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Qustions are answered, Hearts are Broken (further) and the problem starts to unravel (Even more)

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Happy Birthday to me…

The words were harsh and raw in her ears. The feeling of being trapped in a tightly sealed box seemed to thrown itself around her and proceeded to drown her.

Honestly, how cruel would life be to her before it just left her to misery?

I get it, fuck, leave me alone, okay? I know. I’m not good enough, it’ll never happen, just STOP.

She squeezed her eyes shut like she was trying to block out any images she had just seen and concentrated on breathing.

This is me standing in the arch of your door…hating that look that’s on your face.

God, she hated how she had that, of all songs, stuck in her head just then.

There was a physical pain in her chest, spreading into her body. It would be a lie to say she hated Patrick right then, she really didn’t. That inevitable sincerity that seemed to be programmed into her just wouldn’t let her. On the other hand, she was quite capable of hating Cindee. All of her, from the stupid smile she wore on her stupid face to her ugly, expensive Gucci straps she had on.

Oh, there were plenty of reasons to hate her, and there was more than enough hate in her to make up for Patrick.

This was one of those times that if you’re in this position you stop and think things through—and if it’s your best friend, well, you pull her away to stop certain things from happening.

And if by some chance you are Patrick, well, there’s only one thing to do.


Who do you care for more?

Obviously, Patrick was lacking in some common sense since he still hadn’t answered this question.

Someone seriously should have prepared for what was coming because it wasn’t pretty.

In a matter of split seconds Troi was no longer resting in her spot in the doorway but flying across the room to launch herself unto the person she probably hated the most; Cindee. All coherent thoughts have rapidly vanished and without warning she was on Cindee, ripping apart was she could reach.

If there was any mercy left in her eyes it was disintegrating quickly and it was evident why.

Patrick froze in his spot watching Troi cock her arm back and throw it in Cindee’s face, followed by a loud crack. There was too much blood for it to be okay, he knew that much, but the fact that his feet were rooted to the ground did not help. This was new, that was for sure. He’d never seen a girl actually punch another like what he had just witnessed.

Like snaked entangled in vines, Troi hands made their way through the other girl’s hair and pulled, making the girl shriek in agony—

Okay, rewind.

…Perhaps I over exaggerated a bit—but she was thinking about it.

But on with the story.

“He-ll-o.” Cindee’s abnormally high voice was laced in nitroglycerin. “Get the fuck out, you little bitch.”

That did it.

Troi was leaping forward to attack her wondering if maybe murder was worth life in Prison. In this case it sounded more than welcoming. She was not going to just get kicked out of her room by some worthless slut.

Cindee shrieked, shrinking into herself on the bed, her arms out in front of her face. Before Troi could worry about right from wrong she found herself pushing Cindee back, wishing they were on the edge of a cliff.

“Patrick, get her away!” Cindee commanded as Troi threw her arm back, getting ready to fuck her up.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Patrick’s hands were around Troi’s arms before she could go on and he dragged her back. She resisted nicely, trying to pull away violently, tears taking over.

“What the hell—“ Katie let herself in the room stopping at the doorway to analyze the situation. Andy stopped behind her in bewilderment. Let me tell you, from where they stood, it did not look good.

“You FUCKING ASSHOLE!” Troi cried ignoring the couple’s entrance.

"Who?" Katie was immediately confused “Me? Or Patrick? What's going on?" As if on cue Pete walked through the door, pushing past Andy; a can of Coca Cola in hand and some chips in the other. He pouted. “Dude, how come I wasn’t invited?”

“Shut up!” Everyone seemed to yell at once. Pete immediately stuffed the chips in his mouth; backing up.

It didn’t really matter that Katie and Pete and Andy were there it wasn’t going to stop Troi now.

She broke away from Patrick’s grasp without breaking her glare.

“You had to come to my room? You couldn’t have taken your slut to your own room at least, no, you brought her here. To my room. To my bed!” The music pouring in from the living room seemed to get louder as if to drown out their problems but it didn’t stop her from screaming.

“Did you just call me a Slu—“

“SHUT. UP.” Troi interrupted Cindee in a tone that dared her to go on. Cindee closed her mouth, scooting closer in Patrick’s direction.

“Why? Why would you fucking do that? “Isn’t avoiding me enough? We’re not friends anymore; okay. You don’t like me, I get it!” she threw her arms up in exasperation.

"But I don’t understand why you have to be like that and bring her around me! It’s my goddamned birthday; couldn’t you at least let me have enjoyed it?”

Something in Patrick’s expression flickered for a moment, betraying him and she understood. He’d forgotten. To him it had just been a party. No one knew her, so there weren’t exactly people going around exclaiming “Happy Birthday Troi.”

The sudden yelling scared Pete, who in turn dropped his coke, spilling it on Katie’s feet.

“Pete!” She screamed, causing Andy to turn around and yell. "Guys, what the fuck?"

Troi ignored all of them and turned back to Patrick who hadn’t moved since she’d started screaming.


Patrick slowly lifted his head to meet her gaze but stayed silent. His deep green eyes were shaded in a way that scared her, she couldn’t tell if he was pissed or embarrassed or both. Screaming this way almost scared her. This wasn't her normal way of dealing with things and it both pleased and bothered her.

God, I need to stop. They probably think I have issues right now.

"Um, heh, sorry to intrude on your lovely little party and all, but what the hell is
going on?" Pete interjected, wiping his hands on his jeans.

Troi shot Pete a glare before advancing on Patrick in way that made him want to back up. Cindee sat wordlessly on the bed, smirking away at the situation.

"Why?” Troi repeated in a broken voice. “I know that hate me but why would you bring her into my house? Into my room, onto my bed when you know I can’t stand her?”

Andy’s jaw dropped in surprise; this was not the Patrick he knew. All three friends stood there in complete and utter shock, awaiting Patrick’s answer.

"I don't know." Patrick mumbled out in a small voice. He shrugged and averted his gaze from her stare.

"That’s it?” She choked out, now crying.

Patrick’s eyes flashed. "I'm sorry! I don't know! What you want me to say, huh?"

"Anything but that lame ass excuse!” She said as she threw her arms
into the air in frustration. “God, when did you become such an asshole?”

"Oh, I’m the Asshole?” He laughed harshly. “Why? ‘Cause I have a life and a girlfriend and I’m happy?”

His smile dripped in sarcasm. “NEWS FLASH, Troi: I’m allowed to be happy, too!”

“Patrick,” Pete warned but his call went ignored.

“Baby, she’s just jealous.” Cindee chimed in, earning a defiant glare from Katie.

“Well, what the fuck? What do you want me to say?" Patrick repeated, now raising his voice in anger, "Do you want me to tell you that I fucking hate you? Is that what you want to hear?

He went on, knowing he didn’t mean a word of the crap coming out of his mouth. The words were jus there; it was like he had no control over them.

“’Cause I’ll say it if that’s what you want from me.”

“Patrick!” Andy and Pete cried in unison.

“You shut up!” Patrick replied to his friends, receiving looks of disgust from both of them.

“Forget it.” Troi hissed, pushing past Patrick then the rest of the group. “I’m outta here.”

“Wait, just where are you going?” Katie asked as she began to follow her friend. Andy wrapped one arm around her waist as she neared him and held her back. “She’ll be okay, just let her cool off.”


“Fuck them all,” Troi muttered under breath, resembling a small child. She wiped at her tears with the back of her hand and sniffed.

“Fuck who all?” Someone asked casually as Troi stomped back to the balcony.

“Patrick and Cin—“ David let her fingers rest on her shoulder and he turned her around. At least he didn’t seem too bothered by what had happened twenty minutes ago.

“Hey, Babe what’s wrong?” David asked when she turned her tear streaked face to look at him. He immediately took her in his arms, her tears instantly formings a spot on his shoulder.

“Can I ask what happened or is it that bad?”

She shrugged. “I’m surprised you didn’t hear it, we were yelling our lungs out.”

“Well, I heard something.”

“Like the sound of a heart breaking?”

“Aw, come on, it wasn’t that bad was it?”

“Yes! Yes, it fucking was!” She cried and pulled away from him. “I don’t understand why he had to be that way!”

“Troi just let him go. He’s No one.” David’s words like a douse of cold water. She couldn’t just let him go, not when he had her wrapped around his finger. On purpose or not, she had it bad for Patrick and that wasn’t something she could just ‘let go.’

“David, I can’t just let him go! I—“

“Yes, you can!” He insisted pulling her back into the embrace they had shared moments ago. “Just be with me instead.”

“We just met!”

“So? I’m not saying marry me, I’m saying be my girl.”

The answer was absurd and unexpected that she paused for a moment in surprise. She hadn’t been expecting that one at all.

My girl.

It was strange way to look at things; she had never been anyone’s “girl” before. The feeling was foreign to her and she wasn’t so sure she wanted to get to know it yet.

A shiver ran up her spine as his fingers brushed it in silence. It just wasn’t the same. She liked being hugged but it was best when it was by Patrick. She liked to laugh but it was funniest when it was Patrick making her laugh and she wanted to be happy too, but she was never going to let it go, she was never going to be fully content unless it was with Patrick.

Can say you a life of misery?

“Umm…David,” she began, taking a deep breath. It was better if she just told him now, she didn’t want him to take it the wrong way.

He silenced her, pressing his lips into hers in hunger. His hands tightened around her waist, bringing them closer—if that was possible, and he lets his kisses fall on her lips repeatedly, making her sigh in content. Any thoughts meant to counter this disappeared as he ran his tongue along her lips in appeal and she parted her lips without hesitation. It felt right, but that tiny voice in her head kept begging her to back away.

“No, Um, I think I saw her go that way…Just, I dunno, apologize.” Someone’s faint voice meshed with her swirling thoughts and a familiar one made her stiffen in her skin.

“Okay…I take it that she’s met your cousin.” Andy’s voice said.

Troi broke away from the boy in time to see Patrick shake his head in contempt. Before she could even gather her thoughts, he was walking away.

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