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Chapter 43: Bishop's Gambit

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Forty Three: Bishop’s Gambit

Lightning whipped across the sky as rain splashed across the city streets. A loud whirl of helicopters could be barely heard throughout the area of New York City, as a helicopter touched down on the room. A group of men exited the helicopter, carrying a large cylinder shaped device which they placed upon the roof. Throughout the city, more helicopters landed on select rooftops throughout the city, with much of the same thing occurring, with more of the same happened as more of these mysterious cylinder shaped devices being placed down on the rooftops.

On the streets, van pulled up right next to the manhole. Out of the van exited a figure dressed in black, in his hands was a large sack and two other figures followed him. The two men pried the manhole open, allowing the man carrying the sack to dump the contents into the sewer. Miniature versions of the cylinders that were placed upon the roof dropped down into the sewers, causing several of the rats who were inside to look around curiously, as the cylinders began to float into the sewers, moving in every direction imaginable, but with only one destination in mind.

In the lair, Raph, Mikey, Don, Leo, and Harry sat around, after an intense lesson, that could have gone better than expected, as Master Splinter turned to them. Even though Harry had grown a bit more independent from Master Splinter in recent years, he still valued his sensei’s teachings and made his way down to the lair whenever possible, to gain new knowledge, along with just hanging out with his adoptive family. In addition, the lair was a nice quiet place to thing, far removed from the chaos that tended to go on above in New York City.

“My sons, we have fought many battles and faced a wide variety of opponents over the years,” lectured Master Splinter. “And do you know why we have succeeded time and time again, my sons?”

“Because we’re just that good!” piped up Mikey in a cocky voice, which earned him a sharp tap on the top of his head by Master Splinter’s walking stick and a few snickers from his brothers, as he rubbed the top of his head.

“It is because we follow the code and the principles of the art of ninjitsu,” continued Master Splinter. “Through that discipline, we have been able to use our minds, to properly train our bodies to do what is necessary to achieve victory. Naturally our minds must be with the battle as it happened for this to properly occur.”

Splinter looked over, as he saw Michelangelo’s eyes not really on him, but rather in another location inside the lair.

“And where is your mind at, Michelangelo?” prompted Master Splinter, his eyes narrowing at his second youngest son.

“Uh right by the pool, sensei,” said Mikey as the others turned to see what Mikey was looking at and popping out from the pool were several of the miniature cylinders that had been dumped into the sewer earlier.

“What are those things?” voiced Raph as he turned to the others for help .

“I don’t know, but I doubt it will be good,” suggested Don, as he bent down towards the pool, to examine them more closely, “They don’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before.”

“That’s not all that reassuring,” said Harry as he didn’t know what would happened if he tried to touch any of those things and even trying to summon one might not be the best idea. The last thing Harry wanted to do was to blow up the entire lair.

“On your toes, be ready for anything,” remarked Leo, as he withdrew his katanas, ready for on the off chance these were some kind of tracking devices.

In one of the helicopters, Agent Bishop stood, with a calm look as he surveyed the work of his men from high above. One of Bishop’s men walked over to him, before addressing the shady government agent.

“Agent Bishop, the packages have been delivered,” said the subordinate calmly.

“Excellent,” replied Bishop calmly. “Proceed with operation mouse trap.”

“Yes, sir,” said the subordinate, as he pressed a button, activating the specially created sonic devices contained in the cylinders.

In the lair, Master Splinter suddenly and unexpected dropped to his knees, clutching his ears, as the Turtles and Harry rushed over, to attend to their Sensei.

“Master Splinter, what is it?” asked Leo.

“The noise, I cannot block it out,” moaned Master Splinter, as he clutched his ears painfully, the shrill, sound echoing through his ears and no matter what, he could not block it, from echoing through his ears, it was a crippling effect that caused him to be unable to even move.

“Noise I don’t hear any noise?” asked Harry as the others looked absolutely befuddled.

“I can hear it but it’s not as damaging to us as it is to Master Splinter,” replied Don as the others nodded. “It must not affect humans.”

“Yeah, a sudden shrill vibration through New York City would be kind of hard to explain,” added Raph, but Master Splinter remained on his knees, in a whole lot of pain, as the sound continued to assault his ears.

“We must…get above ground…block the sounds,” said Master Splinter weakly.

“Okay, you’ve heard him,” prompted Leo as Mikey and Raph helped Master Splinter up towards the elevator, as they made there way to the warehouse above and perhaps the Battle Shell to get as far away from the crippling sounds as well.

Inside the sewers, thousands upon sounds of rats fled, the sounds also effecting them, although not to the degree that Master Splinter was. The sewer was filled with a swarm of rats, as the giant mutant crocodile known as Leatherhead made his way out of his abandoned subway lair, both agitated by the loud sonic vibrations and the swarm of rats squeaking madly as they attempted to flee.

“The sounds, someone stop them, I can’t here myself think!” growled Leatherhead, as the mutant croc punched the wall in frustration, cracking it, but more rats rushed by, as far away from the sounds as possible.

On the city streets above, the Battle Shell speed, the sonic vibrations, with Master Splinter in the back, attempting to shield his ears as much as possible from the deliberating sounds but no matter how much he tried, the sounds could not be blocked out at all.

“Don, head for the city exit, we may have to get Master Splinter out of town, until this sound dies down,” ordered Leo and Don nodded before he made his way to turn to the exit, but a van pulled out in front of the Battle Shell, blocking its way from the city.

Above, them a helicopter, hovered towards them and Don shifted the Battle Shell in reverse, in an attempt to get away from the helicopter as it chased them down the street.

“Don, speed it up, that thing’s right on our tails!” yelled Raph in a desperate voice, as he looked over his shoulder, as the helicopter turned towards it, before a loud missile was heard speeding towards him.

“It’s floored right now!” yelled Don, but the missile seemed to be following them at nearly the speed of light and Harry prepared to disable it, but a loud boom echoed, as they were thrown backwards as the missile impacted the top of the battle shell, causing it to spin out of control before it skidded to a sudden stop.

“Okay, we should have been blown to bits, right?” asked Mikey, as the top of the missile was impacted in the top of the battle shell. All of the sudden, a colorless mist was sprayed into the back of the vehicle, causing the Turtles and Harry to shield their mouths, as it contaminated the air inside the back of the Battle Shell. As quickly as humanly possible, Harry staggered towards the door, before it flew open, as the Turtles and Harry made their way from the Battle Shell, but before they could retrieve Master Splinter, they all collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Seconds later, the helicopter landed right beside the Battle Shell and a small group of commandos exited it, all wearing gas masks. Quickly, they moved towards the Battle Shell, entering it and then they dragged the unconscious form of Master Splinter from the back of the Battle Shell, back towards the helicopter, as the leader of the group was on a cell phone, with a few more of the group guarding him.

“Operation Mouse Trap is a success,” replied the leader, as the helicopter containing Master Splinter had flown off. “The rodent has been secured, Agent Bishop.”

“And what of the Turtles and Mr. Potter?” prompted Bishop coolly from the other end of the phone.

“Neutralized sir,” informed the commander before he paused. “Your orders?”

“No survivors,” ordered Agent Bishop coldly and the commander nodded, before he motioned for his men to finish them off, pointing their guns at the fallen, severely weakened forms of our heroes.

Before the Turtles and Harry could be executed by Bishop’s commandos, the door of a warehouse burst open and the large form of Leatherhead burst out, snarling, grabbing one of the commandos viciously by the throat. A loud crack echoed throughout the alleyway as the commando dropped to the ground. The others attempted to attack the enraged croc, but the croc opened his jaws, snapping down. A large sound of snapping flesh and blood splattering on the walls nearby proceeded what was left of the commandos collapsing to the ground.

“Where are we?” muttered Raph as his eyes opened up, as he looked around, with the others slowly coming to and seeing Leatherhead standing above them. It took them a few more seconds to register they had been taken to Leatherhead’s current abandoned subway lair.

“Excellent, you’re finally awake,” replied Leatherhead, the mutant croc looking rather relieved. “For a few seconds, I’ve thought you may have…”

“Master Splinter, where is he?” exclaimed Leo suddenly, as he looked around frantically, as he realized his sensei was not in the subway with the rest of them and frantic looks appeared on the faces of the others as well.

“They’ve abducted him, I’m sorry, I could not arrive to save him time,” said Leatherhead in an apologetic voice. “They may have also finished you off if I hadn’t arrived in time but fortunately the gas was non lethal.”

“Which means that whomever attacked you wanted Master Splinter alive,” inputted a new arrival and the Turtles and Harry looked up to see the arrival of Professor Honeycutt, his memories implanted into a rather primitive version of the robot body that he was first transferred in back on D’Hoonib, made out of what looked like various spare parts that he had found lying around.

“Whoa, new threads Professor Honeycutt?” inquired Mikey.

“Yes, Leatherhead and myself have managed to obtain a blueprint of my original Sal 3000 body,” announced Honeycutt. “The unfortunate thing is that using earth parts has made the entire body look rather homemade, but it will have to do.”

“Okay, we really need to find Master Splinter, especially if Bishop has him,” said Leo in a worried voice.

“But Bishop could be anywhere?” argued Mikey.

“Yeah, he doesn’t exactly seem like the type that would hide out in the open when someone wants to find him,” said Raph bitterly.

“The train car,” said Harry suddenly and the others looked up, surprised that it hadn’t occurred to them.

“Of course, we still have the train car that we took from Agent Bishop,” responded Leo. “Perhaps if we could take it apart…”

“There may be a signal that we are able to trace that could lead us straight back to Agent Bishop,” concluded Professor Honeycutt and the group rushed towards the train car, which was fortunately kept towards the back of the abandoned subway lair.

Master Splinter’s eyes slowly opened and the first thing he saw as Bishop’s looking at him shrewdly from the shadows. Splinter attempted to struggle free, but the fact that he was strapped to a gurney made escape to be a rather difficult proposition for the wise old mutant rodent.

“Bishop,” rasped Master Splinter as he saw the government agent standing calmly, arms folded.

“Good, you’re awake, Master Splinter,” said Bishop calmly. “I must thank you, as the genetic samples I have extracted from you while you were unconscious may have just saved all of Earth from destruction.”

Master Splinter stared at Bishop. He had no idea what Bishop could be talking about at all.

“But you look confused so allow me to explain,” commented Bishop, as he pressed a button to activate a large view screen behind him. “For too long, the Earth has been plagued by alien threats, the most damning being the recent invasion of the ruthless and blood thirsty Triceratons. But, there are steps taken with each passing day to secure the safety of the Earth as back in the year 1870, as a result of the first officially recorded alien invasion on Earth, President Grant signed a bill, authorizing the creation of the Earth Protection Force.”

Bishop paused, allowing Master Splinter enough time to view an image on the screen of President Grant signing the bill. Splinter did a double take, as the man standing behind Grant looked eerily similar to one Agent Bishop.

“The purpose of the EPF, my purpose, is to protect the earth from these dangerous extra terrestrials, for too long we have been an easy target for others,” continued Bishop. “There have been many missteps, many set backs over the years, and the latest project proved to be rather unstable. However, extensive studies have indicated that there was one missing element that I needed and your mutant rat DNA is that element.”

At that second, a large operating table rose from the ground, with a tarp covering a body of some sort, as Agent Bishop pulled a switch to activate large spirals, that shot electricity towards the body underneath the tarp.

“Yes, the new evolution of humanity lives,” declared Bishop, as a hand visibly twitched from beneath the tarp.

Back in the subway station, the Turtles, Harry, Leatherhead, and Professor Honeycutt were in the midst of dismantling Agent Bishop’s train car.

“I’ve never seen more complicated technology in my life,” commented Harry with a frown. “In fact, I say whatever Bishop used to create this train, most of it was alien.”

“Indeed, I recognize Triceraton and Federation technology, but there are many other forms of alien technology that I have never seen in my life,” added Honeycutt as he looked at it closely. “This Agent Bishop surely does get around for an Earthling.”

“I’ve found something!” yelled Don, as he removed a panel, causing the others to crowd around.

“The recall signal, just give me a moment to activate it and it should lead us straight to Bishop,” said Honeycutt.

“This prototype has super accelerated intelligence and strength, it will be ready in a couple of moments to train others, having an army within six hours,” said Bishop, as he pointed out many other stasis containers in the background, containing several other indescript bodies.

“What will you do with them?” asked Splinter, his curiosity getting the better of him.

“Mainstream them into the populace of course,” remarked Bishop if this was the most simple way of the world. “There training will make it easy for them to ferret out any aliens that are living among humanity.”

“What if mistakes are made?” demanded Master Splinter in a horrified voice. “What if innocent people are ferreted out?”

“Frankly, that is none of my concern, I am more concerned with the bigger picture,” responded Bishop coldly. “In fact, studies have indicated that the world would be a much safer place if approximately sixty three percent of the population just vanished.”

Splinter gasped in horror, as the first super solider rose off the table, throwing the cloak off of him, wearing a metal facemask, and armor on select parts of his body, with tubes extending from the back of his head, into his back.

“Behold, the Slayer!” declared Agent Bishop, as he looked over his creation with a calculating smirk, as the Slayer stood beside Bishop, devoid of any emotions. “Just think, an entire army of super soldiers under my command, ridding the world of undesirables and making it a much safer place for humanity.”

“The world has enough monsters without yours, Bishop!” yelled Master Splinter but Bishop didn’t seem fazed by the rat’s outburst.

“I don’t expect you to understand, in fact I don’t expect many to understand,” replied Bishop calmly, as he looked at Master Splinter. “In time, all will thank me for the sacrifices I’ve made to preserve humanity.”

Just at that moment, one of Bishop’s subordinates entered the lab, looking rather frantic, as he approached Bishop.

“Sir, our sensors have picked up the incoming arrival of train car six eighty one,” informed the subordinate.

“That train car was supposed to be destroyed a long time ago,” remarked Bishop coolly before pausing for a second, as he turned to his subordinate. “Prepare a suitable reception for it, in case it’s occupied.”

“Yes, sir,” replied the subordinate as he scurried off and Bishop turned to Master Splinter with a calculating expression etched upon his face.

“You, my little lab rat, are an interesting specimen and thus you will be preserved,” said Bishop calmly as he activated a switch, opening a containment tank filled with stasis fluid before a piece of machinery dropped a hook down, latching onto the gurney and in an instant, it was hoisted up, moving across the room before Splinter was placed in the containment tank. Bishop calmly pressed a button, sealing Splinter inside the tank.

The train car containing the four Turtles, Leatherhead, Professor Honeycutt, and Harry arrived right towards the entrance to Bishop’s lab and at that moment, a jet of lasers was fired directly at the train as it skidded to the stop. Quickly, Harry blasted the doors of the train open with a burst of wandless magic as Leo, Don, Mikey, and Raph leapt out, making quick work of the commandos, dodging fire, destroying weapons, and knocking them around. Towards the door, one of the commandos began to prepared to seal the exit but Leatherhead leapt up and grabbed him around his waist before effortlessly hoisting him up. The commando was slammed down across the ground as the entrance leading into the lab began to seal itself shut, but Leatherhead quickly got underneath it, before he used his immense strength to keep the metal door from reaching the ground.

“Hurry, I don’t know how much longer I can hold this,” grunted Leatherhead and Harry quickly kicked a pair of commandos out of the way, before he joined his brothers and Professor Honeycutt in slipping inside the lead, just seconds after the door had overpowered Leatherhead. The croc’s grip slipped and he stumbled to the ground, as the door slammed right to the ground.

The group stepped into the lab and it looked rather dark and moody. Around them, were many stasis containers and contents remained contained, it was difficult to see what exactly was inside.

“Okay, I’ve seen a lot of horror movies and even this freaks me out,” muttered Mikey softly.

“Greetings,” remarked a calm voice as Agent Bishop stepped out of the shadows, with his arms folded.

“Bishop!” yelled Raph. “What did you do to Master Splinter?”

“He’s still alive,” remarked Bishop calmly as he gestured to the containment tank where Splinter was in suspended animation.

“Come on, we’re getting him out,” replied Leo as the others nodded in agreement, with Harry removing his wand, preparing to break the tank magically if necessary.

“I’m afraid I cannot allow that,” remarked Bishop coolly as he waved his hand and the imposing form of the Slayer leapt in front of the group.

“Uh, what is that thing?” asked Mikey but Raph angrily flung his Sais right at the Slayer, who expertly caught them, before the Sais were flung right back at Raph, knocking him off balance and causing him to go to the ground.

“ATTACK NOW!” ordered Leo as he rushed forward, attempting to swipe his katana towards the Slayer, but the Slayer arched his spine backwards, but he sprang up and grabbed Leo, before he flipped him to the ground.

Don was the next to try the attack and he swung his Bo Staff. The Slayer was caught with a glancing blow, but it only deterred their opponent for a second, as it leapt up, knocking Don backwards. Harry used his weapon to slice the arm of the attacker, backing him off, before another slice cut the arm.

The Slayer just backed off, as its skin slowly healed itself but Mikey took advantage of this momentary distraction by lifting up and a loud crack was heard, as the nunchucks cracked off the mask of the Slayer. Seconds later, the mask slid off, revealing long hair, one normal eye, and a second eye with an infrared sensor built into it. The face of the Slayer was one they knew and loathed, however.

“Bishop?” chorused the five brothers in unison, as they were dumbstruck as the Slayer stood there back at him as Bishop stood right at his side.

“Quite the handsome devil, is he not?” asked Bishop calmly as the Slayer calmly leapt onto the wall, crawling up it effortlessly, before it turned his head and looked at the Turtles and Harry.

“Okay, I’m officially freaked out now,” remarked Mikey an absolutely horrified voice.

“Oh believe me, you’ve seen nothing yet,” said Bishop calmly, as the Slayer leapt down from its perch, before it caught Mikey with a vicious kick. Raph attempted to attack it once again, but the Slayer swiftly punched Raph and the turtle was sent spiraling to the ground. Don and Leo attempted to attack it from either side, but the Slayer swiftly somersaulted right out of range before it sprung at them, knocking Don and Leo backwards, causing the two ninjas to drop to the ground.

This left Harry one on one with the Slayer and Harry attempted to catch him from the side but the Slayer leapt out of the way, before he drove his elbow right between Harry’s shoulder. Harry thumped to the ground, landing on his knees and the Slayer leapt onto the wall, before he scaled up towards the ceiling and then flipped down, his feet backwards and Harry just managing to dodge both the feet hitting his skull. The super solider recovered quite quickly and nearly glided forward, both of his fists connecting with Harry’s chest, as the Boy-Who-Lived skidded to the ground.

“Okay, you want to play rough, I can too,” remarked Harry, as he raised his wand and prepared to attack his genetically altered adversary and quickly shot an extremely powerful cutting curse at his enemy but a magical shield appeared in front of the Slayer, absorbing the impact.

“He can do magic too,” gasped Mikey in a horrified voice.

“Well, this is just great!” snapped Raph. “His abilities are far more advanced then ours without magic…”

“That might be the reason why he’s so far ahead, he’s using magic to enhance his fighting abilities,” theorized Don.

“Everyone at once,” suggested Leo and the four Turtles and Harry charged at the Slayer, but in a blink of an eye, the super solider vanished into mid air, causing the five ninjas to stop into their tracks.

“Okay what just happened?” demanded Mikey.

“Either he disapparated or he used an extremely powerful disillusionment charm,” suggested Harry as he waved his wand, but it revealed nothing of what happened to the Slayer.

“Spread out, something tells me he didn’t get very far,” said Leo as he turned to Professor Honeycutt who stood in the shadows. “Professor Honeycutt, could you please find a way to free Master Splinter?”

“Of course, Leonardo,” agreed Honeycutt.

“And be careful, I don’t see Bishop, but that doesn’t mean anything,” added Leo as an after though as he joined Raph, Don, Mikey, and Harry in spreading out to search for their opponent.

Mikey looked around from side to side, an apprehensive look on the normally fun loving ninja’s face and a second, in the blink of an eye, the Slayer leapt from out of nowhere in front of Mikey.

“GUYS, HE’S OVER HERE!” shouted Mikey frantically as the Slayer cracked Mikey in the face his palm before he ripped Mikey over by back of the face mask and effortlessly flung him into the wall, before the super solider impacted at least ten punches a second at rapid fire into the back of the head of Mikey, causing the turtle to slump to the ground unconscious.

The Slayer stepped into the shadows, as Don walked into the picture and rushed over Mikey, who looked rather battered.

“Mikey, are you okay?” asked Don in a concerned voice.

“Don behind you!” warned Mikey abruptly and the Slayer sprung at Don, knocking him backwards. Don attempted to use his Bo Staff but the Slayer calmly blocked a pair of shots before he leapt over Don. Don turned around and got viciously pummeled with a single punch, which caused the intellectual terrapin to drop to his knees in pain, as the punch had singed his skin. Another punch right to the cheek knocked loopy for the moment, as a black burn mark appeared on his cheek, as he landed on the ground before the Slayer stepped back, fading into the wall as he left.

Professor Honeycutt reached the control console and began to work towards getting Master Splinter out of the bio suspension container. From the shadows, Agent Bishop walked forward calmly, before he removed a Kusari-Gama from inside of his jacket as he took steps towards Honeycutt.

“Step away from the controls, cyborg,” warned Bishop coldly as he whipped the chain out and in an instant, it wrapped around Honeycutt’s right arm, the sickle hooking the elbow joint. With a firm tug, Honeycutt’s right arm was ripped cleanly off, causing the android to stagger about, before he turned to Bishop, sans one arm.

“Now, that was uncalled for,” admonished Honeycutt, as Bishop expertly whipped the chain right towards Honeycutt who just managed to avoid having his other arm ripped off.

Meanwhile, Raph looked around from side to side.

“Come out and fight me, you long haired freak,” said Raph and a split second later, the Slayer materialized right in front of Raph. Quickly, Raph charged him and attempted to stab the super solider with the Sais, but Raph bounced off, hitting an invisible wall, before the Slayer hoisted Raph up and threw him right into a stasis tank. Raph landed with a thud, causing the tank to tip over and Raph just barely managed to avoid being crushed. Looking up, Raph recoiled at the contents in the tank.

“Bishop!” yelled Raph in surprise and inside the tank was an exact duplicate of Bishop. As Raph pushed the tank off of him, and as he rose up to his feet, Raph recoiled as he saw that each containment tank contained a clone of Agent Bishop.

Raph pulled himself up but the Slayer had disappeared from view once again.

“Raph?” asked Leo as he walked around, having heard his brother’s grunts of pain and in a flash, the Slayer appeared in front of Leo. Leo managed to leap over the attack of the Slayer. The Slayer spun around before Leo hit the ground and sprung up high into the air, before he drilled his feet right into the face of Leo. Leo spiraled to the ground, as the Slayer hoisted up Leo effortlessly with one hand before he slammed Leo to the ground.

A loud bang echoed and the Slayer was wrapped up in a net, as Harry stepped from the shadows before Leo could get injured any further. The Slayer staggered back, before the net ripped to shreds, freeing the Slayer and the super solider went after Harry.

Honeycutt managed to avoid Bishop, before he quickly activated the switch with his intact left arm, and the stasis tank opened before the hook descended and Master Splinter was pulled upwards.

“No,” muttered Bishop as he swung the sickle towards Honeycutt viciously but he overshot his target and hooked the bottom of the gurney that Master Splinter was hooked to. Bishop gave a feeble yank, pulling the gurney off of the hook and it plummeted towards the ground with Splinter managing to resourcefully pull himself free just seconds before it slammed into the ground, shattering into pieces.

Splinter stood front of Bishop picking up a large pipe on the ground as he stood face to face Bishop. Bishop leapt into battle, the sickle in one hand but Splinter just managed to block a shot. Another shot was blocked and Splinter leapt over Bishop, before he came back with an attempted kick but Bishop dodged the attack. Splinter landed on his feet and attempted to jab the pipe towards Bishop but Bishop calmly leapt out of the way before he swung the Kusari-Gama chain and then whipped it towards Splinter, who dodged.

“You will regret meddling him my plans, rodent,” said Bishop softly, as he attempted to smash Splinter in the face with a chain whip but Splinter dodged the attack, as the chain cracking off the ground before Splinter leapt up and attempted to smash the pipe into Bishop’s skull but Bishop ducked around. “Look, can’t you see what I’ve done? I’ve created life.”

“Nothing gives you the right to play God!” yelled Splinter as he swung the pipe just as Bishop swung the Kusari-Gama chain. The chain wrapped around the pipe and it was pulled from Splinter’s grasp, as it dropped down to the ground.

“No one is going to stop me doing what is necessary,” said Bishop as the pipe dropped to the ground and Bishop charged to engage an unarmed Master Splinter in combat, very nearly impaling the rat with the sickle. “Not you, not your little green brats, no one!”

Off to the left, Harry had been knocked down as the Slayer scaled the walls. Leo sprang up onto a section of scaffolding and the Slayer began to engage Leo in battle high above, deflecting each of his attempted attacks with his metallic wristbands, causing Leo to stagger back and forth, before the Slayer sprung up and knocked Leo off balance, the terrapin coming perilously close to the edge of the scaffold.

Harry looked up shakily, the edge of the scaffold was right above the top of the opened stasis container.

“Leo, lure him over to that edge!” suggested Harry and Leo nodded, just barely dodging a vicious punch that may have put him down for some time had it connected. Leaping up, Leo bounced off the chest of the Slayer, staggering the super solider back.

Leo avoided the charge and the super solider was off by the edge, which caused Harry to aim carefully, catching the bottom of the scaffold with a blasting charm. Leo dove off but the Slayer just lost his balance and swiftly plummeted right into the stasis container.

“Professor Honeycutt, seal the lid!” shouted Harry as the one armed Fugitoid managed to get to his feet, and quickly pull the lever before the Slayer could recover, encasing him inside in suspended animation.

Bishop looked and was horrified to see that his ultimate super solider had been contained, before he rushed over to rectify the matter but Splinter leapt up, managing to knock Bishop back but only for a sound. The Kusari-Gama whipped forward but Splinter dodged it with the sickle catching in the machinery, and Splinter dodged out of the way, as a massive explosion sent Bishop flying. The wall behind the machinery cracked and the water from the sewers behind the lab began to pour in, flooding the lab, as the battered forms of Raph, Don, and Mikey joined them.

“Come on, let’s get out of here!” yelled Leo, as the large wave swept up the container containing the Slayer, sweeping it into the sewers.

“You haven’t see the last of me, you meddling freaks,” declared Bishop as he staggered from the laboratory, up a ladder towards a secret hatch, blood dripping down the ladder, splashing into the water.

“We can’t let him get away, “said Raph in an urgent voice, as the entire group followed Bishop up the ladder, that seemed to go for some time, as the lab was engulfed in a flood, the unfinished clone bodies buried in the water.

The Turtles, Splinter, Honeycutt, and Harry exited a makeshift phone booth, and looked around the city.

“Whoa, we washed up in the middle of the city,” commented Mikey.

“And Bishop is nowhere in sight,” added Leo.

“Yeah, but he’ll be back,” added Harry. “Someone like Bishop doesn’t give up that easily. He’ll have other plans, other bases most likely.”

“Indeed, Harry, I wouldn’t be surprised if we seen Agent Bishop all too soon,” concluded Splinter wisely.

In the sewers several miles away from the lab, the semi-conscious Slayer laid inside the cracked stasis tube, surrounded by a swarm of rats that seemed to be drawn towards the genetically altered super solider.
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