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Secondhand Taste

by chicago_fire 2 reviews

Mr.Way has gone and done it now and their both loving it.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Humor,Romance - Published: 2008-04-22 - Updated: 2008-04-22 - 450 words

His lips gave me the secondhand taste of metal in my mouth because of his lip ring. I had to admit I had no idea what I was doing. This was my first kiss.I mostly copied Frank's actions. I tried tracing his teeth with my tounge once.I didn't know if he would like it so I just did it once. Courageously, I let him slip a hand in my shirt. I led a silent session of continuous prayer in my head. Simply asking if this could last forever. Frank began to kiss me with more force. To my saddened shock, Frank pulled away from me.
"Do the thing with your tounge again." Frank seemed to be almost at a pant.
"So you're okay with this?" I laughed with a hint of nervousness.
"Fuck yes. More than you know." He smiled at me brightly and pulled me on top of him. Nothing mattered to me at the moment. Nothing except for Frank, what we were doing, and how fucking incredible he made me feel. He was so beautiful, and for this very instance he wanted me. Me. This. Can't. Be. Wrong. That was the constant chant resonating through my brain. I kissed him with major force and I did as he asked. I didn't care if I had never done this before. I liked it and I liked it a lot. The delicious pressure resumed. Frank's hands roamed from my back to my hips.He put his hands in the back of my jean pockets. It felt like fireworks coursing through my veins. Still kissing me, I started to feel Frank's body grind against my own. Unsure of how to react, I continued to kiss him, but gently now. It was bearable for a few minutes until Frank pulled his lips from mine to my neck biting down with teeth and grinding harder. I found myself liking the friction. His teeth severed flesh, I was sure, but I enjoyed the feeling. I couldn't help but let sounds of heated joy escape my mouth. I began to grind against him, aching for more. I got what I asked for. This cued him to kiss me and proceed harder. Frank,kissing, pressure, friction. Jesus Christ, I love this. Within minutes, we both exhausted into a haze of happiness. Frank whispered into my ear, I couldn't figure out what he said but it was last minute, in the decline of the feeling. I could have swore I heard him say "I love you." Sweaty, I rolled over to my side of the bed. I knew I was bright red now, I can't believe I just did that. That was... fun.
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