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A surprise Visitor

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**sorry such a short update, I hope to have another one up really soon and thanks for the reviews! they are love :) and keeps me updating lolz

Chapter 10

Frank’s POV

The tension after that fight lasted a couple of days, it finally faded as we all got ready for her cousin to come and stay with us. I don’t know if it really got better or she just shut down cause she can’t stand her cousin. We had all been sleeping separately and it was making Gerard even more upset I think. I was wiping down the table, Drew was doing the dishes and then Gerard putting them away. I must admit these past couple of days shut off to myself got me thinking. What I had come to realize scared me. I had always known somewhere in me that I had lied to Drew that night.

When I told her that I didn’t love her like I should. I loved her with ever inch of my being but I also knew that she loves Gerard more and if this is the only way to be with her then, plus Gerard is a little bonus. Don’t get me wrong I do care for Gerard as a boyfriend but my heart, my whole heart belongs to her. I looked over at her then at Gerard. He caught my gaze and smiled back. I tossed my rag in the sink just as Drew was finishing up the dishes and drying her hands. Gerard smiled again and approached her. He had tried this countless times in the past couple of days but usually she would shut him down. He leaned over and whispered another I’m sorry in her ear the kissed her on the cheek. I could see that she smiled.

“You’re forgiven. “ She whispered back and kissed him. I watched him get lost in the kiss, and I had to admit I was feeling a little left out. She must have read my mind again, and pulled away from his kiss, then kissed me. We where interrupted by a knock on the door. We broke a part and I walked to the front door and opened it. Drew was walking into the living room let out a small scream and come running past me and tackled our guest. I stepped aside to let them I didn’t recognize him at first. The last time I saw him he had short hair and was like 300 lbs.

“Bob, what are you doing here?” Drew smiled as she pulled away from here.

“Well you have been begging me to come here forever so…” He smiled shyly back.

“Oh let me introduce you to my guys….you remember Frank.” she smiled and pointed at me. I took out my hand and he pulled me into a hug.

“Yeah I remember you, wow I think you have actually gown like a inch or two.” He We both chuckled.

“Yeah, well you look different too.” I started.

“Yeah you look great Bob, I love your hair by the way.” she playfully messed it up and he smiled. She is the only one that I have ever seen him let that close to him. Well it was his baby cousin.

“Gerard baby, come here.” She called. I watched Gerard walk in from the kitchen with a funny look on his face.

“Bob, this is my other boyfriend Gerard.” He greeted Gerard with a small shake and a hug.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you told Bob, not that it matters but you could have let us know.” I smiled at her taking a seat in the chair as her and Bob sat on the couch. Gee leaned up against the arm closest to her.

“Of course I would tell him, he is the only one I can trust that would understand and be cool with it. I had to tell Liz just because she was here.” Drew grumbled.

“Oh yeah I remember you telling me about that, how is Elizabeth doing?” Bob asked sarcastically.

“You know her always bragging to me about how great her job is in LA and that she gets to travel a lot, as a matter of fact she is coming next month to stay for a while.” Drew whined. We all sat there catching up with Bob for about a couple of hours. After several begs from all three of us, Bob agreed to sleep on the couch tonight. It was good to see Bob and I know that he will help Drew with the stress of have Liz come and stay. When I woke up the next mourning, and made my way to the kitchen. I could her Drew singing along with a Fall Out Boy song, as I passed the bathroom door. I couldn’t help but smile.
I walked into the kitchen to find Gerard and Bob talking over coffee. I poured myself a cup and sat down.

“Drew beat you to the shower.” Gerard smiled.

“ I know I heard.” I grinned along with Gerard and Bob.

“She still sings in the shower huh. You should here her version of that song Bitch by Meredith Brooks.” Bob chuckled.

“Yeah well she does a good job of Manson’s The Nobodies’ “ Gerard added.

“Well right now she is singing along with Get busy living.” I smiled. They laughed. It was quiet for a moment after that.

“Before she gets out I just want to say that you two can relax I am really okay with your relationship, although just know that if either one of you hurt her I will hunt you down.” Bob smiled. Gerard and I both chuckled.

“What’s so funny? ”Drew asked as she walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to find something to eat. She pulled out a pizza box from the night before last and grabbed a couple pieces and threw it on to a plate then popped it in the microwave.

“When will you ever learn, the meaning of a healthily complete breakfast?” Bob asked shaking his head.

“What its complete, it has Pineapple which is fruit, ham which is meat, tomato sauce for the veggies, and then bread. How could you get anymore complete.” She asked taking it out of the microwave and joining us at the table. I couldn’t help but laugh, damn she was cute just cause she was and for the fact that she was serious about every thing she just said. She pulled up a stool between me and Gee and started to eat. After Breakfast we decided to show Bob around the town. Then by a mysterious coincidence we ran into Tristen and the other girls at the grocery store. I was fighting over cereal to get with Drew, Gerard and Bob where talking about something when Hope tackled Drew and I.

“Hey, guys how’s it going?” Erica chanted in our ears.

“Fine and you?” Drew smiled as I helped her up from the floor. The rest of the group slowly walked their way up the aisle.

“Bob I would like to introduce you to my friends. This is Erica, Erica’s man Ray, Hope, Mikey who is Gee’s brother and property of Hope, and this is Tristen.” Drew introduced them.

“Good to see you made sure that the guys belonged to the girls. Baby.” Gerard laughed and pecked her on the cheek.

“Well its true I mean we all know who is the boss of who.” She winked.

“So then who owns who in your situation?” Ray asked with a smirk. Drew grinned evilly

“Are you kidding I am the boss and these two are my bitches.” Drew said proudly. Everyone laughed.

“I makes it even funnier cause it true.” I added.
We all spent the afternoon together. Bob and Tristen seemed to be hitting it off really well.
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