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Chapter 25

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Sort of a filler, but its made of awesomeness so maybe you'll like it.

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Andy and Joe dropped to their knees, as they starred at the horrid sight, while Patrick remained completely still as he tried to comprehend what had just happened. The tree was now covered in a thick liquid, thanks to Pete, and it actually started to smell like a carbonated soda. All their hard work had gone to waist, all because of those fucking Red Bulls.

"No! Why? Why?!" Andy hollered. He buried his face in his hands and rocked back and forth.

Joe looked up from his spot on the tree and glared at Pete. "Look what you did? You fucked up our tree, just because you HAD to have your energy drinks! Now what do we do?"

Pete frowned and looked at the tree once more. "Hey, it's not completely ruined. We can fix it.."

"Really? How!? It's covered in your vomit! There is no way that I am getting near that tree." Andy complained.

"Just check it out. All we need is a few dish rags and some windex."

"Windex? Pete, windex is for cleaning windows." Patrick replied.

"Eh, it can work. I'll be right back."

Pete came back a few moments later with his arms full of towels and a bottle of windex. He began spraying it all over the tree.

"Pete, I think your just making it worse, dude." Andy mumbled, knowing that this was probabley the worst plan ever.

"This plan might be as bad as Joe's human catapult." Patrick admitted.

Joe turned around suddenly to look at Patrick. "Hey! If you all were 40 pounds lighter it would have worked! And besides, Andy was the one who insisted that we used stretchy lingurie instead of actual rope!"

"Ok, so we should have used rope, but how was I sopposed to know? I told you we should have bought Catapults for Dummies. I guarentee that would have given us a complete instruction manual to make a sucessful one."

"Whatever Andy." Joe pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it with a match. When he was done he dropped the match.

Suddenly, a flame emitted from part of the tree.

"JOE! Windex is flammable! You can't go dropping your matches where ever you damn well please!" Pete screamed as he began stomping out the flame with his foot.

"Quickly! What are you guys standing around for? Go get some water!"

Patrick, Andy and Joe ran out of the room and each came back with a small plastic cup of water. They poured it on the flamming area, but had no such luck to put it out. Instead, the flame spread so now more than half the tree was ingulfed in a massive fire.


"Oh right!" Joe paniced as the three of them ran back into the kitchen

When they came back, Pete was in the farthest corner of the room away from the massive flame. The entire tree was now covered in the fire.

"Now!" Suddenly, all three of them dumped a large bucket of water onto the tree.

Finally, the fire was out. The tree was now completely blackened.

Pete quickly covered his eyes with his hand, hiding from the horrible dissaster in front of him. "Christmas tree's are for losers, anyway."

I am back with another chapter. First and for most I have to say The Taste Of Chaos blew my mind. Best time of my life hands down. And guess what else? I MET Synaster Gates. Oh yes, i'm set for life.
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