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The temperature begins to rise between our boys... Let's see what happens.

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I couldn't speak. He likes, he likes guys? Oh my god. Maybe my thinking wasn't wrong. If he was thinking the same, how could it be wrong? Did Frank like me already? What's going to happen now? What do I do? What do I say? How do I react? I knew I had to say something soon. Frank was staring at me with nervous, waiting eyes. He didn't give me time to respond.
"I'm sorry I shouldn't have told you that." He tried to let his gaze shy from me.
"No, its okay."
"No it isn't. I just totally freaked you out."
"You didn't, I swear."
"I still shouldn't have told you." Frank sat up.
"Frank. It's really okay. It's cool." How am I managing to keep this calm? What. The. Hell.
"Can I still lay here with you? Like you won't think I'm weird?"
"You can and no I won't think that. Honestly, it's okay." My insides started to tingle. I liked it. Frank layed back down beside me. I tried as hard as I could, but I couldn't supress my happiness. For no reason really in particular, I was feeling really brave at the moment. I really wanted to hold him. All these feelings were unfamiliar but with him right next to me, they felt familiar. If Frank thinks it's okay, then I should too. I've always shyed away from what I had wanted because I was scared and unsure how to really get it. I wanted to be loved. I wanted to give love. Perhaps now was the time to stand up for myself for once. We laid there in silence for a moment.
"Have you ever acted on impulse?"
The answer was rarely but today I wanted to. I wanted to sooo badly. I wanted to take Frank into my arms and show him that I can love. To kiss him, To touch him. Oh god. Oh god. Another surge of bravery crashed through me. Instead of answering him with words, I answered with action. I looked him in the eyes. I didn't even give him time to anylyze what was happening. I delicately placed my lips against his. To my suprise, he opened his mouth against mine, almost urging me on. Not knowing how to respond, I did the same. His tounge began to dance with mine. This is amazing. Wrong or not this is amazing. If I could pause any moment in time and lock it away for my own disposal, it would be this one. Frank began teasing me by biting my lower lip. I did the same.
Please, god. Let this last forever.
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