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Stop burning brigedes and drive off of them. *For Syn_INC*

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Troi blinked at the boy in front of her. “Huh?” She raised her eyebrows in confusion as he took a step in her direction. He sucked in a breath as if were mentally preparing himself for the worst.

“Break up with him.” He repeated in the same conversational tone and looked around casually. His hands rested barely inside his pockets and his fingers tapped anxiously against the edge of his pockets. He looked everywhere but her gaze.

A million different scenarios rushed through her head. Maybe he was finally going to give her a chance. Or maybe he was being over protective, all big brother-y. Or maybe—She stopped herself and shook her head. “What…? Don’t be stupid. Why would I break up with him?”

Patrick opened his mouth for the explanation then let it drift shut. “I…just trust me, break up with him. He’s no good. I—“

“—Are you serious?” she interrupted. The anger was starting to flood back in.

He nodded meekly, suddenly looking embarrassed and she snorted, rolling her eyes.

“Riiiiight. Sure, Patrick. Let me just call up David and explain to him that I’m breaking up with him for no good reason except for the fact that the asshole I’m living with told me to do so. Yeah, I’ll just go get my phone now.” She feigned standing up and took a few steps towards her cell phone on the bed. Patrick caught her arm and frowned at the name uncomfortably. She glared at him, hoping her expression would be enough to make him feel bad.

“I’m serious, stop it! Listen to me, you can’t trust him!”

She raised her eyebrows as Patrick attempted to lower his temper.

She kept her glare on him and let her fake smile fade away.

“Can you not touch me? Thanks.” She spat, waiting for him to release his grip.

He ignored her irritated look and gripped her arm tighter. “Not until you tell me you’re going to stop seeing him.”

Her eyes widened into an incredulous look. “What are you, my /father?/” She tried to pull away from him, wincing at his grasp. His eyes seem to blaze.

“I’m serious, Troian. This isn’t me being jealous or over analytical. This is me warning you to stay away from him, he’ll only hurt you.” Her defenses were weakening quickly and she was closer to crying than yelling. This isn’t me being jealous…

In a matter of moments he had turned into someone completely different than his normal façade. The way his eyes were narrowed and his alluring voice was now low and slightly menacing bothered her. He was inches from her face— a place she had always wanted and now she wanted to move away.

“Patrick…” She swallowed, avoiding his gaze. “….You’re hurting me.” She blinked back tears and He stared at her for a second; cold and intimidating before he released her. His eyes softened in an instant and his hard look faded into a frown. “I—I’m sorry.”

She shook her head and took a step back from him, her hands shaking. She couldn’t tell whether it was from the atmosphere—it had suddenly turned cold—or if it from him and the way he was staring her.

“Troi, I’m sorry! I really am…” He insisted, suddenly reaching out and grabbing both of her shoulders. He crushed his body against hers, hugging her to him. “I’m trying to help you, you have to trust me.”

“I don’t want to trust you!” She snapped, pulling away from him. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?” Her voice choked at his pretty face. Even when it was scaring her it made her stomach flip.

“Patrick, why can’t you just leave me alone?” She repeated hoping her voice was stronger. “Why can’t you accept that I’m happy?”

“Because I don’t want to.” He said, using her words against her. “Do you not hear me? David isn’t the good guy---“

“—that’s you, right?” She mocked.

“You’re not LISTENING!” He said louder, throwing his arms out.

“I am listening, I just DON’T CARE!” She shot back. “I am not going to break up with David because of your stupid rivalries!”

“They aren’t stupid! You don’t know him the way I do. You—“

“—Love him,” She interrupted, her voice thick.

His face dropped and he stopped in his tracks. “Huh?”

“I said I love him.” She repeated, the words sounding strange to her. She wasn’t too sure if she loved him or not, the words just came out themselves. And even worse, she wasn’t sure if she had said it out of honesty or out of hope of hurting his feelings.

“What do you mean you ‘love him’? You don’t love him.” Patrick exhaled into the silence.

“Don’t be stupid, you know what I mean,” She replied in the same condescending tone he had hit her with earlier. She put a hand to her temple then let it drop in the same instant. “You know what? This is stupid, I’m out of here. I’m not going to stand her and listen to you tell me how to live my life.”

She snatched her cell phone from her bed like she was in a slapstick movie. The sudden change of her tone made him stand up straight to get a good look at her. His over protective mode reflexively kicked in and he gave her a look that resembled a father’s look to his daughter. “Where are you going?”

“Out.” She snapped, shrugging on her hoodie she had picked up.

“With who?’ His face quickly melted from anger to slight horror. What was his deal? She thought.

“With my boyfriends, thanks.”

“Have you not listened to a goddamned word I’ve said?” His voices rose in octave with every word.

“Patrick, SHUT UP, Damnit! Just the Fuck up, I don’t care!” The argument had taken turn towards apathy on her part and he stared at her, his eyes wide.

Before he had a chance to react and stop her, she pushed past him. Patrick watched in resentment and she stomped off and slammed the door in his face when he finally got the sense to follow.




The phone rang, once, twice, three times then a fourth before David finally picked up. “Hey, babe.”

He could feel her fury seething through the phone as he waited in patience.

“Come get me. Please…” She half demanded half choked out.

“Where are you?”

“Outside my apartment.” She stuffed one hand in her pocket and looked around.

“Babe, I’m kind of at a party…” He began and she sighed. “Then take me with you, please! I’m pissed off and I need to get out of here before Patrick decides to play big brother again.”

He immediately tensed up at his cousin’s name and David mirrored her sigh.
“Alright, I’ll be there in ten.”

“Thanks, I—“

Click. The dead tone met her ears and she frowned before leaning against the railing.



He could hear her outside the door, talking to that jerk. Patrick leaned against the door wondering what he was going to do; wondering what he had to do to break those two apart. It was only a matter of time before she got tangled up in David’s lies.

He leaned his forehead against the wooden frame and let out a sigh at the coolness of it. It seemed to minimize his headache. When had life become so complicated? One fist came up to hit the door lightly and whether he knew it or not, on the other side, Troi flinched at the low thud and took off down the stairs to meet David’s car as it pulled up.

The lights seemed to jump out at Troi through the windows when the car pulled up in the driveway. The music’s pulse came out low and muffled but it was enough to know her ears would ache after a few hours of having to hear to hear it that loudly. Still, it was a comfort to the long silence that had filled the car the whole way there. The house was average, with a few people spilling out of the front door for a moment in asinine giggles. She could tell just by there faces they were drunk. She watched them through the car window for a moment before David took a hold of her face and pressed his lips into her, tearing her away from the sight. The kiss was tasteless, quick and he tugged at her sleeve.

“Come on, let’s go.” He said, referring to the party.

She nodded absently and slid back over to her side of the car and popped open the door. The volume of the music instantly intensified and she cringed at the rap music blaring out from the house. It just wasn’t her style.

David, already a heading towards the front door called back. “Come on, there’s no point in standing out here all night!” And she quickly jogged to catch up with him.

He slid arm around her waist as she slowed next to him and he gave her a glazed smile, one she had failed to notice in the car. “Aw,” He pinched her cheek and she made a face at his strange behavior. Now that she was actually paying attention to the way he moved it was starting to dawn on her.

“Are you drunk?” She intoned, surprised he had been driving.

He smiled wider and rolled his eyes in a way that made her feel small. “Nooo, Pfffft, why would you ask me that?”

She didn’t smile back. “Just wondering.”

“Baby, baby, baby, you know drinking and driving is against the law. However I might have smoked a few MJs before I left.”

Her jaw dropped, irritation boiling within her. How the fuck does anyone get trashed that quickly? She pushed him. Not hard enough to hurt but hard enough to get her point across. “What the hell? David! That’s against the law, too. Do you know how dangerous that is?”

“You’re alive, aren’t you?” He muttered, looking around as if what she was saying was possible one of the stupidest things in the world.

She hid the fact that hurt and narrowed her eyes at him. “Yeah, because we got lucky, you moron—“

He cut her off and she glared at him wondering if she was blowing the situation out of proportion.

“Blah, blah, blah, babe.” He gave her a bored look and sighed. “Get happy. It’s a party!” He said grandly, his arms in the air as if he was showing her the world.

“Have fun.”

Without so much as another word to her he turned, picked up the nearest beer and took a swig before walking off.

“Ass,” She muttered, turning in the opposite direction. He was right.

It was party.



She wandered through the smoke filled house feeling lost. She had to fight down the urge to cough up her lungs. The smell was horrible but she wasn’t going to start complaining to people she didn’t know. Hell, she wasn’t going to complain at all. She’d never been actually been to a party where people were sucking each other’s faces in the middle of the room and guys were feeling up girls in the corner. It was a typical scene right out of a movie.

Okay, so maybe it just felt that way because her total of parties added up to like two.

She half expected someone to stand up on chair and declare they play some dirty game or something but no one met her expectations. However, every now and then she would see a couple disappear up the stairs or into a room. No surprise there.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she was glad for the distraction.

One new Text Message

She flipped open the phone and rolled her eyes at the words on the screen.

Fr: Patrick
Where did you go?

She really shouldn’t have replied to Patrick but she couldn’t help but try to be an asshole back.

Away. To a party.

She kept walking around, steady checking out the house. There was a good amount of people here.

*Fr: Patrick
Don’t be like that. I’m trying to help you. Why don’t you let me pick you up and we can talk?*

She smirked at the message.

Because you’re a douche bag and I don’t feel like being around you.

The house was bigger, much more than it looked from the outside for some reason.

Fr: Patrick
Will you at least tell me where you’re at?

No. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you.

Fr: Patrick

Fr: Patrick
I care about you, that’s why I’m trying to help you.

She didn’t bother to reply.

She passed several open doors to bedrooms before she eventually she came across some familiar faces lounging on an L shaped couch inside of one. It was evident some of them were half trashed but it as long as she had someone to talk to, she didn’t really care.

She took a timid seat next to one the guy she remember as David’s friend and smiled nervously at everyone. She hated situations like this. In fact, she hated most social situations in general.

The three guys—and one girl that was sitting on the last guy’s lap—laughed at something for a moment before any of them turned to give her acknowledgement. The least sober of them smile and her nodded in her direction. “You’re David’s girl, right?” He wasn’t very good looking. He had a long face and a pointed nose. His eyes were clouded over by whatever he had consumed earlier.

She nodded shyly and the rest of them followed suit and nodded in courtesy too. The girl gave her a once over before making a face. Her blonde her was starting to fade and her brown roots made her face look weird when she raised her eyebrows in disgust at Troi.

Troi looked away to the guy pointing at her. Apparently, he remembered.

“Yeah, I know you!”

She smiled a little; glad she was being recognized and the first guy offered her a bottle of beer. “I’m Justin. What’s your name again?”

“Troi,” She half whispered and clasped her hands in her lap. It was uncomfortable for to be with anyone at this party without David by her side, she didn’t know anyone.

“Want one?” He said, shaking the bottle lightly. She sat up, still feeling like an outsider.

“Oh. Sure, yeah.” She said quickly, taking the bottle. “Thanks.” She took sip while reminding herself not to act so utterly lost and shy. It wasn’t cute.


“Are you okay?” Justin peered at her lazily. “I promise I didn’t do anything to it,” He assured her as he handed her another drink. This one was darker. And Stronger. Wouldn’t be surprised.
She stared at the drink in her hands for a moment before looking at him. He winked, sending her into uncomfortable state and he sat down next to her.

“It’s just something I mixed up but it tastes like heaven, Try it.”

There was no where to scoot over to so she took a sip, adding a cringe and a wrinkled nose to her expression. It was like vodka, something she had only tried once, and fruit and some other stuff all mixed. It didn’t taste bad but it had a horrible aftertaste and it burnt like hell when it went down her throat.

“That bad?” He teased and she shook her head no out of politeness.

“It’s fine.” Her voice was thick with distaste.

“Good.” He leaned into her and she froze; the awkwardness settling in.

“So…where did the others go?” She asked nervously, leaning away from him and trying to make nonchalant at the same time. The room was unexpectedly empty and that bothered her.

“Dunno.” He shrugged, eyeing her drink in a way that made her feel bad for not liking it.

She could smell his breath, it reeked. Her impulses were telling her to get away but even if she had tried to his grip on her wrist wouldn’t have given her a chance. She opened her mouth in confusion.

“Uhh, dude, Justin.”

She lifted arm, pulling away from his grasp and he smiled; a feral bearing of teeth that made her stomach turn.

“Sorry ‘bout that…” He smiled then lifted his bottle to his lips. She took a small sip of her own to avoid saying anything at all.

Her phone vibrated again.

Fr: Patrick
Are you alive?


Fr: Patrick
Well, you didn’t text me back.

I didn’t feel the need to.

Fr: Patrick
When are you coming back?

Whenever I fucking feel like it. True, she was being mean but he deserved it, right?

Fr: Patrick
You never told me where you were.

Somewhere near Fenley street, I think. Now stop texting me. Kthnx.

Justin leaning back into her. “Who are you texting?” he slurred.

“No one important,” she pushed him away.

“You were texting like it was important.”

She shrugged. “So?”

“You’re cute when you’re mad.” His hand was dangerously close to her knee and she was not having that.

“Can you back off me, please?”

“But the party’s not over yet, babe.”

She glared at him, stunned this was actually happening to her of all people. Its not like she was pretty or anything. She didn’t even have a sexy body and on top of that she just didn’t want it happening to her!

“Oh, it is.” She assured him, yanking out of his clutch. She stood up, fully ready to leave when he his fingers snaked around her hair in the most painful way...and pulled.

“Fuck!” She cried out, her eyes watering from the sting. “Stop, that hurts!”

“Then I would suggest you cooperate with me,” He growled.

She had no choice but to let him sit her back down on the couch. He stood in front of her, his body hunched towards her. She shrunk back in her spot on the worn couch as he glared at her, probably trying to decide what to do first.

“I’ll be back,” He muttered, standing up straight. A flash of hope surged through as he turned and walked away. That was easy. As soon as he left, she would too.

“Oh…and the door locks from the outside,” He called back to her as he approached the door. He smiled at expression, enjoying her fear. Her face fell in horror and she stood up to run after him. The door clicked shut in her face and soon after the locked did too. There was no escape.

Was there?

She looked around in frantic measure, her hands shaking. She had to do something before he came back. Something told her that David wasn’t going to saver her now. He was probably to shit faced to save himself.

The only thing she could think of was Patrick.

Of course! You moron, call him!

Her fingers dug in her pocket in frenzy and she thanked whatever God was out there that Justin had been stupid enough to not take away her cell phone.

She pressed her number four speed dial, Patrick’s name appearing on the screen in blue letters and she smashed the send button.

The phone rang, once, twice, three times…then a fourth and her heart fell.

“Fuck, Patrick!” She muttered. Her eyes darted frantically around the room and fell on a bottle. Without hesitation she was crossing the room and snatching the bottle up in fear. Her first instinct was to hide where the door would hide her and she did her best to tip toe to the spot in case he came back.

Her fear was getting the best of her and she commanded herself to breath slowly, less deeply and more calmly. A minute passed before she actually was calm and it was a good thing too, because she could faintly make out the sounds of footsteps drawing nearer.

“Alright, bitch,” The door opened and Justin’s voice was close enough that she took a deep breath and slammed the door back in its original direction and it hit him. Hard, she hoped.

The man stumbled back, his hand cupping his nose. His beer bottle rolled on the floor with a loud thud and Troi stepped out from behind the door to stand in front of him. She pushed him. It was enough to make him slam into the wall and double over. “Asshole.” She told him.

He glared at her through his bloodied fingers. “You stupid bitch!” His words came out slurred and now muffled and she laughed, doing her best to make him feel like shit.

“I think,” she said, kicking him in the side hard enough to make him squeal in pain, “that this party of ours /is /over.”

He groaned in response and she took off. Her hitting steps were muted by the volume of the music but plenty of people turned to stare at her as she raced through the hallways, down the stairs and out the front door.

She hadn’t known it was pouring.

And to make matters worse, and oh yes, it could get worse…

When she trudged her way through the mud to where she thought David had parked the car she found nothing but some other unknown cars staring back at her.

The fuck?

Her mouth dropped open.

Where was the car?!

Even at a moment like this she couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

Dude, where’s my car?

Still, as funny as those few seconds had been it was now fully sinking into her that David had literally left her at this party. Alone.

He left me! I can’t believe he fucking left me! That bastard!

Oh, someone was going to be in pain the next time she saw them.

She closed her eyes and counted to ten; resisting the urge to call David at that moment. There was no point; she already knew that even if he did answer he wasn’t going to come pick her up.

She had no choice but to walk.

And walk she did.

By the time she had made it five minutes down the street she was soaking wet. Her hair matted to her face and she had to keep pushing it away because it kept getting wet and falling in her face again.

“Can’t believe that fucking asshole left me.” She had been muttering curses at David ever since she had left the empty spot of where the car had been. Ten feet down the sidewalk she realized she had no clue where to go.

Her gut instinct told her to call Patrick. He was the only one home, anyway, so it wasn’t like she had a choice of who to call. But she didn’t dare. Her pride had the best of her and there was no way she was calling him, she would rather walk an hour home instead.

Sure, in a car it was ten, maybe fifteen minutes away. But at night, in the rain, on a street she didn’t know, it seemed like would be at least an hour.

Her phone vibrated and she reflexively laughed. Here she was, soaking wet, in the middle of nowhere—funny how that kept happening—and someone was sending her text message. Bet they were all warm and dry.

One New Text Message.

Fr: Patrick
Are you pissed off at me?

At the moment, I’m kind of pissed of at everyone.

She laughed again at the irony of the situation. This was ridiculous. Shit like this didn’t start happening to her until Mr. Stump had entered the fucking picture.

Fr: Patrick
Where are you now?

Why do you keep asking me that? Fuck. Are you my keeper now?

She glanced to both sides before she decided to cross the street to where the streetlamp wasn’t broken. She didn’t feel like being held for ransom anytime soon or worse.

Fr: Patrick
I can’t help it, I care about you. A lot.
A lot, a lot actually.

Her small laughs were turning into giggles now. Either she was finally starting to snap or all that alcohol that Justin had offered her earlier was starting to get to her. Or maybe just the fact that after everything Patrick had gone through to tell her that he didn’t care for her, here he was now telling her that he did. She laughed loudly into the night, throwing her head back. Oh, she was losing it.

Uh-huh. Right. Sure, buddy. And I suppose that you also never meant anything you said to me that night at the party, right?

Fr: Patrick
I didn’t. I was just pissed off and stupid. Please come back to the house and talk to me. There’s something I need to tell you.

By now she was giggling for no reason at all and it never occurred to her that alcohol would take sometime to actually make its way through her system before it took an effect on her.

Yeah, well. When I get home—if I ever find my way home, we can talk. Okay? Alrighty.

Fr: Patrick
Wait. What? What do you mean, find your way home? Where are you? Who are you with?

Duude. Calm the fuck down. I’m walking home.

Patrick stood up from his spot on the couch. His green eyes widened at her response. He was so lost now. And pissed. He took his hat off, ran a hand through his red hair and replaced it back on his head. Why was she walking home all of a sudden? It was late enough as it was, but she WALKING?! It was raining here, it was probably raining where she was too. He paced for a moment.

Just when he was about to text back but instead rolled his eyes. He would just call her instead.

‘Always up or down, never down and out. Dream of demons when you sleep that make you stutter when you speak. Always up or down never down and out Dream of demons when you sleep that make you stutter wh—“ She sang out along with song—it was one of her favorites—before she realized that someone was calling her. She sighed in annoyance—she wanted to hear the rest of the song—and answered the phone.


Patrick’s voice came in so loudly that she had to jerk the phone away from her ear.


She rolled her eyes in irritation. “Damn, Patrick. I’d like to keep my hearing if you don’t mind.” She wasn’t in the mood to hear this boy throw a fit but she had to admit, she was always in the mood to hear him. Damn him and his beautiful voice. “Fuck if I know. He left.”

"He- “Patrick mumbled something incoherent and made a lot of noise before continuing. “Where are you exactly?"

"I dunno. Somewhere about ten minutes from the party we were at.” She rolled her eyes. “Damn. Calm down."

To fight the urge to freak was hard for Patrick. And to say that he didn’t want to yell at her some would be an understatement. Didn’t she realize she was in Chicago? He sighed. “Troi I need exact directions. Look up at street signs"

She sighed back. “It says Magnolia. Why the fuck do you care anyway?"

"I'm coming to get you. Find somewhere to stand out of the rain"

"Excuse you.” She willed herself to stay calm. He always treated her like she was eight instead eighteen. “I NEVER asked you to come get me. I'm quite capable of getting home myself. And its a little too late to get out of the rain, I'm pretty much soaked."

"Why do you always have to—” He growled. “I'm coming to get you so fucking stay put! You know, you wouldn't be in this situation if you'd just listened to me and left him like I said."

That was Patrick. Always felt the need to rub her mistakes in her face.

"You know what? No one asked you! And I wouldn't be in this fucking situation if you weren't such an asshole!" There. Let him have that.

He fell silent for a moment before he sighed. “I don't want to fight over the phone, Troi. Just stay where you are ill be there in a minute."

He seemed to have lost all hope in arguing with her and that kind of pissed her off.

Her temper flared at his casual dismissal. "Oh, but you don't mind arguing with me in person, right? What are you, bi-polar?" She spat the last line at him.

"Troi, just FUCK! I'm trying to be nice here. I'm trying to help you out"

She growled in defense. God, he knew exactly how to piss her off. "Why? I don't understand what you Goddamn problem is. First you tell me you hate me now you're trying to help. It'd be nice for you to make up you're mind for once!"

At this point Patrick was ready to drive off a bridge but the sheer fact that he half wanted to help her and half wanted to piss her off some more kept him on the road. His hands tightened on the wheel in anger. Why the fuck did she get to him so? "My problem is you! And this throwing yourself at me and then a day later having your tongue down my cousins throat. That's my problem."

If he expected her to stay on the phone after that shit, he was downright stupid. HE was the one who had pushed her away. She wouldn’t have ever met David if he hadn’t been such an asshole about the situation and it didn’t matter anyways because he didn’t have a say in what she did. Why did he care so much anyway?

“Ugh, you’re a fucking—Damnit!” She threw one hand out. “—Why do you—” Forget it. She hung up her cell phone and took a look around before she decided to start walking again. She would find her own way, dammit.

Patrick’s mouth dropped open and he brought his phone away from his ear in surprise before putting it back to make sure he knew what was happening? He listened and silence spoke back to him. She hung up on him.

She fucking hung up on him!

He slammed his hands on the wheel. “FUCK!” He shouted before making a face and wincing in pain. The blinding light of his car beams illuminated someone up ahead and he momentarily of forgot his pain as he squinted to see who it was.

Short, dark hair, wearing a hoodie. That most definitely was Troi. He breathed a sigh of relief even though he was most certainly pissed of at her at this point in time and drove up so he was beside her on the sidewalk. He rolled down his passenger side window on the stupid gas guzzling Hummer Pete had made him buy and slowed enough to keep up her with her.

Somewhere behind her light shone, lighting up the sidewalk before her. She would have stopped but she figured that it was just a pass car and kept on. It took her a few seconds to realize the car was following her not passing her.

She reflexively stiffened and walked a bit faster before the car that she recognized as Patrick’s Hummer pulled up next to her. He rolled down the window.

“Get in.” Oh, he was not happy at all.

“Fuck you,” She replied and kept walking. He however, was not having that.


"I. Don't. WANT. to." She hissed and sped up. "I told you not to come."

Before she realized the car had suddenly stopped following her, he was stepping out into the rain and in front of her. She immediately went to sidestep him and he grabbed her arm and shoved her in the direction of the car.

"I don't give a FUCK what you want. You are going to get in the car and I am going to take you home. You can fucking get yourself killed under someone else’s watch" The way he said it stung. It almost made her feel like he was babysitting her.

"Stop, Let me go!" She yanked away from him, straightening her hoodie. "I'm not under your Goddamn watch and I told you not to touch me!"

He threw his hands up in frustration. "Troi, I swear, get IN the fucking car." He looked ready to explode now but there was stopping her now. "NO. I already fucking told you, and I'm not going to tell you again, I don't want to. I don't even want to fucking be around you. I left for a REASON." She glared at him hoping she had gotten the point across.

He glared back, his expression stiff and cold. "Yes to be left at a party with people you don’t know then ro walk home in the rain. I see that reason so clearly now." His words dripped in sarcasm and he shoved her towards the car.

"You don't know shit,” She countered in defense. “So don't act like you know what did or did not happen." She pushed him away afraid he might actually somehow know what had happened. "When the fuck did you become my father?"

He let his hands drop to his sides in exasperation. "You know what? FINE. Be a bitch. Freeze out here see if I fucking care." He turned to walk away and she waited for him to get in and leave her but when he got to his door he puts his head in his hand looked over at her.

"Troi just please get in the car. You can hate me all you want. Yell at me if it makes you feel better but I just—I need you safe." The words made her head snap up to gaze at him and open her mouth in surprise. She had NOT seen that coming. She stared at him for a moment in silence then climbed in the car.

"Why do you care so much, Patrick? First you hate me now you need me safe….It drives me insane." She confessed.

She bit her bottom lip out of habit. "You confuse the fuck outta me," she told him softly; staring at the glove compartment in front of her seat.

He looked at her and turned on the car then mumbled something that took her a moment to comprehend. “I confuse the fuck out of me too, he said, more to himself than to her.

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