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Fire Safety

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I had seen this movie a thousand times, but it didn't matter all that much to me. I still loved it. I guess Frank had never seen it, because his eyes were glued. My parents were most likely in their bedroom by now. My dad always had to work at the crack of dawn. Staring at the time clock of the movie I got lost in my own thoughts. I have a habit of doing that a lot. I glanced over at Frank. He was really into the movie still. Mikey was passed out and snoring. I laughed to myself a little. My gaze wandered back to the boy next to me. He had a hoodie on, black and plain. His hands had black fingerless gloves made to resemble bones. He bit his lip intently, playing with the piercing he had. His now pigeon toed feet donned severely tattered Converse. They were ripping at the seams and awfully dirty. I liked that. I was sort of staring at him now, but only because he was so out of it. I figured he wouldn't notice. My stare was broken by Mikey's loud snort. I decided to push him to wake him up. He always fell asleep when he had friends over. Don't ask me why, but he always did. Ma always yelled at him and said it was rude, but he still did. I guess he really couldn't help it. I shoved him again.
"Mikey.Wake the hell up. You're snoring."
"H-huh What? Is the house on fire?!" He always pranked me so I got him back this time. Frank was watching me now. Oh fuck, I hope I don't make a fool of myself. I tried to sound terrified.
"Yeah! Quick we have to get out of the house!! Go Mikey, go!" Still in a zombie like state, half asleep, to my suprise he was off like a bullet from a pistol. He was screaming.
"FIREEEEEEE! AHHH! MA THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!" He ran out the door. I followed to see what he was doing now. Frank was right behind me. It started to rain when we reached my front lawn. Frank couldn't stop laughing. Neither could I. Frank decided to get in on the joke.He was sleep walking and I knew it.
"Oh my god, Mikey! You're on fire!"
"I am?!"
"Yeah! Stop, drop and roll!" I yelled. Mikey dropped to the ground and started rolling in the now damp grass. Mud got all over his t-shirt. This was hilarious. Frank had his hood up, laughing, biting his lip. I finally decided to give Mikey a break and wake him up. I walked into the rain and tried to pick him up from the ground.
"Mikes, wake up. You're sleep walking!" I shook him. He groaned in reply.
"Need a hand?" Frank called out.
"He's done this at my house before. I smacked him and he was fine." Frank laughed.
"Hey Mike! Mikey!" He groaned again.
"Move a second." Frank got closer to Mikey's face.
"Mikeyyy. Time to get up. No more nappy-nap." Frank cooed. I attempted to supress my giggling. This was just too much.
"Ma. Leave me alone." To my shock, Frank then smacked him dead in the face. Mikey shot up.
"Morning princess." Frank spoke through a smile.
"Awe, damn. Was I sleep walking?" I nodded.
"C'mon. Let's get out of the rain." I helped Mikey off the ground.
"Your mom's gonna kill you when she sees your shirt." He glanced down at Frank's remark.
"Fuck me." Mikey was gonna be all angsty now, hahah.
"No thanks. I don't like you like that." Mikey pushed him.
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