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Chapter 44: Exodus

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Forty Four: Exodus

Hamato Yoshi walked up towards the Utrom High Council, as Mr. Mortu approached him, holding a medal, as he faced Yoshi.

“Master Guardian Hamato Yoshi, today you are honored with your service in protecting the entire Utrom race,” declared Mortu as he presented Yoshi with the medal as the guardian knelt before him.

“I swear that I will do everything in my power to protect the good and noble Utrom race,” replied Yoshi as he accepted the medal. “Even if it costs me my life.”

The scene shifted slightly to a battered and beaten Hamato Yoshi, as the Shredder stood above him, with Hun and the Foot standing behind their master in the background. Yoshi looked up at the Shredder, hatred blazing in his eyes.

“He who lives without honor will end without honor,” breathed Yoshi as he glared at Shredder.

“Bah, I will finish him myself,” said Shredder as he raised his gauntlet and slit Yoshi’s throat with it. Yoshi fell, blood splashing off the ground. “Now nothing can protect the Utroms from my wrath!”

Another fade to the Utrom Homeworld and it was chaos, as an entire army of Foot Ninjas and Foot Mechs entered the scene, as the Utroms attempted to escape, but they all fell one by one to the might of the Foot.

The Shredder, grown to several times his normal size, appeared to stand in the vastness of space, with Earth in one hand and the Utrom Homeworld in the other hand, both worlds set ablaze as he laughed evilly at the thought of both of the worlds at his mercy or lack thereof.

The scene faded to a mountain, where Splinter appeared and his Master Yoshi appeared right in front of him. Yoshi calmly bowed towards Splinter and Splinter stepped back, seeing that he was dressed in full guardian garb in the vision.

“I understand,” said Splinter, as he realized what he must do now.

Splinter opened his eyes, coming out of the vision as he looked up. The images were so vivid and while he did not understand exactly what they meant, he did know enough to know what must be done.

“I will not fail you my master, my father,” muttered Master Splinter, as he looked up into the ceiling deep in thought.

Inside the lair, Harry was sitting in front of a computer, at work, as Ginny, who had arrived to spend the better part of the summer in New York with Harry a few days ago, sat right beside him. There was not much news coming out of the Wizarding World, as most everyone wondered what Voldemort’s next move could be, after the vicious attack on Hogwarts by his Death Eaters that left many dead. All of Wizarding Britain was under a virtual state of fear because of the attack at Hogwarts; the one place that many had believed was untouchable from Voldemort’s wrath. The atmosphere at the Burrow wasn’t much better, due Bill being in a coma thanks to Greyback’s attack. It saddened Ginny to see her mother under basically a state of depression because of what happened to her oldest son and the fact that Percy still considered the rest of the family lower that dirt. Even Fred and George couldn’t find it in them to be their usual jovial selves and while Ginny was worried, she felt for the sake of her sanity, she needed to get away to get her mind off of things. Molly had allowed her daughter to spend the summer in New York, mostly because she was much safer there then in Britain and also because she just didn’t have the will to argue against her leaving.

Harry enjoyed Ginny’s company, but they had tried to avoid talk of the attack at Hogwarts whenever possible, because the deaths of two of Harry’s friends still haunted him, despite his best efforts to push them out of his mind. Until all the Horcruxes were found or other leads regarding the whereabouts of key Death Eaters that he could extort information form came Harry’s way, there was not all that much he could do. Everything recently had lead to a dead end, so Harry shifted his sights to a pressing problem closer to home.

“Finally, I’m in,” replied Harry in relieved voice. “Stockman’s improved encryption files were difficult to crack, but now I’ve hacked into the Foot computers.”

“I knew you could do it Harry,” replied Ginny, who didn’t know really know a computer mouse from a regular mouse, but she knew that Harry was rather talented at what Muggles called “computer hacking” and from what Harry had told her, the Foot had protected their computers from these hackers, but obviously Harry found a way in.

“I guess I have the magic touch, Ginny,” said Harry, which caused Ginny to snicker under her breath, as Harry navigated around.

“You’ve finally gotten in, I see,” remarked Don, who had joined them.

“Yes it only took me three days but at least I’m…oh this is interesting,” said Harry with a frown and Ginny leaned over Harry’s shoulder to read what had appeared on the screen.

“Operation Exodus?” asked Ginny in confusion.

“Let me click on it and see,” replied Harry and he moved the mouse over, but it didn’t seem to allow Harry to access the file. “Damn, it might take me several more days to crack into here and look, there’s more…”

Harry went back with one item before and several items listed after Operation Exodus, almost like a linear timeline as Mikey, Leo, Raph, and Hailey also joined the group, to see what was up. On the timeline before Operation Exodus there an entry marked “savior” and then after was “overthrow”, “return” “overlord”, “m. genocide”, and “e. elimination” all listed on the timeline.

“Okay, any of you have any theories about what any of these mean?” prodded Leo and Don looked suddenly disturbed, as he remembered his interdimensional trip at the hands of the time sceptre.

“It’s beginning,” said Don in a horrified voice and the others looked at Don. “If I’m reading the Shredder’s plan correctly, the world is already heading on the same path that it did when I visited that grim future thirty years from now.”

“Yes, but you haven’t vanished Don,” argued Mikey. “Isn’t that what caused the future in the first place?”

“I haven’t vanished yet and even then, I doubt very much I was the only reason that the future was the way it is,” said Don grimly as he looked at both Harry and Ginny significantly. “M. genocide, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the m. stands for, he’s been planning the events that lead to the future I visited ever since the Triceraton invasion.”

“How do you figure that?” asked Raph.

“Saki’s been referred to in the media as the savior of New York, because of his funding of the rebuilding of New York,” inputted Hailey.

“Tonight he’s holding a farewell dinner,” remarked Leo. “You don’t think he might be…”

“That’s Operation Exodus, it has to be,” said Harry. “And if you stop and think about it, it’s painfully obvious where the Shredder’s planning his exodus to.”

“So, what are we standing around here for?” asked Raph. “Let’s go down Saki Manor and cancel his travel plans, personally.”

“Now, we can’t do this without a plan, there would have to be heightened security because of all the important officials attending the farewell dinner,” said Leo. “Perhaps we should…”

“We must stop the Shredder, immediately!” echoed Master Splinter as he left his room, causing Hailey, Ginny, Harry, and the Turtles to look up at the wise old rat in confusion. “If the vision I’ve had is to believed, the Utrom Homeworld is in grave danger.”

“That’s all the confirmation that we need, we need to plan quickly,” responded Leo quickly, as the group prepared a workable plan to break into Saki’s Manor and stop him from departing. Unfortunately, Harry had lent his Portus-Amulet to his mother and he didn’t know where she was tonight, so that simple method wasn’t available to them. Knowing Saki, Harry wouldn’t be surprised if he found a way to secure the building from apparation or conventional portkeys, so it looked as if they were going to use Muggle methods to get inside. One thing was sure, they might need to shut down the Foot once and for all to stop the Shredder for good.

Out behind Saki Manor, several banquet tables were set up, as many of the most influential citizens of the city along with many city, state, and national government officials were in attendance to the farewell dinner. At the head table sat the Mayor and a pair of armed bodyguards, along with Oroku Saki and Karai. The Mayor rose to his feet as everyone appeared to settle in, preparing to give a speech to the people who had attended the dinner.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to start this dinner by thanking the man who had single handily restored New York after he had nearly been flattened by the Triceraton invasion two years previously, Oroku Saki,” cheered the Mayor as the citizens of New York rose to their feet and gave Saki a standing ovation. In response, Saki had rose, bowing graciously at the loud applause, as he looked out at the crowd, before he stepped to the side to make a speech.

“You are too kind, Mr. Mayor and that goes for the rest of you,” said Saki in a gracious tone. “I must say this city has shined on me in many ways, it has become a sort of a second home to me in my time here. But, however, this will be my last night here, as an opportunity to rectify certain matters at home has presented itself. Despite how good the city has been to me, I must depart. In my absence, my lovely adopted daughter Karai will take control of all my business affairs, I can assure you that she is more than capable. Still, I will say that there is a likely chance that I may someday return.”

Saki narrowed his eyes for the briefest seconds, but he straightened up, as he turned to conclude his speech.

“However, this is a celebration dinner, not a wake,” concluded Saki as he stepped back to address the Mayor. “Keep the guests entertained, I have a few matters to attend to make sure my departure goes as smoothly as possible.”

The Mayor nodded in agreement as Saki and Karai walked off into the mansion, leaving all of the guests.

Outside the gate, a medium sized man with blond hair and hazel eyes wheeled a cart with covered dishes towards Foot Headquarters, but an imposing looking guard stepped in front of the waiter, with his arms crossed.

“Ticket, please,” ordered the guard, as he stared down the waiter, with a cold look on his face.

“Ticket, ticket, oh where did I put that thing?” muttered the waiter, waving his hand in a hap hazard manner, almost clumsily knocking over several of the platters, before he looked up. “I seemed to have lost it, could you cut me some slack and let me in anyway?”

“No ticket, no entry,” replied the guard sternly as the waiter stepped forward, but tripped over his own feet, nearly implanting himself face first into the dinner cart.

“Okay, fine, if you could just check the cart and take it in yourself it would be great,” said the waiter and the guard bent down, to pull back the cart, to see Raph and Mikey underneath.

“Hi there, nice party,” remarked Mikey casually as Raph reached forward and viciously punched the guard in the face. The guard thumped to the ground, as Raph pulled him underneath with him and Mikey, before the cart was covered. “Oh great, like it wasn’t crowded underneath here to begin with.”

A loud smacking sound echoed from underneath the cart, as Mikey groaned in pain.

“Quiet you two, you want us to be found out,” hissed the waiter.

“Right, sorry Harry,” muttered Raph to the waiter, who was in fact Harry in disguise. Harry casually wheeled the cart inside, with two of his brothers and the unconscious foot guard underneath, as he spoke into a headset, obscured by a disillusionment charm.

“Okay, I’m bringing Raph and Mikey in right now, Hailey and Ginny are following underneath the cloak,” remarked Harry. “Team four, what’s your status?”

In the sewers leading to the basement of Saki Manor, Don and Leatherhead walked down the tunnels, Leatherhead carrying a torch to illuminate the area. Don carried a computer backup copy of Professor Honeycutt.

“Team four is in position and good to go Harry,” confirmed Don. “Waiting for your word that you are in position, out.”

“Good, how about you team three?” asked Harry over the headset.

On the rooftop adjacent from Saki Mansion, Master Splinter and Leo stood, Splinter carefully aiming an arrow with a rope tied around it towards an opened window, before placing it a bow. With expert precision, Splinter shot it forward and hit his target. Leo helped his sensei tie the other end of the rope off, before he responded.

“We are ready to get in through a window, perhaps we can get a better idea of what we are up against,” informed Leo.

“Got that, be careful, Saki no doubt has upgraded his defenses, and triggering even on them could lead to trouble,” cautioned Harry. “Don and Leatherhead’s already coming in from below, Raph and Mikey from the side, and you two from up above. Hailey, Ginny, and I are going to try and find the main power source for the defenses, so we can shut Saki’s whole system down and fight him head on.”

“We will be careful Harry and standing by if you have anything else,” replied Leo as he ended transmission but Master Splinter had a look of turmoil etched upon his face. “Master Splinter, is something the matter?”

“Leonardo I was just thinking, what if the vision I had didn’t mean anything, I could be leading you all into grave danger for nothing,” responded Splinter.

“If the Shredder’s involved, the entire world, no the entire universe could be in grave danger,” said Leo. “Remember what Don told us about his trip to the future, we need to stop that from happening and based on what Harry found, if the Shredder is allowed to leave, this could be the catalyst to that point.”

Little did the group know, another important player was keeping a keen eye on Saki Manor that night.

“Well this is interesting, very interesting,” declared Agent Bishop calmly, as he watched Leo and Master Splinter on the rooftop, as several other members of the Earth Protection Force stood discretely in the background, before Bishop turned to his subordinates. “Check with our man on the inside, it seems like there’s something he’s not telling us.”

In the building, Raph and Mikey were in through an air vent and were carefully scaling the ceiling, high above a corridor.

“Team two what’s your status?” inquired Harry over the radio.

“We managed to get in and the entire hallway is crawling with Foot goons,” responded Raph as he looked down, seeing the regular run of the mill Foot Ninjas, the Foot Elite, a few Foot Tech Ninjas, and a few Foot technicians. “They look like they’re mobilizing.”

“Figure as much, we are nearing the main power circuit,” responded Harry. “I managed to get a good look in there when I was in there during the Winter holidays and Saki’s study is one floor down from your current location. Try and move in without attracting too much attention.”

Inside Saki Manor, Karai and Oroku Saki were inside the study.

“All is in order Master, in a few hours everything will be prepared for your departure,” informed Karai in a slightly hollow, downcast voice.

“At last after the centuries I spent marooned on this pitiful mud ball of a planet, I will finally be able to return to the stars,” proclaimed Saki. “The hated Utrom race will pay for their attempts to imprison me some time ago and revenge will finally be mine.”

“And what of me, father?” wondered Karai quietly.

“My time on Earth has not been a complete loss, I have forged a criminal empire and raised a daughter who is more than able to run it,” said Saki. “You will serve me as you always have, faithfully and without question, as I depart and on the moment of my return.”

At that moment, one of the Foot technicians entered the room, before he bowed at Saki.

“Master, Lord Voldemort is on the line in the next room, he wishes a word with you,” informed the Foot technicians and Saki slowly turned to Karai.

“Attend to our desk, I shall see what the Dark Lord Voldemort wants,” ordered Saki and Karai nodded before she walked off.

Out of the sewers, Don and Leatherhead’s journey seemed to lead them into a large tunnel.

“Man this tunnel looks like it stretches for miles,” remarked Don in an awed voice.

“It looks as if it stretches from the Shredder’s mansion, all the way to the east river,” added Honeycutt from Don’s portable computer.

“At least the coast is clear,” said Leatherhead but little did they know, a pair of Foot Tech Ninjas were watching from the shadows. With a quick press of a button on their armor, they were cloaked from view, becoming essentially invisible.

Without warning, Don was knocked backwards by a vicious punch from thin air. He swung his Bo, but the Bo was pulled out from underneath him, causing Don to spiral down to the ground, crashing hard and Leatherhead found himself pummeled by both of their invisible enemies at the same time. The croc recoiled in pain as several invisible punches and kicks recoiled off of his body. His eyes narrowed in anger as he reached forward and caught the two invisible assassins, before he slammed them together, destroying their cloaking destructions. Leatherhead took one head in each hand and slammed the heads together. A large crack echoed throughout the tunnel, and the two ninjas dropped to the ground, absolutely motionless.

“Sufficient to say, I’m glad I brought you along Leatherhead,” said Don before they continued their way down the tunnel, before they stopped short at the end of the corridor. “Uh, if you’re wondering exactly how Saki’s going to pull off leaving Earth, I think I may have just found our answer.”

Indeed, right them, pointed right into the tunnel was a massive star ship that looked completed and ready to launch when Saki so desired to leave.

“A star ship, so that means our worst fears have been realized,” concluded Leo, as Don had informed them on what he had seen in the tunnel.

“He has found his means to gain his revenge on our friends, the Utroms,” added Master Splinter.

“Then, I guess we’re going to have to cancel his flight,” said Leo, as they slipped into the window.

“This is unacceptable how come you didn’t tell me Oroku Saki had a star ship?” demanded Bishop in a irritated voice, as his men had joined him in the tunnel, a couple moments after Don and Leatherhead had departed.

“You didn’t ask,” responded Baxter Stockman casually, with a smirk on the holographic projection of his head, as he stood in a run down bunker adjacent from the control room that was to launch the star ship.

“Sarcasm is no way to build a working relationship with me, Doctor Stockman,” warned Bishop but Stockman seemed unfazed.

“Relax Agent Bishop, we have a deal, I hold up my end of the deal, as long as you hold up yours,” replied Stockman, as Chaplin entered the bunker. “Must go, bye now.”

Bishop calmly turned to his commandos.

“Rig this tunnel for demolition,” ordered Bishop calmly and they nodded, before they left.

In the security relay room, the massive form of Hun hovered over the foot technician manning the controls.

“I don’t like this, where’s the guard at the front gate?” demanded Hun before he turned to a free Foot Technician. “You check it out, now.”

“Sir, there seems to be a security glitch, I don’t know what it could be,” said the technician who was manning the console.

“Well find out what it is, the master can’t have anything to wrong, not tonight,” thundered Hun, intimidating the foot technician into taking a closer look at the problem.

Outside, Harry looked side to side, before he waved his hand. Ginny and Hailey pulled the Invisibility Cloak off from them. Harry took the cloak and stuffed it his bag.

“Harry, I’m sorry but I absolutely don’t like you as a blond,” responded Ginny as Harry’s hair and eyes turned back to normal. “Ah, that’s much better.”

“Yes I know it looks wretched but at least no one could have believed it was me,” said Harry, as he managed to somehow open the circuit box with his wand, narrowly avoiding setting off a half a dozen alarms.

“True,” agreed Ginny, before the two girls became still and quiet, as Harry snipped one wire with his wand.

“The internal security projection has been disabled Don, Professor Honeycutt should be able to lock down the entire building,” remarked Harry, as the trio slipped inside through a side entrance.

“Indeed, internal lockdown in five, four, three, two, one,” declared Honeycutt.

Back in the control room, Hun’s eyes widened when he saw what was happened.

“What the…who ordered a lockdown?” demanded Hun as the red lights flashed and he rushed over, but the metal doors in the control room had slid to the ground.

Inside, Saki kneeled down, as the sinister face of Lord Voldemort was in his fireplace.

“I heard the news of your departure, Saki,” said Voldemort calmly. “I hope this won’t affect our business relationship.”

“No, Lord Voldemort, it will not, it should only take me a matter of weeks to conclude my business and I will be able to play a role in your plans, just like you have in mine by supplying me with the metal,” responded Saki calmly, who had a plan to put Voldemort out the way when he returned, a few years from now, after his enemies had forgotten of them.

“Excellent, your contribution may be small, but it is rather important to the next phase of my plan,” said Voldemort calmly. “We will be meeting the day before to go over the specifics.”

“Of course,” replied Saki and Voldemort’s head disappeared from the fireplace, before he exited back to his study, knowing full well that he was going to leave Voldemort high and dry when the time came.

“Planning a little trip?” remarked a voice that caused Saki to look up and he spotted Raph standing in the shadows, right beside Mikey.

“A little outer space mayhem perhaps?” asked Mikey.

“Not if we have anything to say about it,” stated Leo as he swooped in from the other side, along with Master Splinter.

“Your evil ends here and now, Shredder,” concluded Master Splinter as he aimed his bow before he shot an arrow right at Saki, who casually caught the arrow in his hand and snapped it in half.

“I shall relish destroying…” started Saki, but he got interrupted by both Raph and Mikey attacking him at the same time. Saki quickly grabbed both of his attackers, before he flung them to the ground. Leo swooped in next and sliced his katanas at Saki. Saki blocked the shots with his cufflinks as he was slowly backed off by Leo, as Master Splinter loaded his bow.

Leo leapt to the side, as an arrow went through the air, impacting Saki’s wrist, pinning him to the wall by his right sleeve. A second arrow shot by Master Splinter impacted his right sleeve and a third arrow stuck right in the chest plate of the exosuit. Splinter then took aim and an arrow flew, impaling Saki right in the stomach cavity. A pained grunt indicated that the arrow had hit the evil Utrom inside the exosuit, as a visible swelling appeared

Saki ripped his sleeves from the wall, before he removed the arrows from the chest plate and the stomach cavity, that one having blood dripping from it, as it turned to face the three mutant turtles and one rat, as some of the artificial skin on the exosuit began to peel off, reveal the metal of the exosuit.

Bishop stood in the tunnel, gazing up and down at Saki’s star ship. It was truly a marvel on the outside, Bishop couldn’t wait to confiscate it to see what was on the inside. The EPF would no doubt find a use for it.

“Tunnel rigged for demolition, sir,” confirmed one of the commandos.

“Then blow it,” ordered Bishop calmly, there was no way he was letting an opportunity like this slip through his fingers.

The commando nodded, before he pressed a button. A loud explosion went off, caving in the transport tunnel.

Outside, the explosion could be heard and the Mayor looked up in confusion.

“What was that?” asked the Mayor in a confused voice before he turned to Karai, who had just finished whispering instructions to a foot guard, who nodded before quickly moving off. “Miss Saki, is there something wrong?”

“Mr. Mayor, honored guests, do not be alarmed, this is my father’s way of saying farewell and thanks,” replied Karai, as several fireworks shot off in the sky behind Saki Manor.

“Oh very nice,” said the Mayor in awe, as he watched the show, as Karai slipped off.

“No, no, no, those crazy commandos, they’ve completely collapsed the transport tunnel!” exclaimed Dr. Chaplin as he watched the carnage from the control room, now inside the ship, before he punched the communication. “I’ve got to tell the boss.”

Saki recoiled slightly, as a bit of his artificial skin was scrapped off by the attack, as he battled with his opponents and if that wasn’t enough, he received an incoming transmission, as he continued to fight.

“Mr. Saki sir, it’s that Bishop guy,” explained the frantic voice of Chaplin over the radio. “He and his men have completely destroyed the transport tunnel, there’s no way we can move the ship to the river.”

“Bishop here?” grimaced Saki as Master Splinter used a sword that once belonged to his Master Yoshi to combat Saki, who just barely managed to avoid it. “THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!”

Saki sprung up and knocked Raph backwards with a leaping kick. Mikey leapt up, swinging his nunchucks but Saki expertly ducked underneath before he punched Mikey down. Leo was knocked backwards as well but Master Splinter sprung up and knocked Saki backwards. Splinter attempted to split the head of the exosuit for the sword, but Saki blocked it with his hands, before he viciously kicked Splinter off and pulled himself to his feet.

At that moment, a loud thumping sound echoed outside the doors of Saki’s study, before they were forced open, as Hun rushed in, leading a dozen Foot ninjas and the Foot Elite.

“Protect the Master!” ordered Hun as the Foot rushed forward.

“Hun, get this situation under control, I need to get my ship to safety!” yelled Saki as activated the elevator before he stepped inside.

Raph and Mikey rushed to Saki, but the Foot stepped in front of them, poised for battle, as the Saki statue that contained the elevator closed.

“Chaplin prepare the ship, we must launch immediately!” demanded Saki.

“But sir, we can’t move the ship, they’ve completely destroyed the transport tunnel,” informed Chaplin in a worried voice.

“I know you fool!” snapped Saki. “Commence with the emergency launch sequence!”

“But sir, all of those people on the emergency silo doors,” argued Chaplin tentatively.

“Do it Chaplin, now!” thundered Saki.

“Opening emergency silo doors,” said Chaplin reluctantly.

Outside, the dinner continued, as everyone was oblivious to the chaos going on inside Saki Manor. Unfortunately at that moment, the ground beneath them began to retract inside, as a large hole opened. Several of the people managed to scramble, before everything slid to the ground. A few weren’t as lucky, as many fell several hundred feet below to their doom.

Bishop stood in the corridor adjacent from the basement.

“Sir, Saki’s trying to begin with an emergency launch sequence,” informed one of the commandos that was stationed on a rooftop across the street from the manor.

“Bring in Strike Force Bravo, shut this entire place down,” ordered Bishop crisply.

Several helicopters circled the area around the ground.

“This is Strike Force Bravo commander, nothing gets up, nothing gets out,” declared one of the pilots.

“And this is Bravo Two, we have control on the ground,” said a group of heavily armed men stormed the crowded group of terrified guests, forcing them from the grounds.

The statue sprung open and Saki stepped out, his eyes widening, as he saw several of his Foot Technicians on the ground, with several more attempting to contain the large mutant croc known as Leatherhead.

“Thought you might try the back door,” remarked Don, as he leapt in front of Saki, blocking him from moving with his Bo Staff. “That’s why we’re here!”

Upstairs, Raph wrenched his Sais into the Saki Statue, viciously prying it open as the battle continued around him. After a few seconds of intense work, Raph had succeeded, and quickly Mikey and Master Splinter joined them, as Leo blocked the attacks of two of the Foot Elite with his Katana.

“After them!” yelled Hun, as Raph, Mikey, and Master Splinter leapt down into the hole created by Raph and the Foot Elite rushed over. “Stop them!”

The Foot Elite rushed forward, and leapt down the hole one by one. Hun ripped apart the floor, giving more room for his large girth to leap down and true to form, Hun followed the Foot Elite. Leo was knocked backwards, as the rest of the ninjas quickly made their way down into the hole. Leo made a move to follow them but Karai rushed into the room behind Leo.

“Wait, Leonardo, he is finally leaving our world, you will be rid of him for good, and the truce that I promised years ago can be finally acted upon,” said Karai. “You must let him go.”

“Yes let him go and allow him to slaughter countless Utroms,” replied Leo.

“The Utroms have hunted my father all of his life, they are heartless monsters,” argued Karai.

“No, he’s lied to you, Saki’s the one who’s the heartless monster and we’re going to stop him!” yelled Leo, as he leapt down the hole to join the others, without another word.

“There is no way we are allowing you to board that star ship Shredder!” yelled Don as he faced off against the Shredder.

“The two of you can’t stop me,” said Saki coldly.

“No, together we will stop you,” responded Master Splinter, who stepped out of the shadows with Raph and Mikey.

“All of us,” added Harry as he stepped out from the other side with Hailey and Ginny following him.

At that moment, Hun, the Elite Guard, and the regular Foot Ninjas leapt down the hole, before they stared down their opponents.

“Step away from the master, now!” yelled Hun angrily, as he stepped forward, but a loud beeping sound outside, caused everyone to freeze.

Another side entrance was blasted open and Bishop led a group of his commandos inside the basement.

“Well, well, well, isn’t this cozy?” remarked Bishop, as he saw that all of his enemies were in one place, before he turned to his commandos. “Destroy them all!”

A jet of fire cut through the area, causing everyone to scatter, as chaos reigned in the basement of Saki Manor.

“Okay, it’s bad enough we have to deal with the Foot, but that nutter Bishop just had to show up!” yelled Ginny in a frustrated voice, as she dodged a jet of fire, before she managed to take out one of the commandos, before she joined Hailey and Harry dodging around to the side.

Leo leapt down, just barely avoiding laser fire, before he sliced the weapon of a nearby commando. Karai leapt down and threw her arms over her head, as she dodged down around the laser fire.

Saki attempted to get out in the confusion, but Bishop stepped forward, cracking his knuckles, before he swung at Saki, but Saki dodged his punch, before he leapt up and kicked Bishop backwards. Bishop calmly readjusted his sun glasses and squatted down to dodge a punch. Bishop deflected a kick, before he sprung to the side and tried to punch Saki. Saki caught Bishop’s fist and wrenched his arm backwards. Bishop and Saki stood face to face, but the Foot Elite leapt in, surrounding Bishop, allowing their master escape.

Ginny leapt in the air, avoiding an attack of two of the Foot Ninjas, before she used her tonfa to knock one of her opponents unconscious. Hailey somersaulted in the air, before she gracefully cracked one of the Foot Ninjas in the face with both of her feet. She picked up his sword and just managed to block the attack of a Foot Ninja that charged her.

Karai leapt in the air, knocking a pair of the commandos backwards effortlessly. In the background, Leatherhead gave a mighty growl before he picked up a ninja and one of Bishop’s men in each hand, before he viciously tossed them into the wall.

“The Shredder’s trying to make a break for it!” yelled Hailey in a frantic voice.

“Not if I can help it,” said Ginny as a set of thick cords shot from her wand but Saki was too fast for her, as the cords wrapped around a pole. Saki sprung up and knocked both Ginny and Hailey effortlessly to the ground at the same time. Harry rushed over but found himself face to face with a trio of Foot Ninjas that he had to fight his way through.

Saki continued to walk forward, but Master Splinter stepped in front of him.

“You cannot be allowed to get on that star ship Shredder, to take your revenge on the entire Utrom Homeworld,” said Master Splinter, as he held his Master Yoshi’s sword, threateningly in front of him.

“What?” demanded Saki. “How do you know of this?”

“My Master Yoshi was a guardian, he pledged to protect the Utroms and he forbids your journey,” responded Master Splinter. “In his name, I will not allow you passage.”

Saki stepped to engage Splinter in battle but Raph leapt up, jamming his Sais into the shoulder blades of the exosuit, causing sparks to fly everywhere as Saki dropped to his knees. Mikey viciously swung his nunchucks and cracked Saki right in the mouth, ripping off his artificial skin from the impact, revealing the metal jaw underneath.

Bishop blocked the spear of the Foot Elite Guard, before he yanked it forward, flipping him to the ground. The Foot Elite Guard with the axe swung it, but Bishop ducked and kicked him backwards. Another Foot Elite Guard attempted to sliced at Bishop with his double edged sword, but Bishop wiped him out, before he sprung up and knocked out the fourth Foot Elite guard.

Hun watched in horror as his master was being pummeled by Raph and Mikey. Rushing forward like a bull elephant, Hun knocked both Raph and Mikey away with sheer force, before he helped Saki to his feet.

“Go master, get to the ship!” yelled Hun, as he enraged the two turtles in battle.

Leatherhead caught sight of Saki staggering to the star ship and gave a mighty growl.

“Shredder, SHREDDER!” growled Leatherhead as he leapt up and cracked his fist right into Saki, before pounding him and ripping what remained of his artificial skin off, shredding his suit as he pummeled Saki. The exosuit dented more and more with each punch, as Leatherhead was relentless.

“I’m coming Master!” shouted Hun as he leapt up and knocked Leatherhead backwards, causing the croc to dropped to the ground with a thud.

Hun bent down, as Saki laid on the ground, the exosuit completely showing, except for a small piece of fabric covering the stomach cavity.

“Sir?” inquired Hun as he grabbed onto the piece of fabric, inadvertently ripping it off, exposing the evil Utrom in the stomach cavity of the exosuit. “Huh?”

Hun stepped back in shock.

“You’re an Utrom?” questioned Hun, his eyes widened in absolute shock, as Oroku Saki, alias the Shredder, under his true form, the Utrom fugitive known as Ch’rell, narrowed his eyes at Hun.

Leatherhead pulled himself to his feet and leapt at Hun. The two titans staggered backwards, before the crashed through glass, spiraling down to the depths below.

“AH CRUD!!!!” yelled Hun as he plummeted along with Leatherhead, out of sight.

Ch’rell willed the exosuit to his feet, before he staggered forward, in an attempt to make a break for it as he reached the ship.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re not going anywhere Shredder!” yelled Don as he leapt forward, kicking a tank to the ground and breaking the valve with his Bo Staff. “Perhaps a little liquid nitrogen will slow you down.”

The liquid nitrogen sprayed out, covering the mostly damaged exosuit, preventing their enemy from moving any further. Splinter leapt out and the sickle end of a Kusari-Gama whipped out, hooking the shoulder of the exosuit. With a mighty tuck, Splinter caused the exosuit to break off at the ankles and it slammed it to the ground, shattering into hundreds of pieces, with Ch’rell completely exposed without any protection.

Harry, Hailey, Ginny, Leo, Raph, Mikey, Don, and Splinter all advanced on their opponent, as Harry removed his wand, pointing it towards Ch’rell. He didn’t use magic against non-magical individuals unless under extreme circumstances and finishing off one of his most deadly enemies qualified as an extreme circumstance.

Karai leapt down out of nowhere, scooping up her father, as a jet of yellow light incinerated the ground, burning a hole to the ground. The Foot rushed in.

“We’ll take care of the Foot, go after them!” yelled Harry, as Hailey and Ginny followed him, to engage the Foot in battle.

“Chaplin, we are leaving!” replied Karai, as she raced down the bridge, leading towards the entrance to the star ship, along with her father, as the Turtles and Master Splinter rushed closely behind. Much to their displeasure, the door slammed shut and Don rushed forward, before he pulled out his portable computer.

“Professor Honeycutt, I need you to open this door,” asked Don.

“I’m on it Donatello,” replied Honeycutt, as Don hooked him up to a port outside of the star ship.

“Right, we are on, all systems go, countdown already in progress, this is totally going to be sketchy,” said Chaplin frantically from inside the ship.

“No, I want that ship,” said Bishop from his perch high above, before he spoke into his wrist communicator. “Bravo team, disable the ship, don’t allow it to take off.”

“Roger that commander,” said one of the operatives as he piloted the helicopter from high above, before he pointed a rocket launcher. “Fire in the hole.”

At that moment, the door of the starship opened.

“Way to go Professor,” said Don.

“INCOMING!” yelled Mikey as a missile completely obliterated the bridge, causing Raph, Mikey, Leo, and Splinter to jump backwards, while Don just managed to propel himself.

Several more missiles whirled inside, blowing holes into the wall, but do to sheer luck, the ship wasn’t damaged or disabled.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!”

“Ignition!” yelled Chaplin as he pressed a round red button, causing the star ship rockets to ignite

Outside, Hailey, Ginny, and Harry were still engaging the Foot in combat, while Don looked at the other three Turtles and Master Splinter, who were marooned on the other side of the bridge.

“Uh guys?” prompted Don.

“We’re going to have to jump for it,” suggested Leo desperately, as they leapt off the bridge, right at the star ship, as it began to lift off into the skies above.

One more chapter and Heart of the Warrior Book VI will be completed.
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