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They watch a sunset - go figure :]

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"What are you doing?"
"Swaying." I responded, Renardo raised an eyebrow, as he looked at me, I was sat on my bed with my music playing, swaying in time to the beat. "Why?" I shrugged.
"Why not?" Renardo looked like he didnt know whether to smile or not, he contemplated me for a minute before sitting down next to me. "Bob came to see me, he's worried about you. He said he'd talked to you and that you just seem really down lately, he asked me to come and see you, he said you'd talk to me because we're best friends." I smiled gently at Renardo.
"I'm fine." I said. I sounded it too, my voice was light and happy and when I had looked in the mirror earlier the brighteness in my eyes and grin on my face made me look like I had been killed and given a new life, an awesome life. Renardo smiled. "I'm glad to hear it Frank, no one likes seeing you sad." I grinned and hugged Renardo, he hugged me back and then smiled at me.
"By the way, I was told to give you this." I took the piece of paper he handed me and looked at it with confusion.
"What is it?" I asked.
"I dont know, Bob told me to give it you. Its a gift off god! He said it'll make you feel better, I know your okay now but I guess you can have it anyway." I unfolded the paper and read it, a smile spreading across my face.
"Its a day off! One of those ones we get every year, where we can go to earth for the day and do what we want! He's giving me one now but I'll still get one at the end of the year!" I grinned at Renardo who smiled back.
"Thats great Frank, whens it for?" He asked.
"Today." I grinned. Renardo stood up and stretched.
"Well, I'll be going then, you should get off too and make the most of the day. Its still only morning." I hugged Renardo again, thanked him and ran out of the room, grabbing my black and red jacket as I went.

First I went into a town and bought some red eyeliner, I had wanted some for years and being an angel I didnt think it was very appropriate, even though there was no rules against it. But now I decided I didnt care, I was getting it anyway. I then went into a public toilet and swiped it on using the cracked mirror, and then I wandered off to the cemetary where I sat beneath the oak tree and waited.
"Frankie?" I woke up with the feel of someones hand on my cheek, I opened my eyes and Gerard came into focus, he was smiling down at me and with the sun casting a golden glow around him he looked like an angel, I giggled at the thought and his smile widened. "Whats funny?" He asked. I sat up and he sat down beside me.
"Oh nothing." I grinned. He grinned back and began to laugh. "What?" I asked.
"Is that red eyeliner?"
"I'm sorry its just... you look like a demon!" I spluttered with laughter, it was so ironic. He had looked like an angel and now I looked like a demon. The tables had turned. He sighed and wiped a tear of laughter from the corner of his eye. "I like it anyway, it looks so... sexy. Can I say that to an angel?" He asked with a smirk. I shoved him.
"Of course you can, I think you look sexy too." And he did, his hair looked so silky and his smile was gorgouse, he too had the same look in his eyes as I had, like he had been given a new and better life. Was this what love did? "Oh! And I have some good news!" I cried. Gerard raised an eyebrow.
"What?" He asked.
"I've been given the day off today to make me feel better because everyone thinks I'm really down so I dont have to leave until night fall." His smile widened and he pulled me into his arms and he held me tight.
"Thats great." He laughed. I looked at him and my stomach swirled with a weird feeling, like nerves, but not. It felt good. I leaned forward and closed my eyes just as I reached his lips, his arms wrapped around my waist and I placed a hand on each side of his face pulling him deeper into the kiss. I pressed my body into his, not wanting to feel a gap between us, his body heat was immense. Must be something to do with hell I decided, I wasnt sure about this but I knew I liked it. It gave me the kind of feeling of security you get on a cold winter night and theres a storm so you hide under your blanket and its so warm and you can barely hear all the thunder and the darkness blocks out the lightning... thats what it was like, and I held to him for it, working my lips slowly against his, savouring his taste which couldnt be compared to anything I knew. He bit down gently on my bottom lip and I groaned softly into his mouth, it shocked me slightly that he had been able to make me do that but I didnt stop. Not until we pulled apart to breathe. I smiled down at him and he smiled back at me. He brushed a lock of hair out of my face. "Your so beautiful." He whispered. I kissed his lips quickly. "So are you." I replied. I got off his lap and he stood up with me. "Shall we go somewhere?" I asked.
"Sure, where do you want to go?" I shrugged, thinking.
"We have all day... we could go anywhere." Gerard smiled and took my hand.
"How long has it been since you saw a sunset?" He asked. I shrugged.
"I havent really paid that much attention to it." I admitted. Gerard began to walk out of the cemetary, lacing his fingers through mine.
"Well, I know a great place to watch a sunset. It'll take us all day to get there but it will be worth it." I nodded.
"Sure, lets go there." I smiled. Gerard grinned back at me and pulled me closer to him as he led me through the streets.

By the time we stopped walking I had been taken up a mountain (Gerard insists that its a big hill but I'm sure it was a mountain), through a forest (Gerard said patch of trees, but believe me, it was a forest) and out onto a cliff edge, where we sat down on a fallen log and waited. Talking to eachother and sitting shoulder to shoulder. I was beginning to wonder whether this really was worth it when Gerard nudged me and pointed out towards the cliff edge. "Frankie look." I looked up and smiled, the sun had turned into a huge golden orb and was sinking below the surrounding hills, its final rays of light hit the valley below and in the water you could see shatter golden light, shimmering like glitter. Gerard put his arm round me and I rested my head on his shoulder, watching as the clouds looked like they had been tainted with pink and yellow. As the sun began to dissapear completely I felt Gerard tense with anticipation and the sky seemed to burst into colour, pink in the distance, lined with blues and greens and golds, slowly the pink began to turn lilac, the blues into a deep purple and the greens navy blue, the gold remained until the sun finally dissapeared completely and the sky became a deep ocean blue nearer to the earth and a deep blue, nearly black, further into the sky. I watched with my mouth open at the sight of stars beginning to appear. Silver and twinling. Gerard sighed gently beside me. "That was so beautiful." I gushed. I felt him smile.
"I told you it would be worth it didnt I?" He said gently. I snuggled closer to him.
"You sure did." I smiled. There was a small silence before Gerard began to sing softly.
"And incase you, were wondering...
You are like a sunset to me...
You are all kinds of beautiful as you end my day, and you sweetly retire as the stars chase you away...
And in case you...
And in case you, were wondering. You are everything to me...
To me." He kissed the top of my head and I hugged him close. "Thats what I think of you Frankie, your like a sunset. My most favourite thing in the world." I felt like I could cry he was so sweet. I kissed him gently and whispered.
"Your my most favourite thing in the world too." I was all set to stay with him here all night but then he sighed and looked at the stars. "Dont you have to go at nightfall?" He asked sadly. I felt my stomach lurch and I nodded.
"Yeah... I do... I dont want to though." I whined, hugging him. He smiled and kissed me again.
"Dont be silly Frankie. Come on, we can meet up again tommorow." I grinned and nodded.
"Sure." I agreed. He pulled me into him and we shared a deep kiss before whispering a good bye and then I released my wings and took off , feeling happier than ever.

A/N: Okies, hope you liked the chapter, and I hope it wasnt too cliche. :] The song Gee sings is a spill canvas track, if you dont know them then I would check them out if I were you, theyre a great band :] Love you people!
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