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A Day Out With...Them

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Cammy spends a day with her new accquaitances, Moony and Addi, when she finds out that something inportant had happened after she had left. (And if anyone was wondering, when there are no quotes, t...

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Like A Knife Part 10

That night, Brendon and I stayed up rather late watching classic cartoons. I didn’t particularly like them, instead just watched them to humor him. His smile was worth it. We fell asleep on my spacious couch, each at our own end, Noodle curled up beside Brendon instead of me. He had really taken a liking to him.

I woke to the startling beeping of my cell phone’s text message alert. Brendon didn’t flinch, as he was a heavy sleeper, but I quickly sat upright and opened my phone. It was a message from Pete.

Hey, Moony and Addi want to know if you want to go to the mall today, He wrote.

Um…right. When? I replied.

Now, He answered quickly. They just asked me.

Oh, well, I have to get ready. I just woke up, I explained, yawning.

They said they’ll meet you at the food court in about an hour. Sound good? Pete asked.

Terrific, I finished, closing my phone. Too bad you couldn’t use sarcasm through text messaging.

I quietly made my way to my bedroom upstairs, trying my utmost to let Brendon sleep. Upon opening my door, I walked to my closet and looked for an outfit to wear. I quickly decided on a pair of light blue skinny jeans that were getting too tight for me, a black hoodie with a rose stitched on the back with a white undershirt, and old red and worn out Converse All Stars.

I swiped my brush through my hair a few quick times and grabbed my keys. I grabbed my keys, when I realized I had time before I had to go, so I took out my pen and journal, and began to write in it.

Dear Journal,

I’m spending the day with Moony and Addi. I’m not completely sure that I like them, so I’m hoping they can prove they’re something special to me. Anyway, Brendon stayed over last night. He kissed me, and for a second I thought it was real. I felt like I had just been struck by lightning repeatedly, over and over again, my spine tingling. It turns out he was just following the directions on my old Saint Patrick’s day tee shirt.

Typical Brennybear.

I’ve Got Nothing Clever to Write Here,

I closed the book and threw it on my bed, neglecting to lock it, and wrote a light hearted note to Brendon saying I left.


Went to the mall with Moony and Addi. You know where the cookies and juice boxes are. Sugary cereal is in the bottom cabinet.

See you when I get back,

I folded it, walked downstairs and placed it under his nose. He didn’t move, so I just retreated to my car outside in my driveway. I thrust the key in the engine and it roared after a second or two. Satisfied, I backed up and began making my way to the mall, about twenty minutes away.

There was little traffic, to my surprise, as it was a Saturday and noon time. After enjoying my scenic drive, I pulled into the mall parking lot and parked my car once again. One side of the lot was deserted, the other was full. I chuckled to myself at how stupid some people could be, as I watched them drive around looking for an empty parking lot.

It was all a twisted metaphor for life. We search and search in the most crowded, poplar of places, hoping to find something, when we never even realize that there’s a whole different place to be looking. It was pathetic.

I opened my door and found my way to the food court at the center of the mall on the second floor, where Addi and Moony sat at a table, waving their arms like five year olds.

Maybe they would be fun to hang out with, after all.

“Cammy! Over here!” Moony shouted, ignoring the looks she got from the people sitting around them.

I smiled at their lack of consideration to what others thought about them. Taking a seat next to Addi, I took one of her fries that she had sitting in front of her.

“So, having a good morning?” Addi asked me gingerly.

“Yeah, I guess. How about you guys?” I answered, gesturing to them.

“Same here. Nothing spectacular. We’re just glad you decided to come hang out with us,” Moony admitted. “We didn’t think you would want to.”

“Well, I had a feeling that you guys would probably be around me a lot more by the way Pete took a liking to you. So I figured, why not give them a chance?” I explained. It was such a lie. It was Patrick who decided that, but I wasn’t about to let them know that. “So, where do you guys want to go shopping first?”

“Hot Topic!” They both said in unison, Addi’s grey blue eyes and Moony’s deep blue ones lighting up.

“Hot Topic it is, then,” I agreed, as we all stood up and began walking towards the other end of the mall. “So how did you guys meet Pete?” I asked them curiously.

“We were at a party, and he just walked in. And then a slow song came on, and he asked Moony if she wanted to dance,” Addi explained.

I saw the softness of Moony’s face come out just then. Her lightly tanned skin rose at the edges of her mouth, creating a small smile. She wasn’t going to admit it, but she wanted Pete all to herself.

“That’s sweet,” I said, envying them for their happiness. I so desperately longed for someone to think about me the way Moony thought of Pete. “So, what have you guys been up to since last night? What happened after I left?” I questioned them, smiling.

Addi was twirling the brown curls that cascaded down from her head on her finger. Moony was pushing her straight black hair from her face and turned her head as a cute ‘skater’ boy with tight jeans and eye makeup walked by us.

I couldn’t help but take a liking to them.

Patrick was right about giving them a chance; it could be the chance for a budding friendship to really blossom.

“Oh, lat night, Ryan was talking about you…” Moony remembered.

“What did he say?!” I asked quickly, intent on getting a great answer.

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