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Dead On Arrival.

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And I wonder if this is one of those "days to remember"...Read and decide.

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Troi was slightly reluctant to follow him; the stranger-boy was her savior at the moment but that didn’t mean that she knew him. Nevertheless, he took her wrist and pulled her threw the crowd of people that were here to celebrate her birthday, though not one of them had so much tried to utter the words “Happy Birthday” to her—not that they cared enough to know who she was.

She was beginning to wonder if Pete only used her birthday as an excuse to party.

Danny or David—or whatever his name was; was careful not let her get bumped or shoved into as they wove their way to the kitchen—or so she figured they were going.

His grip on her was surprisingly gently, like this hadn’t been the first time he’d led her away.

As soon as they were free from high/drunk party goers he released her long enough to grab a chair and scoot their way. Troi smiled, but took a seat on her counter instead, leaving him the chair. David cocked an eyebrow but took a seat.

Good thing she hadn’t had to jump twice, it would have only added to her discomfiture. She didn’t need another guy looking at her funny.

Speaking of which—he was cute—in that bad boy sort of way. And not like ‘Pete Wentz’ bad boy either. From where she sat the lighting gave him a shiny sort of look and his eyes seemed to sparkle when they moved to gaze at her. His face was slimmer than Patrick’s—not as adorable, but good looking, either way. He was taller than Patrick too, more lean and sculpted. She was more than positive that he had a nice six pack under that black tee, hell, it was tight enough to show it. She was faintly aware that she was, even though it wasn’t right, comparing this boy to Patrick. Something about him reminded her of Patrick, but she couldn’t quiet put her finger on it. She was not, however, aware that they had been sitting there for a good five minutes or so in silence.

The boy cleared his throat and Troi sat back, her cheeks flushing. Her eyes met his vivid green ones and for a second a spark of electricity shot through her before she looked away, trying to find something to catch her interest.

With no such luck she allowed herself to have one peek at the strange but beautiful boy before bringing her eyes back down to her hands clasped in her lap.

“So you know you have saved my ass back there right?”

A smile lit up David’s face as he laugh, shaking his head. There was no shyness behind his smile; it was like he had been waiting for her to open up.

“Really? I honestly thought I was saving hers; you looked ready to beat her down.”

Troi rolled her eyes as the silence began to dissolve. “I was thinking ‘bout it.”

His eyes traveled about her face, drinking her in. She was cute—in that ‘dorky, best friend, I would never date you under normal circumstances’ kind of way. Or maybe he could, he didn’t see anything wrong with her. Her smile was genuine but shy, like she couldn’t decided whether to show her true emotions to him.

Why was she so shy?

“So what do you think of this…fantastic ‘lil shindig Pete put on for you?”

The question was simple enough but he couldn’t have known the kind of sadness it brought to her.

She smiled her way through the pain of knowing the guy she would never have a chance with—her ex best friend had probably forgotten what day it was.

“It’s super fantastic.” She said, her voice high and perky, imitating Cindee’s voice.

David raised an eyebrow for her to go one but made no effort to smile.

“Honestly? Ugh. It sucks. I know like… a total of six people here. Two of who I’m currently living with.”

She sat there for a minute, going over her words. Why did everything she say sounds so stupid when she went back over it?

David watched her in silence, letting their eyes meet again before standing up. The chair scraped the linoleum loudly as he pushed the chair away and he effortless hopped up next to her on the counter; never taking his eyes off her.

“And why does that suck?” He stared blankly, unable to grasp her irritation from a lack of situational knowledge.

“Because the g—‘Cause it just does. My Best friend forgot my birthday. That or he just doesn’t care.” She has caught herself just in time. She had almost said ‘because the guy I’m in love with is with a slut!’ but fate had granted her one chance to not make herself seem like a love sick school girl—and any chances fate as handing out, she was willing to take on the spot.

David nodded, rubbing her shoulder. The little circles he was moving his hands in were relaxing. She was quite aware of the little distance between their shoulders. He was close enough that she brush his shoulder without making it look like she’d done it on purpose.

“I’m sorry. It sounds like he has his priorities mixed up. Don’t worry though, it’s his loss.”

The words were clichéd in such a way that she had to look away or else she would roll her eyes. Just because she didn’t know him didn’t mean she was going to be mean and hurt his feelings. Okay, and maybe it was because he was cute, very cute.

“Sounds more like a loss for me than him.”

“Why?” David raised his eyebrows; waiting for an answer. “What did he get? He has a slut for a girlfriend that I myself hate. I just met you and already you’re amazing and when she breaks his heart, because all sluts do, he’ll have no one to run to. Sounds like he’s the one who’s screwed up…”

Troi nodded, swallowing hard. It made sense when he said it…she stopped, “Wait—how did—I never told you who my best friend was…” She shook her head as if trying to process the words. Her forehead wrinkled as she turned her head sideways to shoot him a questioning glance.

David’s eyes widened. He stuttered for the words, looking around and his cheeks flushed light pink.

“I—uh, Pete actually told me…I already know the guys and well, I can’t stand Cindee, and Patrick always used to talk about you…” He smiled sheepishly and looked down. “…so yeah.” His hand came up to scratch the back of neck and she stared at him for a moment.

She finally nodded, adding a shrug to dismiss it.

David appeared more than relieved that she settled for that explanation and motioned for her to take a seat at the kitchen table.

Troi smiled politely but there was an absence in her eyes. She peered around the kitchen in a hopeful manner but the expression faded as she only caught Joe’s figure.

Joe was heading into a full fledged pout as he passed her and when he did, he momentarily forgot he was mad at Andy.

“Hey-hey!” He called, throwing his hands into an elaborate spin of unknown symbols before chunking up the deuces.

Troi raised her eyebrows and giggled and so did Andy and Katie from where they sauntered by to the dance floor. The couples’ antics reminded of Joe of how he was mad at Andy and he crossed his arms before stomping away again, calling for Travie.

“So…” Troi turned her attention away from the man stuck in a high-six year old’s body back to David.

“So…” He mocked her, leaning in. She sucked in a quiet breath and stared, forgetting the point of the conversation (if there was one).

The boy smiled at his ability to make her shy enough to not speak and moved his head, waiting for her to say something.

She gulped and opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Her cheeks started to flush at this and she silently wondered if she had mental problems.

In her head, the words were processing perfectly, she knew what she wanted to say but she couldn’t seem to get her mouth to function properly.

“So…we…should…go…” The words were the last of what she expected to flow from her mouth but there they were anyway. “Um…we should go…outside.”

David lowered his head in a questioning way and let a smirk roll across his pefect lips in a way that made her want to blush. “Yeah…? Okay, let’s go outside.”

He nodded and hopped off the counter gracefully. “You know it’s cold out there, right?” He asked, holding a hand out for her.

She nodded absently, letting the question fly over her head and took his hand, sliding off the counter.

The cold was nothing; she was too busy contemplating how in the world she had gotten in the situation.

Not that she was complaining.

“You know, I fucking hate this song,” Andy commented cheerfully as Katie attempted to do what groups of black girls were doing on the big screen.

The living room was crowded enough without her trying to freak-dance as plenty of other drunken guests grinded on each other.

“So do I!” She called back as he pulled her close, her back to his chest. He wrapped his hands around her waist and they moved subtly, swaying with the beat. Katie could feel his smile as she leaned against him and moved slowly, dancing on the thin line between sexual and mutual.

Instinctively, the drum beat found it’s way through his body and like second nature he tapped out the rhythm on her waist.

A giggle escaped Katie’s lips and she swatted at Andy’s fingers.


The words sparked another smile in Andy and he deviously pinched the little skin she had there making her squeal and jump.

“Ah-ha!” He cried accusingly, pointer a finger at her as she turned to glare at him. “I found your weakness!”

She playfully slapped his accusing finger away and narrowed her eyes at him. The smile behind her dark expression was a clear give away that there was something brewing in that mind of hers.


Andy stuck his tongue out; giving Katie the same reply that Troi had given her so many times.

“Mmkay, I see how it is, just watch yourself Andrew Hurley, I know a trick or two.”

“I know a Trick, too!” Andy joked, poking Katie in her weak spot.

She jumped again, this time grabbing his arm and pulled him forward.

Andy gave her the benefit of controlling him for the next few minutes and allowed himself to be pulled closer.

Katie took the liberty of letting their faces drift closely and smiled when she stopped—inches away from his lips. She smiled darkly and Andy leaned forward, eager to close the gap between them.

She wordless backed away, still keeping a firm grip on the boy’s hand and let her other rest just below his waist. If anyone knew how to tease, Katie did. Of course, she only used her powers for good—except for this one time…

Andy pouted; his clear intention had been to kiss her and she wasn’t making it easy. His hooked his arm around her, pulling her back to him until they were practically pressed against each other.

Katie let her hand slip low and ‘accidently’ rub the top of his thigh.

Andy immediate pulled away, looking around nervously. If there weren’t a trillion people around them right now, there would definitely be a green light on his forehead. Katie could see his defenses weakening already and smiled. Now who was the weak one?

“That was so not fair,” Andy whined. The disappointment was evident in his tone; he was so falling for her.

“I warned you,” was all Katie replied, shrugging.

He groaned in response. “Ugh, you suck!”

She laughed, her head tilting back in a carefree way. She was just so Goddamn perfect.

“Not on the first date.” She grinned widely, knowing she was getting to him.

“Dork.” Andy mumbled, trying to use her insult.

“I know I am,” was her reply, completely voiding the point of it.

Andy groaned again and rolled his eyes, pulling her back. The music was shitty but it all seemed to fade away when they touched.
How she gone from wanting to shoot herself in the head to being pulled outside by some beautiful boy was beyond her.

She passed no objection as David pulled her out to the balcony of their apartment/condo whatever it was, like he’d been there a million times.

He leaned on the railing, looking down and smiled as turned to him. He instantly met her eyes, a smile playing at his lips.

Wow he gorgeous.

As far as Troi was concerned, she had to be dreaming.

It might have not been exactly who she had pictured to be starring in her dreams, but he was by far pretty damn close!

She still couldn’t figure it out. This boy…he was nothing compared to Patrick, okay, so he was gorgeous and nice…and funny...but still, he was no Patrick. Yet something about him drew Troi in. Whatever it was, it reminded her of Patrick.


Patrick, Patrick, Patrick.

Why was everything about him? He was no one!

He was a jerk, an asshole, and an idiot, but he was no one! So why was she here wishing this guy was Patrick? Why was she trying to figure out why he reminded her of Patrick so damn much??

Forgetting who she was with, Troi shook her head as if her thoughts would scatter into incomprehensible pieces.

David stared.

He was doing a lot of that lately.

Her cheeks flushed immediately when she realized what she must have looked like. “Sorry…” She mumbled, her voice trailing off. Why did always do something stupid?

The boy continued to stare for a moment, letting an awkward silence settle in before he bursted out laughing. “You are so…dorky.”

“Hey thanks, wait, HEY!” She made a face and giggled, realizing what she had fallen for. “You don’t even know me like tha—“

“Shut up.”

She stopped laughing. “Huh?”

“Shut up,” He repeated, trying to hold back laughter.

Troi was suddenly aware of the very little space between She and David.

Funny how that space seemed to be getting smaller and smal…

She looked up, confusion settling. She hadn’t expected his face to be so close…so pretty…and next to hers…

She flushed, the heat rising in her neck and swallowed hard. The last time she had kissed someone they ended up hating her. But his lips really did look soft…
Not like Trick’s..but…

“Um, David?”

“Troi, shut up.” He growled, pulling her close. She did just that. The hair on her arms stood up as he ran his hands over her arms, keeping them warm. If he didn’t she would surely freeze, seeing as her dumb ass left her hoodie inside.

His touch was a rush of heat, making her sigh in content. He took that moment as opportunity, brushing his lips against hers lightly. It wasn't what she expected, but there was something there. Either way, he was warm and she was enjoying the feeling of his arms wrapped around her.

She was back to looking down when she felt his finger run under her chin, making her look at him in surprise. Almost immediately his lips were on hers again and she pulled back, pressing her hand against David’s chest gently.

“It’s kinda of cold out…here.” She mumbled, clasping her hands together. David’s mouth opened in a wordless protest and she turned, heading back inside, leaving him at the balcony.

Almost instantly, the rush of the heat from inside hit her sending a shock through her body. Her stomach turned and she rushed through the crowd, fighting to make it to her room. She just needed to sit down and think about what had just happened.

The walk to room seemed like the longest she’d ever been on. It was like one of those stupid dreams you see in movies where the door gets farther and farther away.

By the time she reached the door, her hands were shaking from confusion. Her main focus was to just go to sleep; Pete was just going to have to get over it.
She didn’t even notice the two people entangled on her bed until she heard the girl moan; sucking the boy’s kiss.

At that moment time seemed to slow down, it to had to have because there was no other way explain the way she noticed every detail of the way Cindee’s perfectly manicured hands were draped over Patrick’s shoulder, or the way he hovered over her, his lips at her neck. Thank god they still had their clothes on.

The sight made her mouth drop into a small “O” and she stared, trying to control her breathing.

If Cindee hadn’t spoken she would have still be standing there, wanting to trip into a hole and disappear for ever.

“What the Hell, Get out.” Her voice was still as high pitched as ever and God only knows if more annoying.

Troi blinked. Wasn’t it her room…?

Instantaneously, Patrick’s head snapped up to catch the expression on Troi’s face.

Had someone run up behind her and kicked her in the stomach because that’s what it felt like…

Patrick swallowed hard, trying to find the words. “Troi---It’s not—Oh shit!” He squeezed his eyes shut.
“I’m sorry!” he blurted out.

Troi blinked back tears, nodding through his words.

She laughed; her voice raw and harsh. “Its okay, Patrick. Why should you be sorry? I’m the idiot."

Patrick clambered off it Cindee, the embarrassment prominent on his cheeks. “I really am—“
He started towards her, hand outstretched.

“Whatever,” she shrugged away from him, laughing through her tears. This could only get better and better.
“Happy birthday to me.”


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