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Chapter 11
Drew’s POV

It was the dreaded day that Liz would be arriving, and I had to admit that I have been rather bitchy to the guys all day. I think they understand though, the cramps are not helping either. Perfect time for the curse to arrive this month. I was even growing more mad at the fact that she could be interested in Gerard. I was standing in the bathroom finishing up on my make up. The one thing I had to look forward from her visit would be a free awesome hair cut if I wanted one or a dye. I opened the cabinet looking for something to relive the cramping but there was nothing in there. I walked into the living room and dug into my bag.

“Frankie…” I called.


“I need the aspirin do you know where it is?” I heard some foot steps coming down the hall. It was Gerard. He smiled and tossed the bottle to me.

“Oh Thank you!” I sighed and went into the kitchen.



“Ahhh that explains the release of the bitch then.” He smiled.

“That’s not funny, let me punch you in the side so you can somewhat feel the pain.” I whined.

“Come on honey it can’t be that bad.” He smiled and tried to hug me.

“Fuck off….way.” I walked down the hall to the bedroom to find my shoes. Frank stepped out of the bathroom and walked right in to me.

“Fuck…Iero watch were you are going.” I shouted.

“Sorry baby, damn she is mad using just last names.” He smiled. I grumbled as I passed him. I heard him ask Gerard what my problem was. I found my shoes then joined the guys again. They looked at me like they were pray about to be pounced on.

“Guys I am sorry, I am in pain, I have to wear my fat pants this week while “she” is here and I am hungry.”

“That’s okay, I didn’t mean to be a jerk. But not that this is really any of my….but aren’t you early?” Gerard gave me a funny look. Wow I had no idea that he kept up with it.

“Um yeah, I switched birth control and this one is like changing my cycle I guess you could say.”

“Isn’t that something you should have ran by us I mean…” Frank started.

“Sorry, I didn’t really think that it would matter to you guys, just as long as I was on something, but yeah I needed to switch I always forgot that stupid pill.” I replied as I put my jacket on.

“What?” They both squeaked at the same time. I giggled a little at the looks on their faces.

“Yeah, but don’t worry, I had to take a test before I switched everything is okay, no little Iero or Way Jrs. Are going to be around anytime soon.” I smiled as I opened the door and waited for them to join me.

“Just a question, how would that work, I mean if you did get pregnant would we just wait to see who he looks like or what?” Gerard asked thoughtfully.

“Woah…..let’s not get ahead of ourselves there baby okay.” I laughed. Frank looked at both of us then smiled.
We road to the airport in silence. I gave them both a kiss before we climbed out of the car to walk to the building.
They both smiled and both put there arms around me as we walked. We waited for Liz, and she come running and smiling, fake one most likely I thought to myself. She hugged us all and then we all piled into the car to go get some lunch. She beat me to the shotgun seat so I was now sitting in the back with Frank not that that was a bad thing it was she was up there with Gee. Frank slid closer to me.

“I know what you are thinking, and don’t worry Gerard loves us he wouldn’t do that to us.” He whispered in my ear. I smiled and kissed him. I saw Gerard’s expression in the rearview mirror. I gave him a quick smile as to say I love you too. I had calmed down more after I actually got food. Although I had to hear Liz go on about why I should be watching what I was eating. Of course she wouldn’t say this in front of the guys, thank God. Frankie had to step out side to use the phone, someone from his band was calling and Gerard was in the bathroom. I just smiled and nodded along.

“So how is the whole threesome thing working out?” She gave me a funny grin.

“Fine really we all couldn’t be happier.”

“I sure hope you would be happy, you have two men at the tip of your fingers, if your not happy with that then damn.” She laughed. I let out a slow sigh. Gerard came back to the table and smiled.

“So what are our plans for tonight then?” Liz asked eyeing Gerard. I shifted in my seat. This was going to be a long ass couple of days. Frankie came back just as Gerard was about to explain our plans.

“Well, we are all going to go see the new Harry Potter movie..” I smiled and explained excitedly. Yes I am a dork getting excited over this but It HP. Liz giggled a little.

“Drew Ann aren’t you a little old for that?”

“I am actually looking forward to it as much as her, most of us are.” Frankie added with a smirk. Thank you baby I smiled back at him.

“Right we have even managed to get Erica looking forward to it, she wasn’t really into it before but now.”

“Erica…That’s your friend with the long brown hair…the one with the guy that has a fro right.”

“Yeah that’s Ray. But yeah them two, Mikey and Hope and Tirsten and Bob came back to visit this week end he is thinking about moving here actually.” I smiled.

“Really I haven’t seen him in a while this might be fun after all.” She smirked.

We now walking out of the movie theater. I was talking with Gerard and Frank who where on either side of me, when from out of nowhere Liz has come up and in between Gerard and I. I held back a little to see Gerard’s reaction. Frankie waited to we both watched them then looked at each other.

“Am I just being a normal girl, or do you see it to?” I asked Frankie in a low voice.

“I see it too, how are we going to talk to him about it since she will be there?”

“I don’t know maybe she will want to go out herself tomorrow, or something I will talk to Erica.” I winked and he nodded. I glanced back at Bob and Tristen who were actually stealing a kiss in the dark theater hallway. I smiled and nudged Frankie, he giggled, then took my hand and followed Ray and Erica out into the night air. We all stood around our cars for a bit talking before we decided to all meet at a restaurant for a late dinner. In the car on the way to the place, Liz is up front again, I am trying to get upset reading to much into things. I mean he is my boyfriend and he is just trying to get along with my family. He did it to Bob too. Frankie and I were in the back seat discussing the movie. We got there just as Erica and Ray arrived. They were arguing over who initiates the sex more.
The four of us were laughing at them, I had to admit it was cute how they had been together for awhile but still flirt.

“Its always you, baby you can not resist this!” Ray smiled as he shook his ass. Frankie and I burst out in laughter after that.

“What you don’t think I have a nice ass?” Ray called as the rest of the gang arrived.

“Wait I never really looked turn around.” I giggled as Ray strutted away from me.

“Its cute there is a little to grab but, its not as grabable as Gerard’s.” I smiled.

“What, I am crushed. Erica she doesn’t like my ass.” He whined as we walked up to the door.

“Hey at least you have an ass unlike the other Way brother.” Erica added.

“Hey leave my man alone, its not his fault his brother hogged all of the ass genes, but he did get a nice pair of thighs. “Hope replied with a wink.

“Thanks baby” Mikey smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek with a smirk. Frankie and I laughed . Both of us glanced back at Gerard and Liz who were still in a deep conversation about who knows what, I didn’t think that they had that much in common. Frank and I looked at each other.

“I know what your thinking, baby and you know Gee wouldn’t…” Frank smiled and put his arm around my shoulders.

“Well, it just seems funny now you know with the fight and all him getting jealous of us and now he is…..”

“He was just upset that night.” Frank replied as we followed our group to a table. Frank and I sat down across from Erica and Ray, Gee was on the other side of me and across from his brother. Elizabeth was on Gerard’s other side, across from Hope. And then the two know love birds where whispering among themselves at the other end. Gerard was paying a little more attention to Frank and I now. I don’t know if its cause he noticed the looks I keep giving him or how close Frank and I where.

“Frankie can I talk to you for a moment please.” Gerard whispered across me. I looked him puzzled.

“Just guy stuff baby don’t worry.” He smiled and kissed me then got up and followed Frank towards the bathrooms. I started a conversation with Mikey about the movie while they where gone. Liz was talking to Hope about hair and some of her clients.
The guys came back a couple of minutes later. Gerard joined in on the conversation with the movie, Frankie started talking to Ray about guitars. About an hour and a half later we said our good byes and the four of us rode silence back home. Frank was letting her use his room so he was sleeping on the couch. I brought him some blankets and a pillow. Gerard was in the shower and Liz was in the room reading.

“What did Gerard have to talk to you about?” I asked him as he stripped down to his boxers.

“He wanted to know what was up with you?”

“He couldn’t ask me his self?” I looked up at him.

“You know how you would have reacted, we both know you to well Drew.” he gave me a
cute grin and leaned down for a kiss.

“He also said how much it sucked that you were you know…. Because you look so hot tonight, and I completely agree with him.” He growled and kissed me again. I stood up and wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands went around my waist then down to my butt. We pulled away knowing what it would lead to and stop it while we could. I went into the kitchen to get something to drink when I heard Gerard come out of the bathroom. He joined Frankie and me in the kitchen, just wearing a towel. I stared at him for a moment taking every inch if his wet skin in.

“Damn you Gerard….” I whined and got up and walked out back into the living room then down the hall into the bedroom. Frankie and Gee both came in several minutes later, flushed.

“Have fun?” I smirked and climbed into bed. Then giggled Frankie walked around and kissed me good night then Gerard and walked out.

“What did I miss?” I gave him a grin as he rolled over to turn out his lamp.

“Nothing” He giggled again. I laughed and the snuggled up to him and went to sleep.
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