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Complete. Season One. The thirst for adventure can sometimes be very great. Even too great. Mirai Trunks throws himself into the life of a mercenary, and encounters much more than he ever expec...

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Hello everyone Hello everyone! I recently discovered Fic Wad and decided I'd post my fiction here as well. "Illumination" was started in the spring of 2003 and just very recently wrapped up. So yeah, it's a long fic and it took me a long time to write it. Please though, understand that the earlier chapters are very old (and admittedly very bad), and while I'd love to rewrite them, I just don't have the time as I want to move on to newer projects. Anyway, I hope there is something in "Illumination" that you may find enjoyable. Anyway, the following is what was originally posted with the fic (with a few things cut out) because it still gets the points across that I wanted to make.
Once again, thank you and I hope you enjoy the story!


When "Illumination" picks up, Trunks is 24-25ish (One year after he defeats the Cell in his timeline, the sad one). Somewhere in there. And I've taken this information from ToT's database ( The premier place for Trunks and some general DBZ info). So no arguing with me, go talk to Meri if you think she's wrong. =P AAAnd, finally, this is for those of you who are anime gurus, I'm having a little 'contest' of sorts. Lots of names of people, places, things, and events were derived/taken from other anime (not to steal, but kind of as symbolism or a joke) and from events in history/the real world. For each one you spot, email them to me and I'll add your name and what you spotted to THIS page. Yeah, you read that right. And believe me, there are several to start with in the Introduction alone.
Okay, I think that's it! Enjoy (hopefully) and take what I write with a bit of salt. And the fact that this is the first -real- fanfic I've written (or maybe the only half decent one. Heh).
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