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Chapter 27

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The next morning Pete woke up bright and early. Turning over he realize Patrick had not been there like he usually had been in the morning. He decided to get up, get dressed and go to find where everyone was.
He walked out into the livingroom and saw no one. He took a moment to listen. It was then he heard talking coming from the kitchen. Relieved that he wasn't alone, he walked into the kitchen and was greeted by his friends.

"Morning." He nodded and sat down on the kitchen table.

Joe and Andy stopped their conversation and turned to look at Pete. "What are you doing today?" Andy asked, while Pete slipped on his shoes.

"Shopping." Was his reply.

"Shopping for what?" Patrick questioned.

Pete smiled and shook his head. "Nothing you can know about. This is a christmas shopping day, which means NONE of you can come."

"You havn't bought gifts for anyone of us yet?" Joe asked in a lisp.

"I know...I'm behind. Having time to fight vampires and save the world all at the same time, makes it hard for me to find time to go out. So please excuse me if I havn't been shopping yet."

Patrick nodded. "So...I can't go with you? At all?"

Pete paused and thought for a moment. "I'm gonna have to say no. Any other time, Trick. Just not today."

Patrick made a pouty face and sniffling noises. "Ok..Thats fine.." He wiped a fake tear from his eye and crossed his arms.

"Sorry buddie. That doesn't work on me anymore. I'm immune." Pete giggled and grabbed his hoodie from the back of the chair.

For him going out in the day time didn't bother him like he had intended it to. In fact, he could stay out in the sun for much longer after he had his blend. Which, made everything easier for him and everyone else.

"Here ya go." Patrick handed him the glass full to the brim with the thick red liquid.

Pete grabbed the glass and downed the substance. What once used to be disscusting, was now quite tasty.

"Alright. I'm out. Call if you guys need anything. I'm keeping my cell on."

"Bye, dude!" Joe yelled out the door.

"Sienara buckaroo's!" With that, Pete left the house, climbed into his car and drove down the road.

It didn't take long for him to reach the mall, and skipped happily out of his car and through the parking lot. It had been awhile since he had been away by himself, but he didn't really think anything of it. Although, he did imagine he would have alot more fun if Patrick had come along with him.

He entered the large building with a huge smile on his face. He was ready to shop. He skipped through the building until he reached the glorious toy store. KB Toys, to be exact. Sure, he could always go for a toy now and then, but this time it wasn't about him. He knew all too well that the only person that enjoyed shopping at KB Toys more than him and every other ten year old on this planet, was Joe.

He strolled over to the wall and starred at the action figures.

"Dora the Explorer...No...Transformers...For me? Yes. For Joe, no..." He pondered the thought of buying himself some toys, but stopped when he realized he only had enough money for his friends.

Finally, after looking for quite sometime, mostly at the Transformers, he spotted a glass case further up the wall. He couldn't quite see what was in it, so he took a few steps back.

"Booyah.." He mumbled.

There, on the very top shelf, we're a large amount of Starwars action figures. They had a Hawn Solo, a Princess Laya, a Luke Skywalker, a Yoda, and many others.

Now knowing what he wanted, he took a few steps closer and reached for the toys. Sadly, he was too short. Realizing this, he sighed, and began jumping up and down to maybe, just maybe be able to grab one of them.

"Damn it." He would need some assistance. He looked over to the counter and saw a taller boy, around his age, standing there looking bored. Pete Wentz to the rescue. He would find something for him to do now.

"Excuse me?" Pete looked at the name tag.


The kid looked up from his magazine and starred. "How'd you know my name?" He sounded alarmed.

"It's on your shirt." Pete giggled and pointed to the small piece of paper clipped to the boys shirt.

"Oh..Haha, yeah ok. May I help you?"

"Yeah, uh..Can you reach something for me?" Pete's cheeks turned a light shade of red.

The boy laughed. "Yeah, what do ya need?"

Pete turned around and pointed to the opposite wall to where the toys were.

"Starwars action figures." He replied.

"Lemme guess. Shopping for your little brother?" Ryan guessed.

"No. More like my grown-up friend. He has a fettish..I don't know." Pete shook his head and sighed.

"Ah, i gotcha." The boy walked out from behind the counter and over to the wall. Pete followed close behind and watched as the boy lifted the action figures from the shelf.

"Here ya go." He turned around and handed them to Pete.

"I can take you at the counter if your done shopping."

"Yeah, thanks." Pete replied.

He followed this Ryan kid back over to the counter and placed the toys down. Ryan grabbed the the toys one at a time and waited for the price to appear on the cash register.

"Your total is twenty dollars and sixty-three cents, please."

Pete nodded and took out the right amount of money from his wallet. Ryan placed each toy into a bag and handed them back to Pete.

"Here you go. Have a nice day."

Pete smiled breifly and replied. "Thanks.You to."

One down, two to go.

After leaving KB Toys, he wasn't quite sure where to go next. He thought for a moment, and then decided he would go to the T-shirt store. He still had no idea who he was shopping for yet, but he figured he'd look.

He entered the store and looked up and down the walls of the store. He deffinately knew what shirts he wasn't going to get. Probabley not the ones with vulgar, sexual sayings. Andy would deffinately not approve. He wasn't quite sure if they're was anyone on this earth that would.

On the end, in the corner of one of the walls, hung a light green shirt with dark green letters that read, One Hundred Percent Vegan.

"Score." Pete thought. He reached up and grabbed the shirt off of the wall. At least he could reach what he wanted this time.

Two down, one to go.

He left the store soon after purchasing the shirt, and walked out into the middle of the mall. The only person he had left was Patrick. Sure, what he got Andy and Joe were great gifts, but he really wanted to get something special for Patrick.

It was then he was struck with an idea. Quickly, as if he could forget the idea at any moment, made his way into the music store. He began to search through the shelves and the aisles.

"H...The Hives...I...J...Kanye West...L..Lindsay no...Ah HA!" He yelled out happily.

"Prince. Greatest Hits." He mumbled to himself. It was the perfect beyond perfect gift. Patrick would love it.

Knowing what he wanted, he grabbed the CD, paid for it, and left. His shopping had been finished and he was proud. Very very proud. He looked at his clock and realized it had taken him longer than he had expected.


He had been shopping for almost six hours. Maybe if he hadn't stopped to check out the Transformers for so long....

He shurgged it off and left the building.

Walking to his car, he realized how dark it was. Yeah, maybe their were street lights and street lamps, but still, the dark was the dark. And it was....Dark

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. Someone was screaming.
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