing William and Joe to stop but Andy wasn't really scared of her until she gave him a "death" glare. Then he backed off. Billie looked back at Patrick who was gleaming at her.
"So Patty Boy did decided to show, huh?" Patrick nodded.
"When I heard that the Beckett's were here I planned on how to sneak up on you Jeannie since it's usually only your brother that can do it. So, Joe and Andy here helped me. They distracted you long enough for you to not notice me coming up behind you." Patrick explained and as he said this, Billie sighed and turned away. She began to walk off to "go and find someone else to talk to." Jaymee didn't buy this for a second and Gerard could tell.
"I know, Hun. Go find her and make sure she's alright." He said, giving her a sweet, simple kiss on the lips before Jaymee went to go and find Billie. Why was she so upset about seeing Patrick? Then again, why was she acting nice about seeing him then devestated when she did see him? What's going on?
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