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Chapter 45: The Shredder's Final Countdown

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Forty Five: The Shredder’s Final Countdown:

Mikey, Leo, Raph, and Splinter leapt with all their might towards the ship, just as it took off, just managing to cling onto the side of it. The star ship lifted off the ground into the air, as Don bent down, to help Splinter, Leo, Raph, and Mikey one by one, into the ship, where they collapsed momentarily from the exertion.

The final Foot Ninja thumped to the ground, as Harry looked up, as rubble began to fall, both from the combination of the ship going up and the attempt by Bishop’s cronies to stop the ship from leaving.

“Broomsticks, now, we need to get out of here before we’re buried alive!” yelled Harry and Ginny and Hailey quickly pulled out their Firebolts, with Harry doing the same before they mounted them, getting in close together, before they put up an overlapping shield charm to protect themselves and shot up as quickly as possible, without accelerating the cave in of the hole. As they went above, it was chaos, as the Commandos were running around along with the guests; the Mayor was absolutely frantic as Hailey, Ginny, and Harry touched down behind a stone wall, out of sight.

“We might have a problem,” said Hailey as she watched the star ship begin to move out of reach into the atmosphere. “The others might need our help, but I don’t think we can catch the Shredder at this rate.”

“No, not on broomsticks, they were only met to go so high,” confirmed Ginny as Harry rolled up his sleeve, to reveal a wrist band, with a small set of controls interfaced into it.

“Hailey, go contract Alexandra, the Aurors might need to clean up this mess and check for survivors,” said Harry, as he pressed a button on his wrist band and Hailey nodded, before she mounted her broomstick and flew off as quickly as she could to the American Wizarding Government Headquarters.

A moment later, Ginny looked up in awe, as the personal space cruiser that once belonged to Prime Leader Zanramon of the Triceraton Republic touched down in front of them, but it looked a bit more sturdy and equipped with a few more weapons than she had remembered.

“I see you’ve made some improvements,” remarked Ginny, as the door opened, allowing Harry and Ginny to enter the vehicle.

“Yes, I had to advance some of the features on this, just in case there was another alien invasion and there needed to be a way to defend the city,” responded Harry. “I thought about using it as a defense against Hogwarts if Voldemort should commit a full force assault, but my tests showed that it didn’t hold up too much rapid fire spell casting and protection charms were useful.”

“Must be something to do with the alien metal,” suggested Ginny and Harry nodded in agreement, as he fired up the engines, before the space cruiser lifted up into the air, and they made their way up, determined to not lose sight of their target.
The four Turtles and Master Splinter laid in the corridors, as the doors of the star ship sealed themselves shut, giving them room to breath, as oxygen was being pumped into the ship.

“Ah, that’s better,” said Mikey as the group rose to their feet.

“C’mon, let’s find the Shredder and pay our respects,” suggested Raph as he cracked his knuckles but Master Splinter shook his head.

“Wait, it’s this vessel that poses the real threat,” argued Master Splinter. “To allow the Shredder to have such mobility could put countless lives in danger.”

“The launch has blocked my ability to transmit messages, so my attempts to contact the Utroms have not been able to get through,” inputted Honeycutt.

“Continue to try Professor, we may need all the help we can get to bring the Shredder down,” responded Don.

“And if all else fails, we might have to put down the Shredder ourselves,” concluded Leo in a grim voice.

Little did they know, Chaplin watched there journey down the hallways from the security console. Quickly, he reached over and pressed a button that immediately placed him into contact with his boss.

On the other end of the ship, Karai carried Ch’rell down, as a pair of metal doors swung open, revealing a large exosuit with the Foot logo stamped on the chest plate.

“Uh, Mr. Saki, first of all let me just tell you that it’s totally wicked that you are a squishy alien blob, man that it so out there,” praised Chaplin in an excited voice as Karai placed the evil Utrom in the stomach cavity, before Chaplin paused and reluctantly continued. “Oh, and you should also know that the Turtles and Splinter, well they’ve kind of a hitched a ride.”

“WHAT THE TURTLES AND THE RAT ON BOARD MY SHIP!” thundered the Shredder, as Karai activated a switch that caused the machinery to place the gauntlets on all four of the arms of the Super Shredder exosuit and the helmet raised into the air, before placed on the very skull-like head of the exosuit. “I cannot have them meddle in my plans.”

“Exactly what are our plans?” inquired Karai curiously. “We were forced to launch prematurely, most of your equipment, your army, your Elite Foot Ninja, were all left behind on Earth.”

“Yes it is not as I had hoped but it will not stop me,” responded the Shredder. “As we speak, I have allies awaiting me on Tenilla Five and it would be simple enough to locate mercenaries that would join me in pillaging the galaxy. I will create a brand new army and with it, I will gain my revenge against the entire Utrom race!”

Back on the Space Cruiser, Harry looked across, seeing that the star ship was a bit out of reach. Slowly, he turned to Ginny.

“Ginny, do you think you could take the controls and fly this thing?” asked Harry and she nodded in agreement, as she shifted over. “I’m going to try and hack into the ship’s computers, slow that thing down so we can catch up with it.”

With that, Harry went to work, concentrating, attempting to get an exact fix on the star ship through the computers on the personal space cruiser but after a few minutes, Harry, made groaned in absolutely frustration.

“What’s wrong Harry?” asked Ginny.

“Someone’s already hacked in before me, and they’ve blocked anyone else from getting around,” responded Harry in an agitated tone. “Sure, I might bypass their work but it could take hours, maybe even days before I even begin to figure out how to get in.”

“And we may only have minutes,” summarized Ginny. “I bet it was Bishop, he seemed a bit keen on getting The Shredder’s star ship for himself.”

“If it’s Bishop, then it might be impossible to get in from here,” replied Harry. “Manually, I might be able to, but…”

“I’ll try and keep as close as we can, while you figure out something, Harry,” responded Ginny and Harry went back to work, quickly working on a way to get past what Bishop had done to the ship’s computers to take control of them himself.

In a lab slightly outside the city, Agent Bishop stood, arms folded as one of his subordinates walked up to him.

“Sir, we’ve locked onto Saki’s starship and awaiting permission to fire,” informed the subordinate.

“Fire at will,” ordered Bishop curtly and at that second, the missiles were fired.

On the star ship, Chaplin looked at the control screen in absolute horror, as he saw the missiles rapidly approaching at a steady rate.

“Uh, Mr. Saki, another wrinkle, we have multiple red fire missiles on approach,” explained Chaplin.

“WHAT?” thundered the Shredder angrily from over the radio.

“The radar shows at least twelve hostiles, but don’t worry, we have Doctor Stockman’s ingenious defense system on the job,” said Chaplin in an excited voice, as he cranked a knob to activate the shield system around the ship. A red shield appeared around the shield, before a laser blasted the missiles away from the ship one by one. As the last missile approached, the shield went off.

“That’s not supposed to happen,” said Chaplin as he was taken aback as the missile struck the side of the ship and face of Stockman appeared on the view screen.

“Nuh Uh Uh, you didn’t say ‘may I’,” taunted Stockman as Chaplin attempted to furiously bypass the system to reactivate the defense shields. “Nuh Uh Uh, you didn’t say ‘may I’.”

From the onsite base, Bishop watched the carnage on the view screen.

“Sir, there are defenses are down,” remarked one of the subordinates and Bishop turned to Stockman, who was standing in the shadows looking rather pleased with himself.

“Thank you Doctor Stockman,” replied Bishop.

“Oh believe me Agent Bishop, it was my pleasure,” retorted Stockman in a smug voice.

“Step up the attacks, blow that ship out of the sky,” responded Bishop. “If I can’t have that ship, then neither can Saki.”

Several more missiles struck the ship, as in the personal space cruiser, Ginny valiantly tried to steer the ship out of the way, as Harry continued to attempt to hack into the ship’s computers to redirect it back to Earth.

“What in the bloody hell is Bishop trying to do?” snapped Ginny angrily, as personal space cruiser just avoided being struck in the side with a missile intended for the star ship. “I thought he wanted the ship.”

“He still does I think but I don’t think it matters if it’s in one piece or not,” responded Harry as he rose to his feet. “If you want me to take the controls Ginny, I will…”

“No, I think I’m getting the hang of it Harry, besides it’s looking more and more like you might need to get on the ship and take the controls manually,” responded Ginny as she looked at Harry. ‘I’m sure you do have a plan to get on board.”

“It’s absolutely insane, but it might work,” said Harry and Ginny sighed, it was always the absolute insane plans that were the most logical. “I just need to make a quick change of clothes, try and get close as you can without getting hit.”

Ginny nodded as Harry disappeared into the back of the ship.

Back on the star ship, The Shredder and Karai walked the corridors, in search for the Turtles and Master Splinter.

“We’ve been struck multiple times, but I’m trying to get through and override the blocks manually so…” started Doctor Chaplin but he was cut off.

“Chaplin enough take care of it, where are the Turtles?” demanded the Shredder.

“They’re trying to gain access to the power core, sir,” responded Chaplin, as he watched the blips that signaled the incoming arrival, of the Turtles and Master Splinter to that location.

The doors slid open to the room with the power core, a swirling mass of blue energy that had enough power to blow up over half of the world. The Turtles and Master Splinter walked inside, taking a look around.

“I hate to say this, but impressive,” said Don in awe as he looked around.

“We can make this the emergency bridge,” suggested Mikey, before he cartoonishly pointed around. “Spock to the emergency bridge, Scotty we need more power.”

Raph, Don, Leo and Master Splinter narrowed there eyes at Mikey, before they turned away.

“Professor Honeycutt?” prompted Don.

“Just plug me into any maintenance output and I should be able to take control of this ship,” responded Honeycutt and Don quickly paced forward, before he slid the portal computer into a slot right next to the power control. “In four minutes I should have complete control of the ship.”

At that moment, the doors opened and the Shredder walked in menacingly, followed by Karai.

“We don’t have four minutes,” said Leo grimly as he took in the Shredder’s super exosuit, as he walked forward in a threatening manner, as the Turtles and Master Splinter stood in a battle stance, as they faced off against Shredder.

“Shredder,” declared Splinter in an angry voice as he withdrew the sword and dodged forward. “May my Master Yoshi’s sword take vengeance upon you today.”

The group rushed forward, with Splinter quickly swiping his sword but it bounced off the metal, causing Splinter to back off. Shredder sliced his gauntlet but Splinter dodged down and Don attempted to use his Bo Staff to stagger Shredder back, but Shredder fought that attack off.

“You’ve made a grave mistake following me here, rodent,” growled Shredder, as Mikey crouched down, before he just managed to find a small flaw in the Shredder’s armor, hooking his nunchucks around the spikes on the leg before pulling him down and allowed Raph to leap up, Sais up, but Raph bounced off, not able to touch Shredder because of the magical properties on the exosuit. He shrugged Mikey off and Leo swiped his katana at Shredder, but Shredder avoided that as well. Raph and Mikey leapt up but Karai slid into action, blocking the attacks, before Shredder reached forward and hoisted up both of the Turtles, before flinging them backwards.

Splinter sprung up, right on the shoulders of Shredder, before he swung the sword down. Shredder caught it and ripped it from Splinter’s grasp, but Splinter managed to yank off the Shredder’s helmet, revealing the skull head of the exosuit. Shredder shrugged the rat master off and attempted to cleave his head with his own sword, but Splinter blocked it expertly with the helmet, pushing the Shredder’s attack back.

More missiles struck the side of the ship, causing everyone to stagger backwards, Raph lost his balance and flew over the rail, leading the engines of the ship but managed to jam his Sais into the wall to stop his descent. Don also staggered over the rail but Mikey quickly leapt into action and wrapped his nunchucks around Don’s Bo Staff, before he pulled him up as more missiles struck the ship, causing several cables to fall into the battle area, electrical sparks flying every direction. Mikey and Don pulled themselves up as Leo was down right by Shredder. Don placed his Bo Staff underneath two of the cables, before hoisting them up, Mikey carefully grabbing the other, before they charged the Shredder.

“Hey, Shredder!” yelled Mikey and Shredder turned around, as they charged Shredder with the cables, but they weren’t quick enough, as Shredder effortlessly smacked them away, before he grabbed the cables, before he lifted them up and advanced on Mikey with them, sparks flying every direction.

“Michelangelo, move!” shouted Splinter, as he swerved to the side, knocking Mikey out of the way, and Shredder stuck the cables into the chest of Splinter. Splinter went into convulsions as electricity filled his body, as he dropped to his knees, smoke rising from his burnt fur.

“Master Splinter,” muttered Leo as he rushed to the side, but Karai blocked Leo’s attack with her sword. The two swords clung together, as the two warriors battled, as Splinter dropped to the ground, the electricity being shorted out prematurely due to the magical properties of the metal of the exosuit.

“My Master was leaving, you should have let him go!” yelled Karai angrily, as she clashed her sword against Leo, backing him off, but another explosion caused Karai to fly backwards over the rail, her weapon dropping to the abyss below.

Leo rushed forward, fueled by his sense of honor, and grabbed Karai’s arm, preventing her from plummeting to her doom.

“Thank you Leonardo, you are too kind,” responded Karai, before she kicked Leo in the stomach, as she removed his other katana from the sheath on his back and leapt up, but Leo blocked her attack. “Much too kind.”

Karai leapt up and swung the katana, but Leo blocked the attack. The swords clung together and Leo leapt up but Karai leapt as well, losing her balance slightly, dropping to her hands and knees, before she slowly pulled herself up, katana extended.

At that pointed, Shredder rushed forward and caught Leo right in the back with knee, causing him to fly forward and ram stomach first into the extended katana held by Karai. Karai’s eyes widened as Leo fell to the ground, as she slowly pulled the katana out. Blood splashed to the ground from the katana.

“Leo, no!” shouted Raph in a horrified voice, as his hands shook in anger, before he turned to Karai. “KARAI!”

Raph rushed forward and viciously punched Karai in the face. Karai flew backwards and landed on the ground with a thud. Raph sprung up as Karai pulled herself to a standing position, before he kicked her full force right in the face, sending her flying backwards! Raph leapt up, the points of his Sais extended downwards, but the Shredder stepped in front of Raph. Raph attempted to stab the Utrom in the stomach cavity, but Shredder blocked it before he hoisted Raph up. He held Raph up in the air for about ten seconds before he brought Raph down ribs first onto both of the exosuit’s legs. A loud crack echoed throughout the ship as Raph slumped to the ground and Shredder gave Raph one more solid kick right to his side, before Raph completely collapsed, blood dripping from his mouth, as he laid stomach first on the floor of the power core room.

Mikey and Don looked at each other, dumbstruck with absolute horror, they were the only two left against the Shredder, in his extremely powerful exosuit. With a determined and quite serious look on his face, Mikey leapt up and attempted to crack Shredder with his weapon. Shredder easily deflected the attack by Mikey, before Mikey staggered to the ground. Viciously, Shredder kicked Mikey in the right leg. A loud crack was heard as Mikey screamed out in pain and Shredder showed no remorse, as he kicked Mikey right in the left leg. Another crack and Mikey dropped to the ground, without a leg to stand up, before Shedder viciously stomped his shell.

It was happening all over again, only sooner and Don realized that as he leapt up and managed to smash his Bo Staff off of Shredder. Shredder stood, the attack having little effect as Don aimed his fist right at the stomach cavity but Shredder blocked it. Don looked up at Shredder with a helpless look, as there was no Turtle Tunneler drill to bail him out this time. One of the Shredder’s arms lifted up and struck Don right in the back of the neck with a blunt blow. Don dropped to the ground as the Shredder laughed in triumph, in full realization that the Turtles and Splinter had given their best, but had failed to stop him!

On the personal space cruiser, Harry walked into view, dressed in body armor from head to toe, with the Wind Storm racing broom underneath his arm.

“Wow,” said Ginny as she looked at Harry.

“Indeed, I started working on this in what little free time I had during breaks after the Triceraton invasion, a little bit of a side project, a hobby of sorts,” explained Harry. “The armor isn’t ordinary, as it runs completely off of my magic and should be more then enough to combat the Shredder’s exosuit.”

“Well it looks nice Harry,” said Ginny, as she grabbed Harry’s hand. “I’m sorry; this is as close as I can get it…”

“That’s why I have the Wind Storm with me, it should be able to get me there even in space,” responded Harry and Ginny leaned forward, before she quickly kissed Harry.

“Good luck Harry, and promise me you’ll come back in one piece,” said Ginny as they broke apart.

“I’ll try,” said Harry, as he tapped his wand and a bubble headed charm appeared around his head but he stopped. “The missiles have stopped, we must be out of range.”

“Good, then that’ll be one last thing you’ll have to worry about,” said Ginny who breathed a sigh of relief but Harry frowned.

“Bye Ginny, I have to leave, and if anything happens, remember I love you,” responded Harry, as he entered the escape pods.

“Love you too Harry,” responded Ginny as she watched Harry leave, confident that he would make it out alright but worried all the same.

Chaplin looked gleeful as he saw that they had escaped the missiles.

“Yes we are out of range, woo, we’ve made it!” cheered Chaplin in an excited voice, as he prepared to steer the ship completely back on course.

“Five seconds until I completely have control of the ship,” declared Honeycutt.

“Meddlesome machine!” growled the Shredder as he sliced Honeycutt from the console forcefully. The computer dropped to the floor, shattering into hundreds of tiny pieces. “Now to finish…”

“Master Saki, we might have a problem!” yelled Chaplin. “Harry Potter, the wizard guy, he’s on the ship, he’s…”

The transmission went dead, as a loud sound echoed, signifying that Chaplin had thumped to the ground, as Harry stepped into the control room.

“Nuh uh uh, you didn’t say may I, nuh uh…” stated Stockman, before Harry calmly turned the volume to mute, before he started to get to work, with one eye on the door, knowing that the Shredder was most likely on his way.

Harry wasn’t disappointed, as the door was wrenched open as he saw the Shredder and Karai standing there.

“Merlin’s beard,” voiced Harry as he saw the Shredder’s super sized exosuit standing in the doorway.

“So Potter, the others have fallen, you think you can stop me,” growled the Shredder as he stepped forward to engage Harry but a net shot out of midair, wrapping Karai up.

“One on one Shredder, if you think you can catch me in that large clunky armor,” responded Harry as he dodged as the Shredder charged in before he made his way out into the hallway. Shredder spun around, and advanced on Harry and attempted to ram his gauntlets at him, but one of the Shredder’s spikes rammed into the wall as Harry avoided his attack, Shredder angrily wrenched the spike out of the wall. “Once I pry you out of that armor Potter, I’ll destroy you.”

Harry dodged another shot but the next time, he was not as luck, as he was sent spiraling to the ground as Shredder cracked him. His armor was geared to fight the normal Shredder exosuit, but this Super Shredder exosuit was a bit more than Harry had planned on. Shredder raised his gauntlets and sliced right at the armor. Harry staggered back, the armor managing to be durable enough to sustain most of the damage, but a small scratch appeared, as Harry came to the realization that his armor would be put the test.

In the lab, Bishop stood, his arms folded calmly, as one of his subordinates had filled him in on the latest news on the star ship.

“Saki’s ship has moved out of terrestrial launch range, but we now have satellite control,” explained the subordinate. “We are now bringing the weapon online.”

“Fire at will,” ordered Bishop curtly.

Harry leapt out of the way, one of the plates on his armor was becoming dangerously close to being loosened by the Shredder’s constant battery on it. The one weakness Harry noticed and it was a small one, is because the exosuit was clunky because of its sheer size. Harry tried to keep moving but the Shredder’s sheer determination to murder Harry had caused the slight advantage to become even slighter.

In the room with the power core, the Turtles and Splinter were all in tremendous pain from the Shredder’s assault, but still alive, even just barely.

“Oh man, my everything hurts,” groaned Mikey in agony.

“If the Shredder comes back, he’ll finish us for sure,” muttered Leo in a weak voice. “How’s Master Splinter?”

“My sons, I am sorry,” breathed Splinter, as his fur was completely fried to a crisp from the electrocution and if the magical properties of the exosuit hadn’t shorted out the power in the cables, the unfortunate might have happened to Master Splinter.

“No, sensei, it’s our fault, we didn’t stop him in time, we’ve failed,” replied Leo in a saddened voice. “We’ve failed the Utroms, Master Yoshi, the entire universe, and most importantly, we’ve all failed you.”

“So that’s it, Shredder wins,” said Raph in a dismal voice but Don shook his head.

“Not yet, Harry’s aboard, Harry can still stop him,” responded Don in a hopeful voice.

“You know if Harry can’t beat the Shredder…” said Mikey before he trailed off.

“I know,” responded Leo grimly.

“Harry has to beat him,” inputted Don.

“He’d better,” concluded Raph.

“I have the utmost confidence in Harry, even though this may be perhaps his biggest test to date, but in the end, his abilities and training in ninjitsu, along with his training as a wizard may pull him through,” said Master Splinter in a confident voice.

Harry was smashed into the wall, as a small part of his armor cracked, as Shredder threw him across the hallway. Shredder advanced on him but a large explosion had impacted the side of the ship, causing Shredder to stagger backwards. This gave Harry the advantage he needed, as a large version of his favored weapon materialized in mid air, made of solid magic and Harry leapt up. Shredder yelled in shock as the construct sliced into the chest plate in the exosuit and placed a huge dent into it.

“What is this?” demanded the Shredder, but Harry slid forward, and sliced at the elbow joint of arms. The arm broke off and dropped right to the ground. “Lord Voldemort assured me, that the metal would make the suit impervious…”

“Shredder, the magical properties of the magic may be resistant to Muggle assaults!” yelled Harry as he leapt up and impacted the pure magic blade right into the head on top of the exosuit. The head sliced off and fell to the ground, as Shredder attempted to smack Harry back with the gauntlet of one of the arms, but Harry blocked it, the weapon burning into the blade. “However, magic is more than fair game and too much magic contained in the metal causes an overcharge, causing most of the magical properties to fade.”

The gauntlet was burnt mostly off as Harry leapt up and swung his arm like a windmill. The sword drilled right into the chest plate of the exosuit. A large hole burned right into the armor as Shredder staggered back.

Unfortunately, before Harry could do any further damage, a large missile struck the side of the ship, causing it to flip in mid air and Harry landed to the ground, losing his concentration. Shredder leapt forward and ripped violently at Harry’s armor. Several pieces were cracked off, depriving Harry of most of the top half of the armor, only his right arm covered with the metal and Shredder raised his intact gauntlet, preparing to finish off Harry Potter once and for all.

Before the final blow could be dealt, a large missile impacted the side of the ship and a large hole blew through the ship. The force of which caused Shredder to fly back into the wall, and Harry pulled himself up, having the presence of mind to put a magical shield up over the hole before everything was sucked into the vacuum of space.

“Potter, this isn’t over!” yelled Shredder as he pulled himself to his feet, but the legs of his exosuit cracked, and the majority of the suit crumbled to pieces. The evil Utrom landed to the ground as Harry looked down, hatred blaring in his eyes.

“You’ll find that it is, Shredder,” responded Harry as pure magic double-edged sword construct appeared and Harry lifted his arm high into the air, before the construct impaled the Utrom, burning a hole right through the top of Ch’rell.

Ch’rell alias Oroku Saki and the Shredder was finally dead and Harry dropped to his knees, breathing a sigh of relief, the long six year battle against the Foot appeared to be over.

Harry walked over and he levitated the remains of the Shredder into the air, there would be no resurrection this time, before he walked down the ship corridors and picked up the contained forms of Karai and Chaplin, before he quickly made his way to the power core room quickly, to see the fallen forms of his brothers and Master Splinter. As he stepped over, he sighed in relief, as they were still alive, even though in dire need of medical attention.

“Harry, is that…” stated Leo and Harry nodded his head but at that moment, a large rocket connected with the ship and sparks began to fly from the power core.

“That last hit just disrupted the power core, it could blow at any second!” yelled Don and Harry’s eyes widened, as he waved his wand, containing Leo, Don, Mikey, Raph, and Master Splinter, along with the already contained Karai and Chaplin, in addition to the remains of the Shredder, before he mounted his Wind Storm and flew out, with the group contained in a hybrid of a shield and levitation charm, that took every bit of Harry’s energy.

“Ginny, I really hope you’re with us,” muttered Harry as they flew out of the ship, just as the power core reached critical mass.

“Ship destroyed sir,” informed one of Bishop’s subordinates, as he looked at the screen. “Scanning the wreckage, no survivors sure.”

“The Shredder dead,” remarked Stockman in a gleeful voice. “It’s too good to be true, for once in my life, I am speechless.”

“You’ve been very useful Stockman,” concluded Bishop. “I have a feeling this could be a start of a mutually beneficial partnership.”

The next day, Leo, Raph, Mikey, Don, and Master Splinter were in one of the many bedrooms of the Potter Residence, resting up from their injuries. Lily had done the best she could to patch them up, but with their unique mutated cell structure and the extent of the injuries, there could only be so much that even magic could do, so they resolved themselves to begin a slow, long healing process to the road of recovery.

The door opened as Harry and Ginny entered the room.

“We’ve just stopped by to see how you five are holding up after what had happened,” informed Ginny.

“Well I can’t say we’ve had worst, but we’ll pull through” remarked Mikey, as he winced, being laid up with two broken legs was not a pleasant experience to say the least.

“Karai and Chaplin have been handed over the Muggle authorities,” inputted Harry. “As for the Shredder or his remains rather, they’ve been placed in a crypt underneath this house, placed underneath the Fidelius Charm.”

“So it’s over then, no more Shredder,” concluded Raph, as despite their injuries, the day looked a bit brighter as they had one less thing to deal about.

“Yes, at last my Master Yoshi’s spirit can finally rest in peace,” concluded Splinter. “The Shredder is finished.”

And Now Heart of the Warrior Book VI is Done, as Heart of the Warrior Book VII is in production as you read this.
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