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Unhealthy Habit

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Gerard is beginning to fall for Frankie... and hard. Frankie tells Gee a secret.

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Frank was sitting as close as he possibly could at the moment. I eyed him and he was still minding his own and reading his comic, toying with his bottom lip and lip ring. I inhaled and I got a small detection of his scent. He smelled incredibly good.It wasn't overpowering but it still intoxicated me. Wow. Distraction, Gee. Shut your brain the fuck up. Stop staring. You'll creep him out. I tried to get back to my magazine article. That wasn't exactly easy with Frank next to me. I zoned out and my attention was slightly back in my control. I was fine until suddenly I felt the weight of Frank's head on my shoulder.
"Whatcha readin?"
"Article about The Misfits." I cleared my throat.
"Oh. Cool. I love them."
"Me too." After I spoke, silence seemed to seize the air.I thought maybe he was reading along with me. It remained until I heard Frank deeply inhale and sigh.
"Something wrong Frank?"
"No. I just like the way your hair smells."
"Uh... Thank? You?"
"Sorry. I didn't mean to weird you out." He moved his head from my shoulder. Damn. I was starting to like that.
"No, no. It's okay. It's just nobody's really ever said anything like that to me."
"None of your girlfriends ever did?"
"Never had one."
"Oh. I would have figured you would have had a lot."
"Uh. I just figured you would. I don't know." His nervous tone made it look like he was trying to cover his tracks.
"I'm usually really shy. Girls think I'm akward and creepy. I can't really talk to them."
"Well you're not shy now."
"I know. This is unusual for me. I guess I'm just really comfortable around you." That last sentence kind of slipped. Fuck. You didn't just say that.
"Oh." Great, I was making him feel akward. Shit! Change the subject! Do something! Talk!
"So what about you? You must've had a lot of pretty chicks."
"Ehh. Not really. I've only had one girlfriend."
"I bet she was hot." I laughed uneasily.
"Actually, she wasn't. I don't know what I saw in her. Kind of a bitch really." Frank laughed.
Hearing him do so made me feel less unease.I laughed with him. I was relieved at his last sentence. Possibilities rung in my head. I could tell this was going to become an unhealthy habit.
"So no other girls in your life?"
"Nahh. I don't really like them."
"What do you mean."
"Just don't like them."
"Oh." I didn't know what he really meant by what he just said but I decided not to press the issue. Frank layed back on the matress, his head resting on his entwined fingers. I had posters on my ceiling. He was probably looking at them. My heart skipped a beat when I realized his shirt had rode up a little, exposing his skin. Just a fraction of his body, between his jeans and hoodie. Frank wasn't paying attention so I was okay to stare for a second. This was all so new to me. It was against all logic I had ever aquired. I didn't care. I battled with my thoughts of wanting to touch him, to feel the texture of his ivory skin. I blinked a few times, in attempt to shake off the feeling.
I scooted towards him and bravely laid down beside him, to see what he wanted.
"What is that poster from? It doesn't seem familiar." He pointed to it.
"I drew that. I made up a movie to draw a poster for."
"That's amazing."
"It's not really."
"Yeah it is." Frank moved closer to me again. Oh fuck, oh no. Fight the impulse, Gee. Fight the impulse. It seemed like Frank kind of wanted it too but I didn't want to entertain that thought just yet.
"It's nothing but random product of boredom.It's shitty."
"Shit or not, I love it."
"Thanks." I decided to shut my mouth and take the compliment. Suddenly, Frank sat up for a moment. He stripped himself of his hoodie and laid back down but turned on his side to face me.
Oh, god.
"Yeah, Frank?"
"Remember when I said I didn't really like girls?"
"Did you know what I meant?" He bit his lip nervously.
"No, I don't think so." I was shaking so so badly I could hardly let the words surface.
"I like guys."

AN: Basically, if this had a soundtrack, the end would have a big "DUN! DUN! DUN!" Sorry for the lack of updates. I loved writing this chapter. Hope you enjoyed. Tell me what you think! Reviews are still loverly!
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