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Chapter 28

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Meet Ryan Ross from Panic at the Disco! Yay! We love Ryan!

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Pete stopped dead in his tracks. He knew he couldn't turn back now, it was too late. He was never superman in the least bit. In fact, that wasn't even on his mind. Vampires was his first and only though. What if they had been trying to turn someone? He had to find out.
He quickly opened up his car door, threw the presents in, and walked in the opposite direction. As he walked, the screaming continued. Knowing he was getting close, he managed to stay quiet enough to sneak around the corner and see what was happening.

He approached the corner of the building, and listened.

"Should we kill him?" it was a deep voice

"No..Take him back to Beckett..He'll know what to do."

'The dandies' Pete thought.

"Please, don't hurt me..I'll do anything you want..Just..Just don't hurt me." Said a much younger voice.

Something in Pete's brain clicked. He had heard that voice before. It was so familiar...Too familiar.

"Ryan." He mumbled.

He hopped out from behind the corner. "Let him go."

One of the vampires stepped forward. "Hello Peter! What a joy it is too see you!" One of the Dandies growled.

Pete showed his fangs. He was ready to fight.

"C'mon Peter. Join the fun. We were just about to have a little dinner." Pete allowed the Dandie to pull him towards the crowd of vampires. One of the larger vampires put its arm around him, and pushed him towards the trembling boy.

"Can't you see the blood pumping through those veins?!" One of them called out.

"Take a bite!" Another one said.

"Do it, now!" The vampired behind him ordered.

Pete leaned forward, as if to bite the boy, but leaned back suddenly and sunk his fangs into the vampires arm. The vampire screamed out in pain.

"Kill him! Kill him!"

Pete felt a hand on the back of his neck. He took no time to spin around and grab the throat of one of the vampires. He lifted him into the air carelessly and threw him against one of the building walls. Another vampires put its arm around his neck. Pete threw the vampire off his back, and punched him square in the face.

More were coming, but he couldn't fight forever. He looked over towards where the boy had been. He lay their unconscience, in a small pool of blood.

"Fuck." Pete cursed, and ran over to the body. Dispite his much shorter height, he was able to carry him back to his the car. He flung open the back door and laid the boy down. Waisting no time at all, he hoped into the front seat, started the engine, and drove off into the night.

He could see the mass of vampires in his rear view mirror, but their was no way for them to catch up now. He was safe for the mean time, and headed back home. What he would do with the kid in his back seat, really wasn't thought about yet. Hopefully he hadn't died on him already.

He tried to awake Ryan by repeating his name, but he didn't wake. Although, he did move from time to time, letting Pete know that he was in fact alive.

Pulling into the driveway, he quickly got out of the car and picked Ryan up out of the car. He stumbled up to the door and knocked a few times.

"Open up! It's Pete!" He heard shuffling from behind the door, and eventually Patrick's face appeared through the crack of the door.

"Pete? What's going on? Who's that?"

Pete pushed past Patrick and put Ryan down on the couch in their livingroom.

"The Dandies. They we're there. I...I managed..To get him out..of there." Pete said in attempt to catch his breath.

"Are you alright? Did you get hurt?" Patrick's face expressed his worry.

"No...No, not really. Just...Just..Very, tired."

Patrick nodded and went into the other room. He came back moments later with Joe and Andy strolling behind.

"Woah. Who's he?" Joe asked, keeping his voice low.

"At the mall. Behind the store..When..When I was walking out, I heard screaming. It was..The Dandies. They had him cornered. I couldn't..just leave him there." Pete coughed, and let out a weezy breath.

Suddenly, Pete felt a shuffling behind him. He looked over and saw the boy move slightly.

"Ryan?" He whispered, placing a hand on the boy's shoulder.

The boy's eyelids flew open. He screamed.

"Who are you?!" He tried to get away, but having no idea where he was made it hard for him to decide where to go.

"Shhhh.. Calm down. Remember? It's me. It's Pete. The guys from the counter. KB toys? Do you remember anything?"

Ryan stopped his frantic movement.

"Yes." He nodded.

"My shift had ended...I..I went out to my car. When..When I turned around their was a group of people. They...It was..Weird. They were dressed all..Fancy."

Pete shifted his eyes to his friends. They knew.

"I tried to get away, but I couldn't. They took me to the back of the building and...And then I blacked out..."

Pete tried to think of all the possible ways he could explain to him how vampires existed. Or about the Dandies..Or..How he was a vampire? No, it was too soon. He had only met the kid a few hours ago. It was way to much information for him to handle in such little time.

"Do you remember anything else?" Joe asked.

Ryan shook his head. "No..I..Wait a second. This is probabley gonna sound crazy, and your gonna think i'm insane, but...I almost thought they had.."

"Fangs?" Andy implied. Patrick shoved his elbow in Andy's side.

Ryan's eyes grew wide. "Yeah. Exactly. How did you know? Your not one of them are you!?"

"Shhh. It's ok. We're not one of them. Relax. Your safe now." Patrick soothed.

"Lets start out with a slight introduction. I, am Pete. You already know me. Thats Andy. That's Joe. And that's Patrick." He pointed out the people as he went.

"And you, are Ryan. Correct?"

Ryan nodded.

"Now that it's late, and probabley not the greatest idea for you to go back home, you can stay here if you like." Patrick offered. He looked at his friends, they nodded in approval.

"No, really. I should go." Ryan moved to get off the couch put Pete stepped in front.

"Trust me. You don't want to do that. Stay here, ok? Please? I know this is..Weird for you or whatever. But please believe me when I say your best bet is staying here., at least for tonight."

They could tell Ryan was thinking about it. He finally responded a few moments later. "Alright. But, is it possible if I could have something to eat? I was gonna go home to have dinner, but as you can see I never got that far."

"Oh certainly! Come into the kitchen and i'll fix you up something." Patrick smiled and waited as Ryan followed him into the kitchen.

Pete, Joe and Andy stayed in the livingroom. "How are we going to explain everything to him? I mean, he's gonna freak out when we tell him that those vampire stories his parents used to tell him are real." Andy commented.

"Give me time. I havn't gotten that far yet. I just got home, so cut me some slack. I'll have a plan by tomorrow." Pete reassured. He patted Andy's back, and walked into the bedroom.

"Things just keep getting complicated." Joe sighed, and him and Andy walked into the kitchen.

Yup, so i thought i'd bring Ryan into the story, cause who doesnt love him? Hes adorable!!
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