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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters attached.

A/N: I'll apologise now 'cause; I'm not to good at writing rants...sorry.

This chapter has my first ever attempt at a fight, I apologise now for how bad it is and welcome any advice on how to improve it.

Chapter 6: Conflicts.

"So you're a hero, my brother is a hero. Wow." Rose said, awed and excited as Harry finished bringing her up to speed on the goings on in the wizarding world and the people he knew, he tried, he really tried to avoid giving his sister that impression...looks like he failed.

"I'm not a hero." he said defensively.

"Yes you are." Blaise said before having to hurry to calm Harry's temper. "There's a fine line between hero and celebrity, celebrities do it for the glory, heroes do it because it needs doing."

"I suppose when you put it that way." he said unsurely.

"You know, he's won Bachelor of the year for the past two years running in 'Teen Witch Weekly'." Blaise said proudly while turning to face Rose, ignoring the way Harry was trying to impersonate a tomato with a blush to rival the Weasleys.

"So that's why you looked so smug earlier, when he introduced you, you're going out with a hero that girls all over the country are drooling over!" Kelly said. "Wow." She said.

"I don't know whether or not 'drooling' is the best word to describe it, I'd say..." she said with a thoughtful expression on her face. "...'Frothing at the mouth'." Blaise finished with a smirk while watching Harry get more and more uncomfortable with the current topic.

"I suppose, he is quite handsome." Rose said, also watching her brother squirm, before taking pity on him and changing the topic. "So when do I start this school, which I don't even know the name of?"

"It's called Hogwarts, it's in Scotland, and you start on September first, actually it's about time I had that chat with the headmaster." Harry said with venom in his voice at the word 'headmaster'. "Tonks can you call him please."

"Sure Harry." Tonks said leaving the room, pulling something out of her inside jacket pocket, while Harry got to know his sister better.

As Tonks returned a few minutes later, there were a few muffled 'cracks' from outside, followed by a knock on the door.

"Bloody hell, he's brought half the order with him." Remus said from the window, just as Mrs. Phillipson answered the door.

"Hello, how may I help you?" she asked politely.

"Is Harry here?" came Professor Dumbledore's polite voice.

Harry beckoned Rose over to the window and pointed out who all of the people were; Kingsley Shacklebolt, Mad-eye Moody, Mr and Mrs. Weasley and all of the others he recognised.

"Yes, you must be Professor Dumbledore, he's waiting for you in there." Mrs. Phillipson said pointing at the sitting room door.

"Thank you." he said entering the house and into the sitting room, with the 20-or-so order members following him.

"Hello Professor." Harry said venomously.

"Hello Harry." Dumbledore said as politely as he could with the obvious hostility coming from Harry, whilst the rest of the order gasped at Harry's tone of voice. "Why are you so angry with me?"

"Oh, I don't know, perhaps its because you refused to tell me anything until AFTER the closest thing I've ever known to a father was KILLED!! You ignored me for a whole year when I needed you the most. Not to mention the fact that you failed to tell me that I had a sister, and even kept her survival from Remus AND her godfather Sirius." he said his temper dying. "Just tell me why you separated us?" he asked desperately, his temper almost burnt out.

"It was your parents last wish that you be kept safe, and that was the safest thing to do at the time."

"If you told me that two days ago I'd have believed you." He said in a deadly calm voice that chilled the bones of all those present. "Only I paid my family vault a visit yesterday, and look what was in there." He said holding out the letter from his parents.

As Dumbledore read he appeared older and paler with each line.

"As you can see, they wanted us to be brought up, together, in a loving, wizarding home like the Weasleys. As you can also see, I was officially emancipated on my 15th birthday, Rose will be too. Oh and Rose is to go to Hogwarts, from fourth year onwards."

"Mr. Potter, if she wants to go to Hogwarts, she'll have to start as a first year." McGonagall said, angry at Harry's lack of respect for the headmaster.

"If she wasn't a Potter she would have to."

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked confused.

"The Potters are well known as the heirs of Ravenclaw, correct?" he continued at the nod of their heads. "Well this ring, can only be worn by Ravenclaw's heir, it aids in learning, to put it simply. Oh yes Professor Dumbledore, I believe you have something of mine." He said enjoying himself, he never used to understand why Hermione enjoyed being a know it all, but he had to admit that this was fun, just watching all of there reactions.

"And what do I have of yours Harry?" he asked interested.

"The sword of my know the one I used to slay the basilisk...Gryffindor's sword." He said, smirking at their faces.

"What are you going on about Mr. Potter, Gryffindor had no children."

"Sorry professor, but you're wrong, he had one child...a daughter...called Selina Ravenclaw." He couldn't help but smile as all of their jaws dropped. "Remember what you told me after the chamber of secrets headmaster?"

"Yes, only a true Gryffindor could pull the sword out. of...the...hat...Oh." Dumbledore said, realisation dawning on his face.

"Now then, I'd like you to enrol Rose into Hogwarts on the 1st of September, not before, I'd also -" he said, but was cut off by Dumbledore.

"Why not before?"

"Because then she can't get in trouble with the ministry while we catch her up on her first three years...but still send her a letter. As I was saying I'd also like, no demand the duelling training I asked for." Harry said, pointedly looking at Mrs. Weasley.

"But Harry, you don't have to fight, leave it to the adults." Mrs. Weasley said.

Wrong thing to say.

Harry's temper began rapidly building.

It was definitely the wrong thing to say.

"Leave it to the adults? Right." He said sarcastically as his temper rose. "First point: I am an adult, second point: I've been fighting him since first year, third point: think logically, Voldemort used my blood to bring himself back so he could get past my blood protection AND giving himself that same protection, meaning only I can get him and only he can get me!" Harry said through gritted teeth, his temper rapidly reaching boiling point.

"Mrs. Weasley, you're like the mother I never had, that time you hugged me after the Tri-wizard was the first time I was hugged like that, like I had a mum, for that I thank you, but you're being too protective of your children, none of us like it, but because they are like brothers - and sisters - to me, they are going to play a vital role in this war, for that we need to be prepared, we need to know what is going on, even if you don't tell us everything, we need to know what he's doing." He said, trying to keep his temper under control.

"By refusing to let us know how to fight you are putting us in danger." he finished as realisation hit Mrs. Weasley harder and more effectively than a slap to the face. Tears prickling in her eyes as she realised that in her attempts to protect her children she was actually hurting them.

"I...I suppose you're right, I won't stop you from learning duelling."

"Okay then, we'll be off if that's all." Dumbledore said.

"Wait, two more things. The first one is that I'll tell my friends my secret if you start teaching them Occlumency, they deserve to know the truth, and I'll only tell it once." Harry said, before continuing. "The second one is that, can a magical animagi donate certain feathers, or hairs to be made into wands? If so can different cores be combined into one wand?" he finished curiously.

"That's three things, but yes, I'll get Severus to start teaching your friends Occlumency, yes I believe that someone who can turn into a magical creature can donate parts to a wand, and they can be combined to make a more powerful wand, why?"

"That just reminded me, Professor McGonagall, how could me and Rose have two possible animagi forms?"

"I don't know Mr. Potter, I'll look into it for you, now answer the headmasters question."

"Well my forms are a Gryffin and a Phoenix, Rose's are a Gryffin and an owl, I was thinking that we could use parts of her Gryffin form to make her wand, and I need a new wand if I'm going to fight Voldemort, so I was thinking of combining some of my Gryffin parts and one of my phoenix feathers for it."

"And why, Mr. Potter, would you need a new wand to fight Voldemort?"

"To avoid priori incantatem."

"To avoid what?"

"Headmaster, since it's your phoenix that is the cause of this...dilemma, I'll let you explain."

"Okay Harry, well priori incantatem is where brother wands are forced to fight each other, they connect and one wand forces the other to show the previous spells cast in reverse chronological order."

"And what's that got to do with you Harry?" Blaise said, a horrible suspicion growing in her mind.

"Mine and Voldemort's..." he said allowing the audience to shudder at the dreaded name. "...Wands are brothers; both have a phoenix tail feather from Fawkes." Harry said glumly, trying to ignore the gasps of surprise that rose from the crowd while Blaise's suspicions were confirmed. "I want to fight him, and to do that I have to have a new wand."

"Well in that case I don't see how we can stop you, if you want help in your transformations then just ask, I'll be glad to help." McGonagall said, her facial expression softening from the 'strict disciplinarian' to that of a proud and caring, but worried grandparent, surveying their favourite grandchild.

"We'd appreciate the help, thanks."

"Well then, anything else Harry?" Dumbledore said.

"Just to ask that you get me out of the Dursleys house as soon as humanly possible."

"Harry, you know the reason you have to stay there, it's for your own protection."

"So, that doesn't mean I want to stay, I'd rather go up against ten Death Eaters single handed than live there. Oh, Professor McGonagall, I thought you should know in case it helps with the research, Rose is Full Metamorphmagus, I'm a partial one, or at least we will be when we learn how to control it."

"Thank you Mr. Potter, I'll see what I can find for you."

"Okay then, if that's all, I'm sure you have things to discuss with your sister, so we'll be going." Dumbledore said before disapparating along with the rest of the order except Remus and Tonks.

"That's something else I need to learn." Harry said absently.

"What is?" Blaise queried.

"Apparition." He answered simply.

Five minutes later they were discussing Hogwarts, what it's like, the people, stories, pranks, lessons and in the girls case, boys, which was one discussion Harry and Remus desperately stayed out of. Before long the topic was drifting from one subject to the next.

Around two hours later, while they were in the middle of a serious discussion on Quidditch, when there were some muffled cracks from outside. Hearing them Remus absently looked out side, his happy, curious face fell into a horrified one. He quickly called Tonks over, with the others following her through curiosity, only to tense up and stare in horror at the people that had apparated just up the street.

Stood outside the only ruined house in the street, number 12, were ten Death Eaters, which after looking at the ruined house for a few minutes they began heading down the street, stopping at number one.

Only one of the Death Eaters didn't have her hood up or mask on, Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Tonks, call the Aurors, Blaise, you stay and guard the Phillipsons, Rose, you stay here, Remus, Tonks, come with me." Harry said heading to the door. "No Remus I'm not staying here, and no Blaise, you are not coming, now stay, no buts! I know what I'm doing." Harry said, anticipating Remus and Blaise's protests before heading outside and down the street, Remus and Tonks following close behind.

'Why the hell did they do as I said?' Harry vaguely thought as he closed the distance between him and the Death Eaters.

"HEY, what the hell are you doing?" Harry yelled at the death eaters, hoping to distract them from what ever they were waiting for.

"Well, well, well, Ickle baby Potty, the werewolf and a ikkle girly." Bellatrix shrieked obviously delighted to have an opportunity to fight and torture Potter.

He on the other hand was desperately holding his anger in check while thinking quickly, two things he had heard popped up in his mind.

"Cut of the beasts head and the body dies" he had heard on some film Dudley had watched.

"The best form of revenge is forcing them to relive their worst nightmares, the second best form of revenge is humiliation." Blaise had said after he told her about Bellatrix killing his godfather.

Thinking quickly, he realised that he could do all three in one go. Bellatrix was obviously the leader. Take her out and the rest won't know what to do, at the same time he could have revenge. Thinking of a plan quickly, he prepared a long list of spells ready to be cast, prank warfare really needs some simplifying. He was snapped back to reality by Bellatrix's screeching.

"What are you smiling at Potter?"

"Just thinking of how many little pieces I'm going to cut your Lord Moldywarts into." he said, grinning at the reaction; people do stupid things when they're angry.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL HIM THAT!!!" she bellowed, her anger at breaking point.

"Why not, oh, I see you don't like his new nickname?" he asked as if he was discussing the weather, not goading a group of extremely dangerous Death Eaters into a fight - a fight where he'll be outnumbered more than 3:1. "'Cause I think it's quite good myself, I mean, he is covered in them isn't he? Mouldy Warts?"

"HOW DARE YOU!! CRUCIO!" she screamed. While Harry ducked, he sent a stream of stunning spells at her.

As spells began to fly Harry and Bellatrix began duelling, a duel that the other Death Eaters knew not to interfere with, especially when one Death Eater tried to hit Harry with a curse, she hit him with a dose of the Cruciatus, before resuming the duel with Harry.

All Harry had to do was get close enough that he wouldn't miss.

After a few minutes Harry began to release the spells he had ready, from the point-blank range of about two meters, she couldn't dodge.

What happened to Bellatrix was enough of a shock to stop the duels that were going on around them, I mean, who would use pranks in a duel except for Prongs junior. If the circumstances were different they would have laughed while the Death Eaters looked on in confusion, what were they supposed to do now?

Bellatrix Lestrange was prancing around like a three-year old girl pretending to be a fairy, humming randomly, her black Death Eater robes had become a white fairy outfit complete with wings and a 'wand', a two-foot long stick with a small silver star on top. She was hitting death eaters on the head with the wand, knocking them out with a simple variant of the stunning curse.

All the while reliving her worst nightmares in her mind thanks to a nightmare curse Harry had found shortly after the DA was discovered and disbanded by Umbridge.

In the confusion that had ensued, Harry, Tonks and Remus began stunning and restraining the remaining Death Eaters that had managed to keep their distance from Bellatrix.

The last three Death Eaters, sensing defeat, had disapparated before they could be stunned or knocked out.

Leaving the now thoroughly humiliated, horrified and confused Death Eaters to the Order members and Aurors that just apparated in after Tonks's call, Harry walked back to face the wrath of his waiting girlfriend and sister.
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