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"Love never wanted me but I took it anyway."

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The car ride back home was definitely not going to be enjoyable, she could tell. They had only been in the car two minutes and already the silence was thick and Troian found it hard to not tap her fingers against her legs or lean against the window in tension. Every now and then her eyes would slant a little—enough to get a good look at Patrick for a few seconds before he would sense her gaze upon him and glance at her. Every time he would the heat in her cheeks would rise and she would have to look away quickly. She hated that look, especially at red lights when he had the opportunity to stop and really look over at her. His hands were reflexively tightened around the wheel and he breathing seemed to slow down. Was he that pissed?

Ever time she would begin to say something her pride or fear of being told to shut up would get the best of her and she would end up saying nothing at all. Eventually she ended up leaning herself against the door panel and trying to go to sleep. Or at least act like it. She couldn’t take this silence settling between them.

Drowsiness had just started to settle in her system when the car came to a stop. Someone reached over to unbuckle her seatbelt and Patrick’s calloused hand came up to stroke her cheek. The sudden touch to her skin made her snap out of her tired state and she blinked a couple of times before she pushed him away out of habit.

“Damn,” Patrick commented, pulling her by the arm. “Only ten minutes and you’re already falling asleep.”

She mumbled something about not being asleep; slightly resembling a child and he chuckled, for a second sounding like his old self again. “Come on, love.”

The sudden nice-ness she was getting from him made her paranoid in a way. She was practically walking on broken glass, waiting for him to go multiple personality disorder on her and tell her she that he hated her. Despite his sudden change of behavior, Troian still felt the need to be mean to him. Hell, maybe he wasn’t so mad anymore but she still was. Kinda.

“Thanks for the ride,” she squeezed out through clenched teeth. Her effort to slam the door for effect did not go unnoticed and Patrick slowly counted to ten before following her up the stairs in silence. She was already opening the door and stepping inside when he reached the top and he sped up just enough to catch up with her. What was her rush? He wasn’t contagious.

She didn’t bother to look back at him, her goal was to head to her room and just crash. Without so much as a ‘good night’ Troian left him standing in the living room and retreated back down the hallway to her room.

The sudden click of her bedroom door shutting made her jump and she turned swiftly to find herself face to face with Patrick. How did he do that?

“Get out,” She snapped, without bothering to ask what he could have possibly wanted. She honestly didn’t give a shit.

“Make me.” He smiled his evil little smile and raised his eyebrows in a way that dared her to. The effects he had on her.

Her temper flared. Patrick and his childish antics—she was too tired, she just didn’t feel like dealing with him. “God, you are SO immature, Patrick." She shook her head and made a face at him. "Seriously, GET OUT."

She took the liberty of giving him a slight push towards the door. She just wanted him to leave when his hand snaked out of nowhere to pull her in. It all happened a little blurry after than moment. Things were happening in reverse and she didn’t know how to react when his lips met her with a rush making her eyes widen in surprise for a moment before they began to drift shut. The feel of his lips against hers was unbelievable…and she stood there too shocked to do anything else.

He pulled back to smirk at her reaction. Her eyes were dazed with confusion and bottled up lust, and he leaned in very close to her with a smile. “I don’t wanna.”

Maybe if she had really been completely clearheaded she could have stopped whatever was going on in a that head of his but she was just a little too shocked to catch it right away. He kissed her again, his lips soft and sweet. Until reality came tumbling back around her and her eyes snapped back open again.

She pushed him away in disgust, slightly breathless from his kiss. "What the hell are you doing? Do you fucking have multiple personality disorder?"

Patrick stepped back a little. He sighed; A lost settling in his eyes. “I just, I don't want to fight anymore Troian…I miss you."

"You miss me?" She repeated. Her eyebrows rose to give him a skeptical look and she snorted. "So you jump me?" She shook her head even though she was feeling a lot more than she was letting on. There was this array of emotions all mixed in her chest. Part of her wanted to smack herself. Why the fuck hadn’t she stopped him? Still, she couldn’t let him know that he had her in the palm of his hand so she went to take a step around him. If he wouldn’t leave then she would. "Honestly,” she muttered.

She had only taken one step when his hands took a hold of her arm and brought her close to his body. He lips brushed her ear. "Well this is what you wanted isn't it? For me to kiss you?" His voice did things to her that shouldn’t be possible. Damn him. And if that wasn’t bad enough she was loving every second of it. She sucked in a breath as he ran his fingertips over her lips.

"I never noticed how nice your lips are. So sweet," He whispered, bringing his lips close to hers again and lightly sweeping them over hers. His tongue slipped between her lips, causing her to sigh softly out of sheer delight.

She half stood, half leaned into Patrick, rooted into place. Her whole body was frozen from lust and anticipation but her heart was pounding a mile a minute. It rang so loudly in her ears that she wondered if he could hear it. She was struggling to comprehend what was happening and lost as to why she didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Yes! This is EXACTLY what I wanted. YOU are exactly what I want. The words were screaming at her but only she seemed to hear what they were saying. Yes, he was right. He was so fucking right, and he knew it.


She couldn’t help but stutter over her words. He made her so confused and not to mention nervous. “Patrick...what are you doing?" The words came out mumbled due to his lips meeting hers over and over. Repetitive kisses, leaving her stunned and speechless. This had to be a dream. She must have knocked out in her room or something.

"Rocket science...” He threw in between kisses. “Really, what does it look like?"
He asked moving his kisses down to her neck. His hands gripped her waist rubbing under the hem of her hoodie making her body shake. God, she wanted him and she knew there was nothing that could stop him now. What Patrick wanted, Patrick got. Especially at this point.

Fuck. This felt so good. He felt so good. His hands were working their way over her hips and she didn’t have a chance. “Um...well, I mean...never mind..." There was no point. Whatever she had been planning to say was lost as he he kissed her softly, working from the corners of her mouth and along her jaw. She closed her eyes in response and moaned a little as he made a trail alongside her throat and up to the other side of her jaw. The little sounds of pleasure escaping from her lips were turning him on and ran his tongue over her lips before retreating—but only for a moment.. "Troian, baby?"

It took her a moment after he stopped to register that he was talking. His voice was so soft that she almost hadn’t heard it. Her clouded eyes looked up to meet his.

"Mhmmm?" God knew she was gone. He had her so hooked so badly. He could have asked her to go dive into the ocean (Even though she couldn’t swim) and find her a fucking pearl and she would have.

He kissed her. "About my cousin…" His voice was gentle and sweet. “I want you—”

Another kiss to make her his. “To br—”

Her eyes widened at the mention of boyfriend and she nearly had a heart attack.

“OHSHIT. David!” She backed away; a stab of guilt shooting through and her hand came up to hold her temple. She was stunned at herself. This was Patrick. She was with David. And David HATED Patrick. She instinctively took her bottom lips into her mouth and looked around frantically. What do I do? I can’t believe I just did that. What do I do?!

Quick as lightning, Patrick pulled her back to him and pouted. "No, no, you stay here where I can touch you." His hands found its way into her pocket and she started to protest as he pulled out her cell phone. It didn’t help that his lingered at her thigh for a moment.

She looked at him stupidly, not catching his drift. “What do I need this for?"

Patrick looked at her over his glasses and gave her an obvious look. "Tell him it’s over."

He said it so casually that she had to let the words settle in for a moment.

Break up with him?

Just like that?

She frowned out of frustration. Sure, she was pissed at him but enough to break up with him?

"But...I..." She pressed her teeth into her lip more as she stared at the phone. "I can't just—"

"—yes, you can, it’s easy. You don't even have to call him. Text him it’s over."

She froze for a moment pondering what to do. This was crazy. It was crazy that Patrick had just been kissing her and it was crazy that he wanted her to break up with David and it was even more crazy she was actually considering it. Things had gone from straight forward to crazy upside in a little less that ten minutes.

He took her hand in encouragement and rubbed his thumb against it. His eyes looked endless from where her angle. Endless and irresistible.

“Okay,” She mumbled; the words barely choking out. His rubbed her shoulders lovingly and she leaned into him, wanting to just go back to kissing him.

“Okay,” She said her voice stronger trying to convince herself more than him. She stared at her phone as if it was a snake waiting to bite and she seemed to go off into her own world.

“Troian?” Patrick stroked her cheek and she came back to reality.

“Right, sorry, okay,” She blurted out. This time she actually flipped open her phone and texted him. Patrick’s smile instantly grew wider the second she pushed send and closed her phone.

“Good,” He breathed against her skin after hugging her close. She smiled weakly as he wrapped his arms around her tightly and rested his head on her shoulder. Everything seemed to make sense when he held her this close. Her phone however, wasn’t interested in letting her moment go on. It vibrated in response and she forced herself to pull away from Patrick to answer it. He pouted at this and she did her best to ignore his adorable expression.

“Umm, oh wow…” She frowned at the phone and hung her head. “He…he is pissed…” She held up the phone for him to see it and he took her wrist and pinned it to her side. He didn’t give a fuck how David felt. Of course she opened her mouth to object and he quickly attacked her lips. Nevermind…

Her phone slipped from her hand and landed on the carpet with a soft thud but she wouldn’t have noticed if it had caught on fire or suddenly sprouted arms and legs. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she let herself kiss him back. This time she would let herself enjoy it.

He already knew where he wanted this to go whether she realized it or not. He walked her backwards towards her bed and his hands never left her hips. Her heart rate sped up immediately the moment Patrick’s pushed her onto her back. Her heart hammering in her chest this fast couldn’t possibly be healthy but she didn’t care. The look in his eyes as he he crawled up beside her was one she wasn’t exactly used to. No guy had ever given her that look before. He kissed her softly, his hat falling forward a little to cover his eyes and she giggled. She was surprised that he didn’t protest when she took his cap and placed it on her head. He grinned at the sight, cocking his head to the side. “That’s adorable.” She grinned back and he reached up, took it, and threw it on the bed beside them. “But I can’t have it in the way of me and you.”

He kissed her and God it was good. That boy knew what he was doing. “Patrick.” She murmured his name as she tried to sit up talk to him.

"Shut up." Patrick whispered in Troian’s ear causing her to moan just a little in ecstasy as a rush of heat filled her body at his dominant tone. She wasn’t used to being treated like this. Hell, she wasn’t used to be touched like this at all.

“Shutting up,” She mumbled back to him as he placed another kiss at her lips. He ran his hands down her side near her waist and a small giggled escaped her lips. “That tickles!” She said squirming involuntarily.

“Shoosh,” He commanded her with a smile, his hands now intentionally stroking her side.

“Noooo,” She cried, trying to get away. “Stop it, you! You. Know. I’m ticklish!” She whined through laughter. Had she been fast enough it might have worked when she tried to tickle him back. Instead he fought her hands off easily, and caught her arms. His eyes shone with delight and she giggled and tried to play fight him. He chuckled. “You can’t win,” He taunted and suddenly he was no longer wrestling her but straddling her in a way that caused her to suck in a breath.

The sudden change of atmosphere made her look down slightly, the heat crawling up her cheeks. She just wasn’t used to this kind of attention. She looked at him through hooded eyes and he licked his lips.

“Hmm…what’s next, baby?” He whispered. His fingertips traced shapes across her arms and up to her shoulders.

“Oh, fuck.” She inhaled sharply softly and he leaned very close to ear, his breath warm.

“You like that?”

“Mmhmm,” She replied dreamily. At this rate she really wasn’t sure what to do, where to put her hands or anything but she figured needed to put them somewhere. He slid his hand back up her arms and then towards the zipper of her hoodie. She raised up enough to let him do what he had to. Her stomach flipped a little as he commenced to pull it off her body and throw the jacket to the ground. Her shyness gears immediately kicked in and the heat in her cheeks rose as he gently sucked on a spot on her neck and one hand slipped under her shirt. His hand was warm against her breast.

She gasped out of surprise; this was so new to her. Sure, she had read plenty of books that happened to have sex scenes in them. And movies nowadays just couldn’t go without having two people screw each other but this was much different. It just was.

He didn’t seem to notice her gasp, or maybe he’d seen it as a good sign instead. In the end she decided to put her hands on his chest. She fisted the fabric of his shirt into her hands and pulled his body closer to herself. The passion grew and pretty soon she couldn’t keep hands off of him. Her hands moved to the back of his hair, then down, rubbing his neck in pleasure. Everywhere he touched her he seemed to leave a trail of warmth. Her chest was on fire—in a good way. Her hands started to shake, this was really happening, She wasn’t dreaming. A small part of her wanted to fight this. To pull away from Patrick and move slower but the larger, more vulnerable side kept her from saying anything. She knew fighting him and what she wanted would only make it worse.

A cool breeze wisped over her stomach and Troian realized he was peeling off her shirt. She fought the urge to push him away and did her best to keep still for him as he placed kisses all over her. She wasn’t quite ready at all. This was moving a lot faster then she had expected but she couldn’t bring herself to stop him. After, this is what she had wanted right? This was what felt good. She shrugged the feeling off and concentrated on doing this right for him. She wanted to look into his eyes but they never seemed to meet hers long enough.

“Patrick?” She put a hand on his arm to get his attention and he stopped his attack on her long enough to find out what she wanted.

“Hmmm?” His lips were already dark rose from kissing and he was breathing hard from excitement that she could feel pressing against her thigh. She never thought she would get Patrick, let alone any guy that hard.

“I just think that maybe we should…take it slower…” She said shyly, looking down.

“Don’t be nervous,” He whispered, his lips leaving a kiss on her cheek and she opened her mouth to rephrase what she meant. She didn’t get the chance though. His hands moving between her legs and up her thighs erased every thought from her mind. Her breathing went shallow.

“Patriickkkk.” She moaned his name and he kissed her mouth deeply before sitting up and unzipping his hoodie. He shrugged out of it and his shirt in less time than it took to put them on. She was so lost, she didn’t know what to do but she didn’t just want to sit there. Once again that little part of her kept whining for her to stop the situation, to think it through. It kept reminding her that she wasn’t ready and she wasn’t too sure what part of herself to believe. That little shy thing that always shrunk away from people, or that girl that was okay with being herself and liked being confident in what she did. She wanted it, yes, but something continued to hold her back. He stood up, only long enough to take off his pants and her eyes definitely widened then at the sight of his arousal. She sat up, leaning on her elbows and he smirked at her expression.

“Like what you see?” He teased.

“Yeah…” She smiled shyly. The pink in her cheeks made her look even more innocent than she already was. She felt like a kid who had been caught stealing from the cookie jar looking at him this way. She liked it. Her mom would have flipped out if she knew the position her daughter was in.

She’d seen a picture of him like this once. Kind of. On the internet, scrolling through photos of Fall Out Boy there had been one where the guys held water guns. They had been completely soaked as they ran around in their boxers. She remembered because she has saved the one of Patrick…

“Close up views are better,” he said softly, eyeing her jeans. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

He had this wolfish grin plastered on his face that made her hairs stand on end and her body heat turn up. Then he was crawling at her again, looking like a wolf going after its prey; silent but strong in what he wanted. He hovered over her in hunger and tugged on her belt loops.

She didn’t know what to say. She both wanted to and didn’t want to. That look he had in his eyes was begging her to and she knew wasn’t going to be able to resist it for long.

“If we both want it, then why fight it, love?” He buried his face in the crook of her neck and nuzzled it.

“…Do you love me?” He asked softly and her eyes met his. They were sweet and innocent and there was no turning back, she knew.

“Yes,” She said just as softly.

One of his fingers remained in her belt loop but his other hand brushed her hair away from her face then traced her jawline with one finger. Most of her coherent thoughts fled.

“Do you want to see it?” He breathed, his mouth close to her.

“No,” she said unconvincingly, lost in his eyes.


Liar, liar, liar!

“I want to see yours.”

The idea of him on her, touching her, being with her would have made her knees buckle if she had been standing up.

“Liar,” He whispered in her ear with an evil grin. Could he read her mind or something? Or did he know her that well? Either way, only he could read her like no one else.

“You want me. And I want you.” There was no time for her to respond though she doubted she would have. His hands had already taken care of the button on her jeans and were now pulling at them in eagerness. As soon as they were off he threw them back without looking and let them hit the ground.

“God, you are so beautiful.” He told her as he straddled her upper body again. He slid his hand back her up arms, hooked his fingers around the straps of her bra, and gently pulled the straps away from her shoulders. He trailed his kisses across her collar bone again, then took them further and kissed her right shoulder right and then her left ever so softly. Enough to make her skin tingle.

He kissed the top of her breasts and her head fell back in pleasure. His hands rubbed her back lovingly as he they made their way to unhook her bra and fully expose her to him. Like a present to be unwrapped.

Her breath caught in her throat as he eyed her almost completely naked body. She half expected him to laugh at her or something and change his mind. Instead he smiled in appreciation and ran his hand over her breast. He kissed her breast before moving over to the other one, where he repeated the action.

He made little kisses all over her chest that made her moan in contentment. Small whimpers passed her lips as he switched to the other then sucked on them. Her fingers were dancing through Patrick’s hair as he licked her nipples. Her breathing was coming in short steady gasps, but he knew she was enjoying this. He kissed up her neck until he reached her chin, where she started to arch her back slightly. Two inches later he found her lips again, and they met in a passionate collision. Their tongues danced in their mouths. He gradually moved his kisses further down her body yet taking the opportunity to run his fingers over the peaks, tweaking her nipples before he kissed her abdomen then the skin above her panties. Oh, she was enjoying this.

He wasn’t going to take them off just yet. He wanted to please her first. He wanted her to beg him to take them of. Patrick held her to his chest and she buried her face in it as rubbed her crotch through her cotton underwear.

“Right where I want you,” He teased and her body trembled from his touch.
He could smell her arousal pooling in her panties and it made him shake in delight.

“Jesusfuck, Patrick.” She pleaded through a gasp that turned him on. It was short and breathless and so full of lust that he groaned in response.

He smirked at his ability to make her need him. He wanted her so badly it made him ache through his boxers.

“Patrick.” She begged him as he moved his hand away from her crotch. He couldn’t take this waiting any longer. He wanted her right that second.

His fingers hooked onto the insider of her panties and pulled. He wanted them off and if she hadn’t raised her body to help him he would have ripped them off instead.

As soon as they were off her nervousness settled in her. No one had ever seen her fully naked. The excitement of being fully exposed to each ran through their system. It made him shake with impatience but it made Troian shake from tension. He pressed his body against hers, wanting to be closer than close. Fuck, she looked amazing in this dimly lit room. She was a contrast to the way things had been down lately.

“I need you,” He growled, kissing her roughly. “Fuck, I need to feel you.

She looked up at him through dazed eyes and he licked his lips. Things suddenly shifted into overdrive. One second he was kissing her and the next he was spreading her legs apart so he could kneel between them.

Stop. She wanted to say suddenly. She was too afraid. She didn’t know if she was ready yet. What if she wasn’t? Or maybe she was and she just didn’t know it. Too many thoughts were filling her mind and the weight of them all was getting to her.

Patrick hovered over her. He kissed her lips aggressively leaving her gasping for air and pushed inside of her. She immediately cried out at the sudden break of her barrier and tears sprang to her eyes. She had heard her first time would hurt but no one ever said it would be this bad. It felt like she was literally ripping apart down there and she honestly wanted to cry alot harder, but she refused to let herself be weak.

She squeezed her eyes shut so hard she thought she might black from that alone. Wasn’t he supposed to go slow at least? The pain both stung and throbbed as Patrick pulled himself out then pushed back in, his breathing heavy. She grabbed the side of the lamp desk for support and sucked in her breath as he pumped into her.

“Oh God, Troian.” He kissed her lips and she did her best to stay relaxed. She had wanted this. She did want this.

Tears slid down her cheeks and she couldn’t help it. It hurt so much, and he wasn’t exactly being gently and he rocked their bodies back and forth.

The pain had something to do with it but it was most definitely not the main reason why she was crying. It was also because this was nothing how she expected her first time to be. He wasn’t looking into her eyes all loving and gentle the way she had expected. He wasn’t holding her or making sure she was okay beneath him. He hadn’t even warned her.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

Too true. She had wanted this just as badly and here it was. No one had ever said that it would pretty.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so good.” Patrick grunted above her, pounding into her, his pretty face flushed pink. He ran one hand under her cheek and pulled her face up to meet his lips. “I love you,” he gasped out as he felt himself getting nearer to an orgasm. She smiled back, knowing that this was who she wanted to be with. It was okay, not everything turned out perfect the first time. It hurt now but next time she would be able to enjoy it.

“I love you too, Patrick.” She said through a moan as his teeth caught her lips and pulled.

“Fuck, I’m so close.” He huffed, pounding into her harder. She smiled through the pain, clenching her teeth together. She wanted him to be happy, to enjoy this.

“God, Troian,” He growled her name between kisses before grunting into her with a final thrust and sighing in ecstasy. He closed his eyes, his body collapsing on hers and she smiled weakly. She hadn’t gotten off, but it was okay. He looked so incredibly adorable lying on her. It meant she must have done something right.

“I love you, baby.” He rolled off her to the side and pulled her close to his chest then kissed her cheek.

“I love you, too.” She told him, cuddling closer into his hold. This was okay with her, she could learn to get used to the pain, and it wouldn’t last long anyway.

As long as she was waking up in Patrick’s arm everyday for the rest of her life, she was quite alright. Her eyes drifted shut and next to her Patrick yawned and soon they were both out, sharing a peaceful slumber.


When she awoke the next morning, she could have sworn she was having delusions. She could tell just by the ceiling that this was not her room. Her pelvis ached so much she wondered if someone taking her apart and screwed her back together all wrong. It took her a moment to recall the night’s events before it all clicked together. Last night had been the most incredible night of her life, mainly because Patrick had told her loved her, but also she remembered everything from his soft touch to his lips on her skin. She smiled, her eyes drifting shut for a moment to enjoy the memories—both pleasant and not so pleasant.

“Patrick,” She mumbled, turning on her side to wake him up.

She blinked a couple of times confused as to why she was alone in the room. The sheets were heavily messed but the space was empty.

She sat up puzzled and looked around. The bathroom lights looked off, but there door was shut. She frowned, her face dropping.

“Patrick?” She called out. Maybe he was in there.


Her eyes stung and she blinked furiously trying not to cry as she realized that she had just given herself to Patrick, and now he wasn’t there.


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