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Chapter 24

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Tree shopping!

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The next morning Patrick woke up to the soft pitter patter of feet, and then a constant bouncing at the foot of his bed. He tried to ignore the annoying happenings, but they persisted. Eventually, covering his head with a pillow wasn't enough to block out whatever it was that was keeping him from drifting back to sleep.

Opening his eyes he saw Pete looking down at him, Red Bull in hand.

"C'mon sleepy face. We gotta goooo and pick ooooouuuttt a treeeee. Comprende, el por favor?"

Patrick rubbed the sleep from his eyes and took a breath. "Pete, why the Red Bulls so early in the morning? Why not some hot coffee, or orange juice?"

Pete shook his head violently back and forth. "Hells no way! Red Bull give you WIIIIINNNNGGGSSS!" Just then he pounced off the bed and landed not so gracefully on the floor. He went over to Patrick's side of the bed and yanked the blankets off. He then began to sing in an off key manner.

"In the mornin' I wake, I feel my bladder 'bout to break. Scratch my balls and rub my eyes. Feelin' lousy. My girlfriend tells me that, it's time ta take a bath, I say no not tooooday it's only Tuesday!"

Patrick knew now why HE was dubbed the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, and NOT Pete. Never Pete, if he could help it.

"Ok, ok! I'm getting up! Just stop singing!" He complained as he got out of bed.

Pete frowned for a moment, but then went back to drinking his energy drink happily. He skipped out of the room and waited for Patrick to get ready.

Today, Patrick decided to go casual since he was only going to pick out a christmas tree. When he put everything on, and buttoned up his coat, he left the room.

"BOO!" Pete jumped out from one of the bedrooms and was standing quite aquwardly in the middle of the hallway.

"Hey Pete." Patrick giggled and continued his way to the kitchen.

He found, when he arrived downstairs, that both Joe and Andy had already had their coats and shoes on and were heading out the door. He followed them after putting on his own shoes, and Pete followed close behind talking 100 miles per hour.

"We're gonna get a tree, and its gonna be great. Should we get a big tree or a small tree or an average tree? Or just one that looks all pretty and nice. I like trees. Dont you like trees? Did you know that trees give off oxygen that we need to breath and then we give off some other kind of chemical that makes trees live? Its almost like, we're working together!"

The four of them sat uncomfortably in the car while Joe drove 15 miles over the speed limit. He weaved through traffic, excited to get to his destination as quickly as he possibly could. He loved christmas almost as much as Starwars, but he never told anyone that.

After three seperate conversations about llamas, brought up by Pete, and Andy's constant complaining about how cold it was, they arrived. Tree after tree was lined up on one side of a small red building. This was the place.

Pete and Joe were the first ones to leap (quite litterally) out of the vehicle, while Andy and Patrick took their time admiring the scenery.

"Oh oh oh! I want thisssss one! This one, this one, this one, this one, this one!" Pete hopped around the tree like a bunny, occasionnally stopping to hug it.

"No! That one is too small. We gotta get this one!" Joe yelled as he pointed out one of the largest pine trees in the whole lot.

"Guys! Settle down. We'll all pick a tree we can agree on. Howa 'bout this one?" Andy suggested a smaller and much shorter tree across from Joe's enormous tree.

"Hell no!" Joe and Pete said in unison.

Thank god Patrick was there, because eventually he found a tree they all one hundread percent agreed on. It wasn't enormous like Joe's, because they all knew fitting that through the door would be like trying to get Andy to eat meat. It wasn't gonna happen. It also wasn't too small, like the one Andy had originally suggested from the beginning, because they didn't want to feel like giants when decorating it. It was perfect, and nothing more.

"We gotta treeeeee. We gotta treeeeee." Pete chanted as he took another sip of his drink from the back seat.

"Dude, how many of those have you had? I've seen one in your hand all day long." Joe said as he sat next to him.

"Eh...Eh...Eh...Eh...Oh-only..Pfft.. i dunno. Eight? Seven? Twelve? The p-p-possibilities are endlessss."

"Twelve?! Are you shitting me? That's two packs of Red Bull! How can your heart stand all of the caffine? Mine would have exploded already." Andy explained as he looked out the passenger side window.

"Because, because, because! Because I can take the heat, Anders. I. CAN. TAKE. THE. HEAT."

Andy shook his head in disbelief as the car pulled into their driveway.

"Alright! Let's do it!" Patrick cheered as he exited the car.


Getting it into the house was alot harder than they expected, and the tree was alot larger than they would have bargained for. Of corse, they wern't going to give up on such a task already. It was still game time.

"Alright! Now, push!" Joe exclaimed as he and the three of them shoved the tree into the house. Eventually it popped into the doorway and smacked down into the middle of the livingroom.

"Woohoo! We did it! Go Petey! It's ya birthday. Ya gonna Party like it's ya birthday, we gonna-" He was stopped mid sentence to throw up. All. Over. The. Tree.

Andy, Joe and Patrick watched painfully as the left overs of Pete's energy drinks made their way onto the once beautiful tree. It was like a scene from a horror movie. Only real.

"Nooooooo!" They all screamed. Everything was in slow motion.

Merry christmas, the tree was ruined.

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