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Chapter 23

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Christmas time, Patrick the Drama queen, and weed. Merry Christmas mofos.

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After awhile of sitting around and talking, Pete began to realize how lucky he was to have such amazing friends. Completely insane, but amazing. He was sure anyone else's friends wouldn't have gone through all of this without giving up or leaving. And they certainly wouldn't have stuck around for the whole, "good vampires against bad vampires" lifestyle.

"So, when are you guys getting married?" Joe asked, after awhile of holding back the question he had been dying to ask.

Pete and Patrick rolled their eyes.

"Can we take this one step at a time, please?" Patrick said in an annoyed tone.

"We just admitted we liked eachother. Can't you guys ever be happy for us?" He then started to pretend to cry and have an outburst.

"Why can't we ever please you?! Aren't we good enough!?"

The face Patrick was making was too pathetic for Pete not to laugh.

"Yeah. What....What Patrick said." He said, trying to catch his breath.

"OF CORSE YOU GUYS ARE GOOD ENOUGH!" Andy yelled, in a somewhat newyork accent.

"Your bettah than that! Your fantabulous! Ain't that right Joey?" Joe starred back and wondered where the accent came from.

"Uh...Sure thing. Does anyone want some hot chocolate?"

Everyone else nodded and Joe went downstairs. On his way down he looked at the calendar and realized how exreamly close to chirstmas it was.

He came running back up the stairs seconds later and flew into the bedroom screaming, "Yippie kye aye muthafuckah!!"

"I thought you quit smoking weed, man." Pete implied, knowing that this was Joe's behavior after he had his fill of his glorious marajuana.

Joe starred blankly. "I'm not stoned...But christmas is only one week away!!"

"Wow, really? We must've gotten caught up in all of the action that we've forgotten all about the holidays." Andy replied. He looked at his watch and yawned.

"I'm off to bed, fellah's. Cheeri oh!" Andy got up and went into his bedroom across the hall.

"G'night!" Everyone yelled down the hall.

"So...Who wants to get the christmas tree tomorrow?" Pete suggested.

"Oh oh oh! I doooooooo!" Joe cheered.

"I know you do....Patrick? Wanna get the tree tomorrow?"

Patrick nodded. "Of corse. What time should I be up?"

"Mmmmm, nine o' clock sound good with you guys?"

Patrick nodded, and Joe headbanged.

"This is great! This calls for a celebration! BREAK OUT THAT WEED!" Joe went running down the hall to get to his stash.

What a way to start the holidays...

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