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Chapter 29

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Pete tells ryan

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Pete awoke the next morning and strolled into the livingroom. He found Patrick and Ryan sitting on the couch drinking hot cocoa, talking about music and other interesting things. They noticed his presents and Patrick picked up his drink from the coffee table. He gave Pete a funny stare, and shifted his head towards the kitchen.

"Pete, lemme talk to you for a sec." Pete nodded and followed Patrick into the kitchen.

"Your gonna need to think of some way of answering all of his quesitons. He's got plenty of them. He's already asked me about the Dandies, and last night he noticed a wooden stake on the kitchen table and he asked me about that. Are you gonna tell him the truth?" Patrick asked, taking a sip of his Cocoa.

Pete shrugged. "I guess I have to. But, if he freaks out and runs for the door, theres nothing I can do about it."

Patrick nodded in approval and sat down at the kitchen table to read the newspaper.

Pete, although dreading the upccoming aquward situation, walked into the livingroom and took a seat next to his new aquaintance. He took a deep breath and started conversation.

"So, how do you feel today?" He asked, starting the conversation simple.

Ryan nodded. "About last night...There was one thing I didn't remember until i started drifting off to sleep. I remember that you were there. You saved me."

Pete's cheeks turned red. "I guess. It's not a huge deal. Anyone would have done the same."

"No. No they wouldn't. If it wern't for you, my parents would be planning my funeral right now."

Pete shrugged. "Anytime. That just means you owe me. I'll let you know if theirs anything I can't reach."

Ryan laughed. "Yeah alright. So..Straight to the point. Who were those guys? I mean, they wern't your average dudes. I mean, they had the fasion style of my great, great, great, great, great-"

"Grandfather?" Pete interupted.

"Yeah." Ryan continued.

"And I swear. That wasn't the only weird thing about them. I mean, you were there. You saw right? You saw their fangs? Please say you did so I know im not crazy."

"Yeah. Yeah I did." Pete confessed.

"I mean, I never thought I would actually wonder..But have you ever wondered if their were such things as vampires?"

Pete gulped. He listened as Ryan continued.

"Like, actual vampires. Like maybe they actually do exist. Maybe everything I thought as a kid was actually true." Ryan explained.

Pete took a deep breath and replied.

"Would you freak if I told you, you were right? Or that maybe, your talking to one of them right now?" He held his breath.

Ryan starred. "Do you mean, it's true? And..Wait a second! Are you seriously a vampire?! Are you shiting me?"

Pete could see he was freaking out a little bit.

"Yes. I'm a vampire. As real as they come. See?" He showed his fangs for a breif moment.

Ryan was quiet for a long, long time after that.

"Then...How come you havn't sucked my blood, or whatever? Or turned me into a vampire?"

Pete sighed. He hated how vampires were generalized by the public. Blood thirsty demons with no souls. Was the world really that stupid? Apparently.

"Not all vamps are evil. It's all a matter of choise. I would be lying if i said I didn't crave blood once and awhile...But I have things for that. That keep me...In control."

Ryan managed a slight nod then asked, "So the dudes last night who attacked me, were vampires?"

Pete nodded. "Yeah, pretty much. And as you already know, their not the friendliest. It's best if you avoid them."

"What would they have done to me? If you hadn't come to the rescue, I mean." Ryan asked.

"It depends." Pete replied.

"They probabley would have brought you back to Beckett."

"Beckett?" Ryan was puzzled.

"Oh! Sorry. Beckett is the vampire leader, i soppose. William Beckett. He's the one who..." Pete stopped.

Ryan tiled his head. He knew their was something Pete wasn't telling him.

"Who what? What did he do?"

Pete turned his head away and starred down towards the floor. "He's the reason I am what I am. He turned me."

"Oh." Ryan mumbled.

"Yeah. So, um, he probabley would have wanted to do the same to you, or something similar. Maybe he just would have killed you..I don't know, honestly. At least you'll never get the chance to find out." He smiled breifly.

"Yeah, your right. Thank god. But, you don't think they'd try to hunt me down, do you? Find where I lived?"

Pete looked at Ryan and remembered what happened to his family, because of that exact thought.

"They could. It is possible, most deffinately."

"Well? What should I do?" Ryan implied. He hoped Pete would have some idea what to do, because he deffinately didn't.

"Hmm..I think the only chance you have now is stickin' with us. Stay here, live with us. At least for now, until we kill those son of a bitches. And you can help us, too. Of corse, your gonna need some training..I don't know how well you could handle yourself in a fighting situation.."

Ryan giggled. "Yeah, you've already seen how horrible I am with self defence. I could use a little Karate one oh one."

"Karate?" Pete laughed.

"You've got alot to learn, dude. A whole lot."

Patrick waltzed into the room, along with Andy and Joe.

"Does he know?" Patrick inquired.

Pete nodded. "Yeah. He knows. I'm suprised he hasn't leaped through a window yet."

"So whats up? He stayin' with us?" Joe asked, looking not to thrilled about the idea.

"Yeah. I'm staying." Ryan answered for himself.

"If you don't mind that is..."

"No. Of corse not. We'd be happy to have someone else around." Patrick said happily.

"Alright. So it's set. Wanna be my roomy?" Andy asked.

Ryan laughed. "Sure thing. It'll be just like those good old times at college. Except without the naked pool parties."

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