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Chapter 26

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Bake me some lovin'.

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"Your adding too much flour!" Andy screamed as he watched Joe pour extream amounts of flour into the large bowl.

"We're trying to make cookies! Not a cake! He snatched the flour from Joe's grasp and threw it back into one of the cupboards it had originally came from.

"Well sorrrrrrrrrry! I thought by adding this much flour it would make the cookies fluffy!"

Patrick shook his head and answered before Andy could. "Too much flour is just going to make them dry, not fluffy."

Andy turned his head towards the other side of the kitchen where Pete seemed to be playing with a small flame emitting from a pan.

"Pete! What are you doing?! Are you insane?!"

"No....I was trying to make bread but i cooked it too long and it got real hot and firey.." Pete tried desperately to pat the flame out with an overmit, but failed.

Andy ran over to the sink and grabbed the pan and stuck it under the flowing water. "There. Now try making it again. And this time, don't set the oven for 500 degrees, ok?"

Pete frowned and stuck his tounge out. He hated cooking, ESPECIALLY when it came to sharing the kitchen with Andy.

"Fine, Mister asshole." He said quietly.

Back to the other side of the kitchen, Joe had managed to add all of the right ingrediance in all of the right amounts they were sopposed to be. He was a proud, proud man.

"Ok, now what do I do?" Joe asked, as he looked into the bowl.

"Take a spoon and put some cookie dough on it, and then put it onto a greased baking sheet." Patrick replied.

Joe nodded and did as he was told.

Patrick mosied over to Pete and looked at what he was "baking."

"Um...What are you doing?" He asked in the nicest way.

"Making bread. Doesn't it look tasty?"

Patrick looked over Pete's shoulder and saw a very blackened, what he guessed, was a loaf of bread.

"Um..Sure. What did you do to it?"

Pete smirked and punched Patrick playfully in the arm. "Hey, for all you know, i could be the next Wolfgang Puke."

Patrick giggled. "You mean Wolfgang Puck?"

"Yeah, thats what I said."

Patrick shook his head. "No, you said Wolfgang puke."

"Shut up. Your cuter when you don't talk." Pete spun around and landed a kiss on his cheek.

Patrick blushed. "I already got you your christmas presant."

"Oh really? What is it?!" Pete jumped up and down, knocking the loaf of bread onto the floor. Not like it matter anyway, it had already been ruined by his lack of talent in the kitchen.

"I can't tell you. It's a suprise." he replied, letting his eyes drift down towards the bread on the floor.

"Fine. Whatever. That just means I can't tell you what I got you either."

"You got me a gift already?"

Pete shook his head. "No. But even if I had, I wouldn't tell you what it was."

Patrick rolled his eyes and turned around to see what Joe and Andy were doing.

Andy was trying to wrestle something out of Joe's grip and began screaming obsenitys.

"Joe! Your not sopposed to eat it yet! Not until their cooked!"

"But! Its so GOOD!" Joe dove forward and snatched the large wooden spoon from Andy's grip. He ran into the livingroom and began eating the cookies dough violently off of the spoon.

"Joseph Trohman! Come back here right now! I am in no mood to be playing games today!" Andy ran into the livingroom and tackled Joe to the ground.

"Wow, just when I thought this day couldn't get any better." Pete grabbed Patrick's hand and pulled him into the livingroom to watch the fight.

"Twenty bucks says Andy wins." Patrick said, reaching into his wallet and pulling out his money

"No way. Your on, Stumph." Pete pulled a twenty out of his back pocket and they watched the fight intently.

"Get off of me, dirty hippie!" Joe said loudly.

"No way, Froman! Gimme the spoon!"

Pete and Patrick broke out laughing at the same time. "Gimme the spoon? Doesn't that sound-"

"Dirty?" Patrick finished.

Pete nodded and wiped a few tears from his eyes.


Joe suddenly yelped out in pain.

"Give me back the spoon!" Andy yelled, holding one of Joe's arms behind his back.

"No! Never!"

"Alright, it's time to break out the big guns. Hey Pete, would you go into the other room and get Joe's teddy?"

"Not snuggles!" Joe protested.

"Anything but the bear!"

"Then give me the spoon!!" Andy shrieked and yanked the spoon from Joe's grip.

When the two grown men were done wrestling eachother, they were covered in sticky cookie dough.

Pete sighed. "Here." He handed Patrick his 20 and walked back into the kitchen. Less than a few seconds later he turned back around and grabbed his money.

"I need it to buy your christmas present.."
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