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Hearts racing. Blood pumping. Hellboy. whoo...

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"Hardy, har, har." Mikey huffed as we walked in the door. We apparently hadn't caused my parents to stir. That was good. I wondered what time it was. To my own suprise I was hoping it wasn't late. I didn't want Frank to leave yet. Why? Why did I not want him to leave? Why am I acting so peculiar? It's not like I like him or anything I thought. For some reason, more than anything in the world, I wanted him to stay. Mikey plopped down on the couch again to pout. Hah, he can be a real drama queen. I decided to speak up.
"You want to finish the movie, Frank?" It was like I wasn't capable of being a hermit around him. Seriously, what was with me?
"Nah, we can finish it another time. I'm kinda bored with it."
"It didn't look like it earlier."
"I always get like that with movies."
"Hey dollface!" Frank scoffed and threw a pillow at Mikey's face.
"What the fuck, dude?!"
"What do you want to do?"
"I'm actually tired."
"Oh quit your whining. I'm bored. Entertain me."
"Mikes used to be quite the little diva when he was little." I laughed. Mikey shot me a "tell that story and I'll kill you" glare, but I didn't care.
"Oh really?" Franks smile was hypnotizing.
Yep, when he was like 3, he used to put on Ma's heels and nightgowns. He'd prance around, nearly screaming the words to 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'" Mikey lodged a pillow at my head.
"Ow, you ass."
"Yeah, yeah."
"It's okay, Mikes. I love Cindy Lauper." He couldn't contain himself. He was chortling like a hyena.
"Shut up, Frankie."
I saw my mom coming towards the living room. She must have been really tired. Her steps were slow and half asleep.
"Yeah, Ma?"
"It's late, either Frank goes home or stays the night."
"Frank? You wanna stay?" I bravely asked.
"Sure. My mom never cares where I am." His tone left me curious. It sounded a bit wounded.
"Okay, then. I'm off to bed. I love you."
"Love you Ma." She trailed back to the bedroom. I could hear my dad snoring.
"I'm going to bed. I'm sick of you two picking on me."
"Awe. Poor Mikey Wikey. The baby needs his booty rest." Frank teased trying to imitate infant babble.
"Booty rest?" I cocked an eyebrow.
"Yeah, I said it. What? You wanna go, homie?!?" I couldn't do anything but laugh. Mikey just sulked off to his room. He was mumbling to himself. Probably cursing under his breath again.
Frank punched me in the arm playfully.
"Hey!" I punched back. Then out of nowhere, he tackled me. He had my sorry ass pinned on the ground.
"Gotcha." He said smiling. My heart was racing. I couldn't figure this out. Was I starting to have a crush on Frank? I had never liked any boy. Not besides friends anyway. I began to feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I was afraid. I had only felt this way when I had liked a girl. Was this even okay?
"Yeah. You sure do." I laughed uneasily.
"I could keep you like this."
"What do you mean?" He released me.
"Oh nothing." He stood to his feet.
"Are you ready for bed already?"
"No, I wanna see your room." I gulped.
"O-Okay." My blood was pumping faster by the second. My heart was racing even quicker than before. Damn this. Why can't you get a goddamn hold on yourself?
"It's this way." I led him down the stairs.
"Sorry it's such a mess." I said scratching my head walking through my door way.
"No better than mine, really." He laughed. He took a look around. Frank shuffled through my comics.
"I'm really into them." I said.
"Me too."
I tried to busy myself to keep me from thinking about all this.I looked through an old magazine.I think I like him. That's not normal. Then again, I'm not normal.
"Oh my god. You like Hellboy?" He sat beside me on the bed,smiling.
"Yeah, I'm a major fan."
"You're more awesome than I thought."
"Uhh, thanks." I knew I was blushing by now. Oh god. This can't be happening to me.
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