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Smoke and mirrors

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It starts getting interesting

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I lay on my bed, grinning to myself. Gerard plagued my thoughts and I whistled the small amount of the song he had sung to me over and over again, it just couldnt get old. It was our song now, I had officially decided. My stomach seemed to have butterflys constantly fluttering around inside of it, but it was the good kind that tickled and made you smile. I could feel my heart beating against my hand that lay on my chest and with each beat I knew I was alive for him, and only him.
The sound of my door slamming into the wall made me jump and roll over to see what was going on. Renardo was stood in the door frame, his head bowed and his hair falling forward, casting his face into shadow so all I could see of it was his mouth and chin, his teeth were gritted and I saw something small and silver drip off the end of his chin. A tear? "Renardo. What are -"
"Why?" His voice sounded ragged and cracked from tears, his hands clenched the door frame and his shoulders shook. "Why Frank. How could you?" I stared at him in confusion, I didnt understand.
"W - what have I done?" I asked.
"All the people who trust you... Turn to you when their in need... All - the - people - who - care - for - you." The words were spat out at me, like venom. "Renardo what -"
"Your a fake." Those three simple words seem to cut deeper than they should have. My jaw dropped slightly and the butterflies I had been feeling seemed to stop moving, like they were holding their breath. "Your a fake Frank. A big bloody fake, and a sinner." Slowly he raised his head, until his eyes locked with mine. Usually gentle and a soft blue, now they were swirling and filled with tears it was like looking at a storm. "Renardo, please -"
"YOUR A SINNER!" Renardo sped across the room and knocked me to my back, he had his knees on either side of my chest and his hands round my throat, though he didnt squeeze, an angel cant kill another so easily. His hot tears fell from his cheeks to mine and the rage in his eyes spread across his face and fear surged through my veins. "I cant believe it, I - cant - believe - it! Its against the rules to talk to a demon unless you have permission off the father himself, its against the rules to spend time with a demon and...and... HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN!" His hand was a blur of colour as it came crashing down against my cheek, it shocked me more than it hurt me, the pain was only a slight sting, but the fact he had hit me was just... weird. His tears fell thick and fast and I just couldnt figure it out. "Renardo, I know it is but -"
"SHUT UP!" He hit me again, so hard my head snapped to the side. That time it hurt. "Just...shut up." He whispered. Tears leaked out of my eyes and I wanted to wipe them away but his knees prevented me from moving my arms. "Its a sin, and...and... I cant believe it... your head angel Frank. Doesnt that mean a thing to you? None of us are meant to sin but you... its almost as bad as god sinning." I didnt agree with that but I kept my mouth shut. Renardo leant back, putting more of his weight on my chest, making it difficult to breathe. He ran his fingers through his hair looking up at the ceiling, stress, anger and sadness was written all over his face. "Wait... how did you -"
"Know?" Renardo laughed, a strange eccentric laugh that didnt suit him. "Today was a trick Frank, we've all been worried about you so much so we used the seeing lake to find out where you went to see if we could figure out what was getting to you, oh just imagine what we saw!" Renardo laughed again, sounding more and more demented. My heart skipped a beat but now anger was taking over me. "The seeing lake? Is that what you call that crappy little puddle? How could you all spy on me like that, I told you all I was fine!" My anger was getting stronger and I was struggling not to yell. "Geez, cant a guy get any privacy around here? And you talk about me sinning, I'm sure tricking someone so you can spy on them is some kind of sin -" Slap.
"BECAUSE YOUR GOING AROUND KISSING A GUY, AND NOT JUST ANY GUY, A DEMON!" He screamed the last two words so loud it hurt my ears and my anger increased. "SO YOU THINK I'M GAY? I DONT KNOW IF YOU'VE NOTICED BUT YOUR THE ONE ON TOP OF /ME/!" Renardo half hit me and half flew off me with a disgusted cry. I sat up rubbing my cheek and glaring at him, he glared back, but both our anger seemed to be dimming. "Its a sin Frank. You and this Gerard, its a -"
"Agh, I dont care Renardo! I cant care less if its a sin! It feels so right, I love him Renardo! Why cant you see that!?" I cried. Renardo stared at me. "Its not love Frank, that kind of love doesnt exist." He said calmly. My jaw dropped.
"How could you say that? Of course it exists, we love eachother -"
"No Frank, you dont! How could you not see what this is? Its a trick, he's getting close to you so that he can get into heaven and start a war!" There was a pause after this. I couldnt get over how stupid that sounded.
"Yes! Ya' know, heaven, hell, we dont mix!"
"Renardo, that is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Hell doesnt want a war on heaven, the last attempt for a war was thousands and thousands of years ago, me and Gerard are in love with eachother, its not a trick, I would know if it was!" Renardo gave that demented laugh again. "What? Like you knew your 'day off' was a trick?" I bit my lip and he smirked.
"This demon is tricking you frank, everyone can see it but you." I shook my head and took a step back, but the doubt was settling in and spreading through my veins. Renardo opened his mouth to say something else when about five or six angels walked in along with Bob. "FRANK!" I stared at them all as they surrounded me, forming a ring. "Frank, you have sinned -"
"I know! I've heard it all already, geez!" I cried, rolling my eyes. Bob looked shocked.
"Frank, do you realise how seriouse this is?" He asked.
"Well, if I didnt then I did when you all surrounded me. So what we gonna do huh? Throw me in a prison cell?" I snorted. Bob looked at me with a deep sadness. "Frank." He whispered, sounding shocked. "You have been fraternising with a demon, and have shown signs of a male/male relationship. Do you deny this?" He asked. I folded my arms and stared into his blue eyes.
"What if I dont?" Collective gasps filled my room and annoyed me even more. Bob pulled a scroll from his belt and opened it, he began to read. "Law 376. Any relationship or liasoning between an Angel and a demon, or any other creature of hell, is strictly forbidden and is punishable by death unless otherwise stated by the father... Law 295, any same sex relationships between humans is sinning and goes down onto their record and may lead to a lifetime in hell unless other wise stated by the father, same sex relationships between angels or other superior beings is sinning and is punishable by death unless other wise stated by the father." Bob rolled the scroll back up and looked at me, Renardo had silent tears running down his face, the other angels looked sadly at the floor and Bob looked at me with tears in his eyes. "Do you understand what this means?" He asked. I nodded, shaking slightly.
"It means I have to die." I whispered. Bob sighed deeply and shook his head slowly.
"The father can not bring himself to kill you when he feels there is a chance for you still. You are here by banned from leaving heaven until further notice, when you do go to Earth again another Angel must accompany you and you must spend a month away from all other beings in the detention chamber." Bob sighed and looked at the floor. "And..." He stopped.
"What? And what?" I demanded.
"Satan has been informed of this and...the Demon must die."

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