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Introduction: Unemployment

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The beginning of it all.

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Introduction: Unemployment

The ride felt bumpy. Well, sort of. Although it was more his own tiring nerves than the actual train ride. The ride had been long and he'd only been left with his own thoughts berating himself for not having a job yet. He was being too picky, he figured. He wasn't qualified to do this, or didn't want to do that. Sure, his mom's a full-blown genius, and he himself fairly intelligent too. But in this world, the technology, the way of doing things in general is different. He couldn't help that. He'd only really been able to take a few of the jobs offered to him, but he immediately refused. He could never work at a brothel, no matter how much flattery they gave him over his appearance. To him, there were few lesser disgraces than selling one's body like that. He'd seen too much of that at home, even thought it was the only way people could make money. And the business was good, because people were still depressed from losing loved ones and would latch on to the nearest person for...physical condolence. But for him, it was mostly a matter of pride; something he never really had much of until a few years ago. And even now, after all his accomplishments, he was still a very modest person by far.
The train stopped. He looked up as people scurried on and off. The next stop was his, which would still take another forty minutes or so from here. He noticed a group of four people get on, and they all seemed to wear black matching uniforms, save that each was accented with a different color in little places including red, blue, green, and white. There was a young man, presumably his own age, whom appeared to be the group's leader. Following close behind were a larger, taller man around the same age, a shorter, leaner older man with short graying hair, and a young woman with brown hair, probably older than the taller two, yet younger than the shorter. They slowly started to head in his direction, towards the back to get out of the way of those still boarding the train. As they settled in to his left, the young woman brushed his arm.
"Oh, sorry...hey, nice jacket," she said with admiration. " 'CC'...those your initials?" she asked.
"Nah," he replied. "Capsule Corporation."
"Huh," she said. "Never heard of it. Then again, there are so many corporations and organizations these days." /That, and Capsule Corp. isn't exactly a galactic conglomerate/, he thought. With that, she casually turned around to converse with her comrades.
The older one with the blue bits on his uniform spoke up first. "You're sure that she is here?" he asked addressing his leader.
"Of course I am," the young man in green snapped. "And I'm tired of your negative attitude, Tsuka."
"You may be the commanding officer now, sir," Tsuka began calmly, "but that fact may not always come to pass, Rhamos."
Rhamos looked at Tsuka puzzled. The woman spoke up. "Well, I don't care as long as I get to beat her face in for what she did to the boss! I can't wait; I'm gonna kick her ass!" she exclaimed excitedly while punching at the air around her.
"What a lousy assassin," Rhamos snorted. "Couldn't even the finish the job."
"Well, she did beat the boss, after all," the large man said quietly. The white bits in his uniform also gave him a very calm look. "And he's stronger than all of us."
"Uh, well she prob'ly used some sort of assassin trick and cheated to beat him. So we'll get her back," Rhamos assured himself.
They started into other conversations, such as how drunk they each were last night, and how many bouncers and other drunks they knocked unconscious before being tossed out, etc. Their conversations went on to a multitude of things, none of which Trunks was interested in or understood. There were still many things he did not understand here, or anywhere else. Save Earth, of course. But this planet, Bmyhad (pronounced mee-hahd), was far different, and very far from home. Sure, he missed home. But after all the excitement died down, it was just a matter of time for Earth to rebuild itself. And it was on a good course, since the Bmyhadians had arrived on Earth. They were a kind and gentle people, and very scientific. In fact, they stumbled upon Earth while they were studying the solar system. They noticed that it could harbor life, and went to see if there was any. Were they ever surprised once they landed on Earth. There they found a dying race on the verge of extinction. Being the great humanitarians they are, they used their advanced technology to heal and help the human race. That was one year ago.
Just a few months ago, the Bmyhadians and Bulma created a "jump gate" of sorts, one that connected Bmyhad and Earth. Bulma, however, allowed no one to pass except Bmyhadians themselves, just so they could get supplies or visit their families without having to travel as far as before. But that didn't stop Trunks. He never was a very rebellious child; he always listened to his mother. He just couldn't stave the thoughts of being in a different place, seeing different sights, and meeting different people. He wrote his mother a goodbye note, took a fair amount of Bmyhadian currency, packed a few belongings and left under the light of the stars. He hadn't contacted or seen his mother since then, but he knew she would understand. He was still a young man, and he still wanted to do things with his life. What kind of things, he knew not. But watching the people struggle for food back home on Earth was not it.
"About a few more minutes..." Tsuka noted solemnly.
"So, explain the mission now captain!" the woman urged.
"Alright, Sam, alright!" Rhamos exclaimed obviously annoyed. "We'll arrive at 3250 BST, just a little before lunch. We've had reports that today is the day she does her shopping, once every two weeks. Therefore, she'll be at the market. Alone. So we corner her in an alley, and then....BAM! We pound her face in!" Rhamos sounded surprisingly intelligent.
"Yeah," Sam stretched her hands, "but I'll be the one to really make her hurt," the angry brunette said in a very serious tone. She punched her right fist into her left hand.
"Aw, c'mon Sam! You can't take all the fun!" Rhamos whined at her.
"Fine," Sam smirked before continuing, "but you'll have to beat me first!" She held her right hand in a fist and set it on the palm of her left. "At rock-paper-scissors, of course!"
"You're on!" Rhamos prepared himself. The two chanted in unison 'Rock. Paper. Scissors!' and went at it for a while, arguing over a rock that didn't look like a rock, and whether or not they'd agreed on best two out of three and so on. Tsuka and Quam, the large man, stood back watching with agitated looks on their faces.
Man, where did these goofballs come from? Trunks thought while sighing. He turned his attention elsewhere and saw what he figured were three teenagers. One of the girls jumped in excitement. "I can't wait until the concert next month!"
"I know! I've been dying to see cute little Lennie in concert forever! She's the best!" said the girl with shorter hair.
The two girls sighed with admiration as the young boy with them spoke. "I don't think so," he said.
"And why not?" asked the now agitated girl with long hair.
"My dad's a senator, remember; he said that tomorrow they're going to vote on the new curfew law."
"Which is?" asked the shorter haired girl.
"Nobody out past 6000 BST, unless you're over twenty," he said with an air of arrogance over his friends.
"No! Now we'll never see the concert!" the girls whined in unison.
"It's a good time, isn't it? I suggested it to my dad. He came up with the whole curfew proposal too. Isn't it great?" he said not paying attention to what his companions had just said. He opened his eyes to two angry teenyboppers that were overly upset from not being able to see their favorite singer. He gulped hard.
Okay, is it me or is today just way more insane than normal? Trunks once again thought to himself, not having the slightest clue of what all could happen in one day. He sighed. It would still be a while before he reached Ute.
A young woman walked leisurely through the streets of Ute. She had blonde hair that looked kind of messy, with really long bangs in her face. She was fairly tall, and wore a simple skirt and shirt, nothing very fancy. She breathed in the clean air and relaxed. Today was her day off.
"Gee, look who it is."
The woman turned to face a man that appeared to be not much older than herself. "Dax..."
"No need for formalities, right?" The man was about her height and had reddish-brown hair that was extremely short in the back and too long in the front-it hung in front of his face and stuck up in several directions as well. He wore a blue business suit, fitting of the times and he spoke with an accent (Australian. I have no idea how to describe this otherwise. Ahem, continuing.).
"What are you doing here?" the woman asked annoyed.
"Ain't it obvious?" Dax asked her. "I'm here for the money you owe my employer."
The woman smirked. "As far as I know, I don't owe you guys anything."
"Of course you do. Or do you think that factories, workers, and materials don't cost anything? I thought you were smarter than that," he said sarcastically.
"I am. But I have to make a living too, you know," she started, "even if it does entail the destruction of certain buildings." She laughed.
Dax took a moment to think before responding. "Well, let's just say that my employer is a bit angry with you, to say the least. He expects you to pay for his losses, since they occurred at your hand."
"Heheh, that's funny Dax," the woman said running a hand across her chin, "because that sort of thing happens when it's, say, an illegal factory." She grinned at him sarcastically.
"Not everywhere, babe," Dax replied nonchalantly, trying to match her detachment to the subject.
"On this side of the galaxy it is. Then you could always try manufacturing it elsewhere and smuggling it in. That works for lots of people. I can refer you to someone I know to help get you started, if you like." She smiled.
"No thanks, we'll take care of ourselves," Dax replied, seemingly annoyed with her incessant sarcasm. "Now about the money..."
She took a few steps closer to Dax. "I'll warn you now, if you don't leave me the hell alone, I might have to hurt you. You and I both know that's not what either of us want." she stated narrowing her eyes at him.
"I'm not afraid of you anymore, Ar," Dax replied seriously. "It's been a long time since then; you're still my friend and I'd hate to fight you, but I have to do what I have to do."
"So do I, Dax. So do I," she said while walking away from him.
"Next time I come back, we'll fight. And you'll see how much stronger I am, Ar," Dax said as the young woman walked away.
"Dax, I'm so surprised," Ar, as Dax called her, said to herself while walking away. "I never would have guessed you'd be where you are now."
Trunks stepped off the train and let loose a long held in breath. /Trains smell/, he thought to himself. /Next time I'll take a taxi/. He looked around and noticed that it was nearing lunch already. "Guess I'll grab a bite to eat before the grocery shopping," he told himself aloud.
"Man, I'm hungry," the woman said to herself while wandering through the market. She stopped and bought a few wares, figuring that while she was out she could do a little shopping. It would save time and trips downtown later on.
The market was packed on this day, of course, so after buying a few things the woman decided to take a shortcut through an alley to walk down and few blocks and get to the next vendor she wanted to buy from. When she turned the corner, she stopped. There they were, all four of them. Those lackeys who called themselves the 'Vigner Corporation,' that is.
"We're gonna make you pay for what you did to the boss!" Rhamos shouted. "Yeah!" was echoed by Sam. "You'll wish you'd killed him, 'cause now we're gonna finish you off even though you couldn't finish off the boss. You're a lousy assassin." He smirked.
"You think I wanted to kill Ukyo?" the woman retorted. "If I'd wanted him dead, he'd be dead. Trust me," she smiled. Rhamos glared. "And for your future reference, I'm not an assassin. Sword-for-hire is more like it."
While Rhamos glared at her and tried to think of something else to say, the woman remembered something that had cost her this mistake of running into these fools. That kid told me they'd be here today, and I forgot...damnit.
"Are we just going to stand here all day? I wanna fight!" Sam yelled. The woman dropped her bags and slid back into a fighting stance. Great/, she thought, /the perfect addition to the so-far perfect day.
Sam charged first. The smart-mouthed blonde blocked Sam's first punch with her left forearm, then proceeded to grab her by the forearm Sam swung with. The woman spun around and lifted Sam off the ground, tossing her into Tsuka who failed at trying to catch his comrade. Rhamos then began his assault on the woman. He threw a few jabs at her which she easily blocked. Then he pump-faked with his right and connected with a round-house from the left. The woman lost her balance and stumbled back a few steps before regaining it, yet she seemed unaffected by the hit.
The woman charged at Rhamos and began swinging. He blocked three of her hits before he'd stopped because he'd blocked with both arms and she held onto them. She smiled mockingly then threw his arms out of the way and landed a soundly hit with her right fist on the left side of his face. She then thrust her left knee into his gut, bringing him to a bent over position. She used her left forearm against his face, bringing Rhamos back into a somewhat-standing position. The woman then jumped and spun around, nailing him across the chest with her right foot which sent him reeling backwards and to the ground.
She turned her attention to Quam who was barreling her way. When he approached, she ducked underneath him and leaned back on her hands while proceeding to swiftly knock his feet out from underneath himself with her own, causing a thunderous crash behind the woman. Once she reached a standing position, Tsuka was upon her with a barrage of kicks. She quickly parried each one with her arms before he managed to kick away her shield and connect with her face. The woman hopped back a bit, and as Quam stood behind her ready to attack, she grabbed the large man by the jacket and tossed him into Tsuka, and sent the two flying.
At this point, Rhamos and Sam decided to assault the mystery fighter at the same time. Sam was the faster of the pair, so she approached first. The woman had since lost her look of calm and appeared to be rather annoyed. She deftly planted a kick into Sam and she fell into a pile of garbage cans. Rhamos didn't flinch as his partner was hit, and he continued coming at her. When Rhamos threw another punch, the woman dodged to his left and grabbed his arm, spinning him to the other side and hurling him into a wall. He slowly slid down the wall and sat on the ground.
The woman looked around and surveyed the damage. Tsuka was helping up Sam, who appeared to be fairly hurt. Quam was still regaining his balance, and Rhamos struggled to lift himself. She relaxed and stood back normally as she spoke, "I could have done a lot worse to you all. I'm letting you go now, but should you come back I'll hurt you worse than the last time until you get smart and figure out how to leave me the hell alone." She wiped at her mouth with her right hand, picked up her bags, turned and left.
Trunks was trying to make his way to where the fresh fruits were sold, but the crowds were another thing. He finally decided to just skip out a few blocks, walk the length down and jump back into the midway. He turned to his left to head down an alley, but found that it was currently occupied by four people who looked like they needed a hospital. /Ah, not this way/, he told himself mentally as he turned back around and headed down a few more blocks.
Trunks arrived at his desired destination. Now the problem was getting close enough to the cashier to buy something. After a bit of pushing and shoving on his part, he made it to being next in line. There was an old man in front of him taking his time choosing which apple he wanted. As distressed as he was, his attention snapped to the conversation the vendor and another woman were having. He couldn't see the consumer but he could hear them both very well.
"WHAT?! What do you mean you won't take it! It's MONEY, damnit!" shouted one voice.
"Now ain't that a shame," the vendor shot back. "I'm not taking anythin' that high from someone with THAT much money in their damn hands. Do I look like I'm a foo'? 'Cause you damn sho' look like a criminal walkin' 'round with THAT kind o' cash."
"C'mon lady, I'm not a criminal! And what does it matter to you, it's not like you'd be doing anything illegal!" the other woman pleaded.
"I would if I'd a bill that size in here! Now I'm busy with otha custamas, so go the hell away, and find somebody else that'll getcha whatcha need."
"This day just keeps getting better..." he heard the first voice trail off as the man in front of him purchased his picks and it was Trunks's turn to buy.
"Whatcha need, hun?" the dark skinned woman asked.
The woman walked away disheartened by the fruit vendor. "I can't believe she won't take it." She sighed heavy and meandered through the market a bit more before deciding what to do next. She'd only begun the day with a limited amount of small bills on her, and by now it had been spent. "I need some change." She looked up and saw the bank a few blocks down. "Right." And so she went.
Dax walked out of the bank after withdrawing from his own account to get some food. "These goddamn banks take so long with interstellar transactions," he muttered to himself before seeing who was headed his way. He smirked. "I guess opportunity doesn't like to knock anymore, it prefers to just come rolling in."
Dax slid over to an Utian police officer standing by the door into the bank. "Excuse me officer," he began, "but do you see that blonde woman over there? I heard her saying that she was going to rob the place blind. You might want to keep an eye on her."
"Thank you sir," the officer replied. He nodded to his coworker on the other side of the bank doors and the two approached the woman as she walked up to the bank. "Ma'am, we'd like to ask you some questions," one of them began.
The woman sighed, and just as she was about to ask the officers 'Why', Dax ran into the three and took off with one of the woman's bags-specifically the one she'd kept her money in. "HEY!!" she screamed. She quickly pushed her way through the two officers, dropping the rest of her bags as she took off after Dax.
Dax had a good lead on her, yet she started to catch up. "I swear Dax, I'm gonna wring your neck with your own tail!" she shouted after him.
"You've got to catch me first, dear!" he said laughing. He pushed over a small cart he ran by to try and trip up the girl. When it came up she leapt right over it. "Damn," he said looking back.
Dax looked up ahead and saw a metro boarding, because in Bmyhad the metros in town were above ground. He took a full out sprint towards it and the woman hot on his heels sprinted after him.
Trunks came around a corner carrying his bags, one by the handle with his left hand and he held the other against his chest with his right hand. He saw the metro boarding, and hoped to catch it before it left. At that moment, he was pushed back by a gush of wind that went by. He looked farther down and noticed that it was some weird guy dashing through the crowd as if he was running for his life. Trunks shrugged it off and continued around the corner.
All she could concentrate on was catching Dax. She ran faster than she figured she could, that is until she ran into what felt left a steel post.
Trunks and the odd woman had collided and both went flying forward several meters, his parcels scattering everywhere. Both landed face-first, skidding a bit across the pavement.
After taking a moment to recover from the crash, the woman looked up to Dax, whom was now on the metro, from her position on the ground. "Dax, get back here so I can kill you!!" she shouted over the noise of the crowd.
"See you later, darling," he sneered, waving the stack of betas at her as the metro pulled away.
After he was out of sight, the woman sighed heavy. "This day just..."
Trunks stood up and dusted himself off. The strange woman who ran into him must've noticed that he was moving, for she turned around to look at him. She hurriedly stood as well and surveyed the damage.
Her collected anger from the day's events nearly reached its boiling point. She was about to berate him for getting in her way when she realized that it was her fault after all. A wash of guilt came over her, an emotion she'd rarely ever felt in her lifetime.
She approached him. "I'm really sorry," was all she managed to choke out.
"It's alright. It wasn't much-" Trunks responded automatically out of sheer politeness. He was then interrupted in mid-sentence by her reply.
"I'll pay for it; to replace everything. I have plenty of money to," she said worriedly.
"No, really. It's fine," Trunks said to the woman. Curiosity could have killed the cat, but he couldn't stop himself from questioning this odd lady. "But if you don't mind me asking, why were you chasing that guy? You... seem to know him."
Her anger resurfaced and she shot off her mouth, a common unintentional practice of hers. "Yeah, I know him! And I'm gonna kill that monkey next time I see him! He stole money from me while I was headed to the bank," she looking over to her left, motioning down the street towards the building.
"You can just go to the police and tell them about it to get your money back, right?" Trunks advised.
"Thanks for the suggestion, but do you expect me to waltz into the police department and tell them that someone robbed me of ten thousand beta while walking the street?! That's enough money for the down payment on a house! And you think they'll believe that?!" she said, exasperated.
"Ten thousand beta?!" Trunks was shocked at this development. "Why in the world were you carrying that much money?"
"I just got paid from my last job," she replied, giving Trunks an odd look.
"You make that much per job?" he asked, a little saddened that he didn't have a job wherein he could make so much.
"Well, ten thousand is a little below normal. It's usually around fifteen thousand," she said matter-of-factly.
"Fifteen...thousand..." Trunks appeared as if he was about to have a heart attack. "That's insane..."
"Guess it pays to be me," she said smirking.
Trunks snapped back to reality and the woman turned to face whoever had called her name.
Rhamos stood on the other side of the waterway that cut through the city between two main streets. "When we come back, you'll be dead!"
"Hah. Come back so I can beat the hell out of you again!" she laughed at him as he scurried away.
That guy, Trunks thought, he's one of them I saw in the alley.
"Really though, I still feel bad about this," Trunks turned his attention back to her once she started talking again, "please just let me pay for it."
That really was the question. Trunks knew he didn't have much money left, but just accepting handouts from a stranger whom apparently carried around large sums of currency seemed partly on the not-so-legal side of the law. That, and why should he admit to anyone that he needed help; that he couldn't afford to in essence re-buy what he'd once paid for; that he was nearly broke. Trunks was, as he figured, the strongest fighter in the universe. He could take care of himself. But on the flip side, it was her fault that everything was ruined and she was willing to accept the consequences of her actions. Then there was the outlandish fact that she had the money to do so and he didn't. And although his father's intuition told him this was a bad idea, that this woman was bad news, his mother's logic told him otherwise, that health was above pride. He remembered briefly the times his mother would tell him that whenever opportunity knocked, to 'answer it.' "Well, okay I guess..." he replied slowly and with uncertainty after debating the choice in his mind for a while.
"Judging by your uh, parcels, you were shopping at the street market, right?" she asked. He simply nodded.
She started to head back towards the market when he stopped her with another question. "Your name's Armada, right? At least, that's what that guy said."
She turned to face him. "Yeah, it is. And since we're introducing ourselves, you could at least do me the courtesy," she said while motioning with her left hand.
"Trunks," he answered with a slight smile.
The two stood at the end of the market street, each carrying a bag. Lunch had come upon the city and the crowds subsided a bit so their purchases came faster than before. During the rush, Armada had managed to make Trunks spill a bit of information about himself; specifically that he was from Earth, a backwards place as she called it, and he'd only been in Bmyhad for a few months. She said that she remembered hearing about some place that sounded in description similar to Earth in the news, but she never took any real notice to it. He had, however, kept his Saiyan heritage concealed. He assumed it would be best to do so based on what his mother had told him of the Saiyans; that they were a war-waging people that ravaged other planets and peoples continuously. And where he was now, Trunks had no intention of making enemies.
He knew next to nothing about Armada though. She kept asking him questions the entire time that he was so busy answering them he hadn't the time to ask her anything about herself.
She took a few steps toward the waterway, as the market street ended where it crossed the main avenue in Ute. Trunks spoke as he followed a few steps behind. "So, do you-"
Armada's eyes snapped to her right as a shady looking man jumped out at her. She quickly flipped the handle of the bag in her right hand into her left, a motion so quick that Trunks barely saw it. She then used her right hand to grab the man's left wrist. She twisted it around and pushed it back against the man's chest. Then she pulled his arm out and flipped him over her head and onto his back onto the ground. Before he had a chance to move, she had placed her left foot over his throat while still holding onto his wrist.
The 'man' was no more than a teenage boy. Frightened beyond belief, he choked out a very small sounding "Sorry." Armada scowled, but removed her position over his neck and the hold on his arm. He scrambled up hurriedly and sloppily, then dashed off.
"Gangs," Armada automatically responded while watching the youth run away.
Trunks stood in shock. He could tell by her movements-and years of being a fighter himself-that she'd held a lot back and that she was capable of far more than what he'd just seen.
"What?" she asked as she turned to face him.
Trunks quickly dissolved whatever odd look was plastered across his face and came back to reality. "You can fight, can't you?" he blurted out before he realized it.
"So can you," she replied coolly.
"Yea-wait, how do you know?" he questioned with a confused demeanor.
"If you were a real fighter, you wouldn't have to ask." She smirked.
To Trunks, this was an obvious challenge. But this odd woman had no idea what he was capable of. Yet he knew the same about her that she did him: nothing. And although he usually tried not to judge his opponents so blatantly without ever really seeing them fight, this was a woman. And women were, as he'd mostly seen, very weak creatures seeing as how they weren't meant for fighting. It was not that he had a prejudice against women; it was just what his observations about them were thus far.
While Trunks considered the possibilities set before him, Armada thought for a few moments before interrupting his thoughts with yet another question. "You looking for a job?"
"Ah, well sort of," Trunks felt reluctant to out-rightly say 'yes.' Besides, why the hell was she asking?
"Well, if you're confident in your abilities and want to make a good amount of money, be at pier seventeen, block forty-two at dusk." She handed him the bag she was carrying.
"What? H-hold on-" Trunks tried to stop the woman as he fumbled with his parcels.
"See ya," she said giving him a salute with her right hand, which only featured her first two fingers pointed out with the last two tucked in (Like a peace sign but the fingers are together and not separated apart to form the 'v' shape. I can't describe this very well, sorry.). She bounded around the corner and was long out of sight before he could try and stop her.
And there stood Trunks, standing in the middle of the street, holding groceries and confused beyond all belief. /Today is -definitely- a weird day/, he thought.
The sun held onto the day dearly, as it seemed to stay in the sky longer that day. To Trunks it did, anyways. He stood at the pier, looking over to the ocean. The sun glistened over the water. The surface of the ocean wasn't calm, but not tumultuous either. It was just enough to still appear blue in spots yet shine shades of orange and pink in others. This sunset was not quite as colorful as those he'd seen back home. Mostly because there was more pollution in the atmosphere of Earth, and supposedly that's what created beautiful sunsets.
It was dusk. He was at pier seventeen, standing between the thirties and forties blocks. There were about twenty piers in Ute, each with a number of blocks that had several small or a few large buildings to each. Of course he was confident in his abilities, and he was looking for a way to make money faster. He decided earlier that day that this wasn't such a bad idea. Besides, what could happen?
He soon found his way to block forty-two and found that there was only one building, a very large building at that. And there sat Armada, on the few steps leading to the door of the building numbered 7873.
She looked up and noticed him coming. Armada took what looked like a toothpick out of her mouth and threw it aside on the ground. Trunks stopped a short ways from her and she closed the gap by taking a few steps forward, leaving a couple yards to separate them.
She broke the silence by speaking first. "Ready?"
"Ready? For what?" he asked, a bit confused.
"I've got to know just how good you are before I can hire you."
"So how do you plan on doing that?" Trunks questioned in an annoyed tone.
Armada loosened up and stood back in an obvious fighting stance. "What do you think?"
"Alright then," he responded while automatically preparing for the attack. She charged first with a few swings of her left and right fists. Whatever Trunks didn't feel like dodging, he merely blocked. He saw a glint of intrigue in her face before she brought it up a notch-and in a way he could obviously tell by the vastly improved speed and power of her attacks, now involving all four limbs.
Trunks kept blocking and Armada would gradually speed up. She suddenly broke away and took a swipe at his face with her right foot. Trunks easily ducked but wasn't ready for the forearm that plowed into his face afterwards. After the hit, he backed up a little to try and regain lost ground but she was upon him once again. She brought the pace of the battle up exponentially once again, forcing him to use more and more of his own abilities just to keep up. She then used a kick in a circular fashion to knock away his arms and send a punch after him. Trunks moved slightly and used her momentum to plant an elbow into her face as she rushed into him.
Armada's anger rose and she launched an all-out offensive against Trunks. Amidst her barrage of fists and feet he was shocked in his own mind. How does she...? He snapped out of his daze, tired of letting her hit him freely though without pain on his part. He parried away a few of her attacks before retaliating. His offensive featured a multitude of kicks with a few punches here and there. He finished the combination with a hard left foot that knocked Armada away from him. She, in turn, used her agility and current inertia to back flip once and regain balance.
He went to charge again but she held up her left hand, palm facing towards him in a 'halt'-like gesture. She wiped at her mouth with the back of her right hand. "That's good enough," Armada said while straightening herself out.
"So now what?" Trunks asked as he stood back releasing the tension in himself as well.
Armada surveyed him for a moment, taking a few steps around him to his left. Then his right. "Okay. You're hired."
"Hired? What's the job?" he questioned, still unsure of exactly what it was she did for a living.
"Come back tomorrow morning and you'll find out." She smiled slightly. "And make sure you bring your things with you; you'll be staying with me." Armada then abruptly turned and entered the large building behind herself which helped comprise the backdrop of the battle that had just taken place between the two.
Trunks stood there for a moment, soaking in everything that just happened. After a while, he went on his way, thoughts of this new 'job' plaguing him the entire time. Just how exactly does she make so much money? he thought. Whatever it is, it better be legal/. He continued on his pace through the now dimly lit streets of Ute. Not many people were out, so he had no fear of running over someone while not paying attention to exactly where it was he was walking. Well, it must have something to do with fighting; but that's kind of vague. And how the hell am I supposed to live in that...thing? It looks like some abandoned factory, and that's not exactly habitable. /Sooner than he realized, Trunks had made it to his small hovel that he only occupied by laws of rent. Once inside, it only took him a moment to toss off his jacket and shoes before landing in bed.
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