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[Are Irrelevant] Oh, Decisiveness has never been a strong point for Patrick.

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A look of jealousy crossed Patrick’s face as he shuffled back into the condo. Any attempt to disguise the emotion failed miserably; it would have been so pathetically obvious to anyone who had just witnessed that scene but for the love of Christ, he couldn’t help it.

“Dude, you can’t act like you didn’t see this coming. Be side’s you’re the one who said all that shitty stuff to her back there and plus you’re with Cindee and—“

“Fuck off, Andy.”

“Don’t get mad at me, I’m just saying, don’t even start ‘cause I see that look on you’re face and you’re pissed.”

“I’m pissed because of the way she’s acting!”

“Oh, okay. Sure. You can bring a slut into her room but she can’t get mad?”

“Cindee isn’t a slut.”

“She acts like one.”

Patrick stopped dead in his tracks to turn to his friend. “Don’t fuck with me.”

“Oooh,” Andy rolled his eyes and kept walking, steadily making his way back to the fridge where there were more bottles of water. “All I’m saying is she has a right to be pissed.”

“Oh, and I don’t?” Patrick snapped, taking a beer from the pack beside the bottles of water. /What a weird place to put beer next to/…he shook his head and turned back to Andy who was steadily drifting into his own world because at the moment Patrick’s screw ups just weren’t important enough, he’s brought it upon himself.

“Ha.” Andy laughed dryly. “No! Why the fuck are you even pissed? It’s not like she did anything, she didn’t take some asshole into /you’re room/…which technically would be her room since the apartment is hers.”

“Shut up, please…” Patrick groaned, peering into the living room for any signs of the couple.

Andy put his hands in the air. “Okay, okay, just saying…”

“DUDES!” Pete scampered in. Once again, his left hand was filled with cool ranch Doritos and the other held a bottle of Heineken beer. It was funny how that kept happening, especially since he should have been holding a bottle like Andy’s.
“I just won at shotgun beer, like, four times in a row! Seriously, I fucking kicked this little boy’s ass.”

He staggered around the kitchen, stopping right in front of Andy and hugged him. Andy struggled against the bass player in disgust. Only Pete Wentz could get this drunk in such a short amount of time.

“/Jesusfuck/, Pete, being straightedge means NO drinking,” Patrick explained, emphasizing the word ‘no’ as if he were speaking to a four year old. He stared at him expectantly. It was slightly sad to see Pete this way; he hadn’t drunk any alcohol in close to a year.

“Yeah, I know, but this one kid was all ‘I can beat you,’ and I was all ‘Pssh, no way,’ so I totally had to whoop his ass---“

“Ewww, go talk in front of Patrick’s face, you’re breath smells like beer.” Andy pushed Pete away and Pete ignored the gesture, continuing the conversation in front of Patrick.

“Ugh, step back a little,” Patrick mimicked the face Andy had just produced and pushed his friend back some.

”Awww, Lunchbox is mad, isn’t he?” Pete giggled from intoxication and pouted at Patrick in a childish sort of way. Andy took a swig of water and grinned.

“Pretty much,” Andy nodded, enjoying Patrick’s irritation. Patrick flipped him off.

“Is it ‘cause Troi found someone better? Cause she did.”

“Fuck you!” Patrick glared at the boy and fixated his gaze on a cup sitting on the table. Everyone was turning against him, those traitors.

“What? It’s true. I saw them outside a while ago; they were getting h-o-t hot.”

Pete smiled at his exaggeration and Patrick flipped him off too. He made a face as Pete cocked his head to the side and laughed. “Aww, Tricky’s got a crush. Heeeey, where’s you sl—Cindee?” He coughed, catching his mistake despite the level of his intoxication.

Patrick rolled his eyes. It was sad how he really didn’t feel the urge to defend Cindee’s honor. Maybe because she didn’t have any. “I do not have a crush, that’s stupid. And I don’t know; she’s probably in the living room or someplace.”

“As long as the bitch isn’t near me,” Andy muttered and hopped off the counter. “I’m gonna go find Katie.”

“You’re leaving me here?” Patrick whined gesturing to Pete who was would now be his only solace.

Pete smiled grandly. “Isokay, buddy. I’m practically a professional! Have you read my book? It’s titled: ‘The mirror.’” Pete used his hands to project the title in the air. “Doctors always name their books shit like that…”



“Fuck.” She breathed, taking a step back from David. The boy’s expression flickered for a second, too fast for her to decide what it was and he placed one hand on her waist, eager to kiss her again. She protested and pulled away. This just wasn’t the time. Suddenly his touch felt wrong and the guilt crept over her features. It really didn’t matter when you looked at it the situation, because well,

a) She was single and Patrick was taken.
b) Patrick didn’t like her anyway so there was no reason to not see someone else
c) Who gave a flying fuck?

She dragged her eyes back to the partially open door Patrick and Andy had disappeared through, Was it just her sick fantasy or had she registered jealous across Patrick’s face?


Seriously, come on. She had just had a fight with him; the only jealousy coming from him at the moment might be from the fact that he was stuck with Cindee and she was not.

“I should go apologize…” She mumbled to herself, earning a look from David.

“Weren’t you just crying was because of him? Why should you apologize? You haven’t done anything wrong, I’m sure its his fault.”

“No, its mine,” She said, defending Patrick. Which made no sense at all, but there she went anyways, secretly hoping she would one day have a chance.

God, Patrick had a thing for shitty timing. Okay…I take it that she’s met your cousin.

Her eyes widened and she froze replaying Andy’s voice.

They’re cousins?!

Her jaw dropped, bordering on cartoon features and her eyes widened.

The expression was an evident giveaway and the boy before her shifted uncomfortably, waiting for her to say what he knew was coming.

“You’re cousins?” She demanded.

“Um,” He laughed nervously. “Yeah.”

His hand came up to rub the back of his neck and he looked around for something to change the subject.

“And you couldn’t have told me?”

“Well, I didn’t want it to be weird and—“

“—And that wasn’t just weird for you??”

“A little, but I mean—“

Ugh!” She groaned and let her head fall back. “I can’t believe this. This would only happen to me,” She muttered. The sheer fact that they had to be related was enough to make her want to slam her head into a wall.

“Oh, come on. It’s not that bad.” David reached out to place a hand on her arm and she jerked away.

“Please don’t. Not right now.” One hand rested on her forehead to rub her temple. “Oh god, this is so stupid.” She muttered.

“Does it really bother you that much?”

“Yes!” She answered; astonished that he didn’t feel the same way.

“He’s your cousin, doesn’t that bother you?”

“Well, it’s not like you two were dating or anything. And to be honest we don’t really like each yeah…I don’t know, I think I’ll live.” His tone gradually went from casual to slightly irritated.

She let out a barely audible sigh in response and looked around as if the answer to her problems might be found somewhere on the balcony. David made a grumbling sound and glared at her then. “How ‘bout we go inside? It’s fucking cold. At least in their in there you can stare at your precious Patrick.”

The bitterness was evident in the boy’s voice and the change of tone made Troi look back at him. Now she felt bad.

Her lips parted in a wordless stutter and she tugged at her hair out of habit. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, I like you but—“

“Yeah, whatever,” He huffed, taking a step in the door’s direction. “Keep your fucking clichéd excuses to yourself.”

She let out an exasperated sigh once more before catching up to him and pulling him back. That tiny voice in her head commanded her to stop him from leaving; from letting the only guy who had ever shown her any interest walk away.

She didn’t stop to give the action a second thought or even to ponder whether it was justifiable, instead she spun him around and pressed her lips into, letting the moment sink into her. His lips felt good, even if they weren’t Patrick’s and to be honest it felt nice just be this close to someone.

The stiffness in his posture slipped away and within seconds he was kissing her back and taking a hold of her waist in that I-think-we-could-be-something-sort of way.

Their lips found each other satisfying for another two minutes before he pulled away and gave her a look of amazement. “That was…surprising,” His voice was soft but sweet and amused. She liked the sound of it.

“Surprisingly good or surprisingly weird?” Her eyes tilted up to match her smile.

“Both,” He teased, giving her another peck on the lips. “But mostly surprisingly good…really good.”

They laughed together and she rolled her eyes, letting him take a hold of her hand. So this was what it was like to be someone’s ‘Girl.’

She could get used to this.


[3 weeks later]

“This town always has the suckiest Vegan restaurants.” Hurley threw down the phone book and went back to the laptop on the kitchen table.

“And you’re just now figuring this out…?” Katie couldn’t help but tease him.

“Well, I figured there would be something.”

Katie took a seat in Andy’s lap and shook her head. “Nope, there’s nothing.”

“So I see.” Andy made a face and pretended to growl before wrapping his arms around her. He typed in a search for Vegan restaurants. He was by far determined to go eat some place amazing.

“Why don’t you invite Pete and Troi?” He suggested, though it was evident he wanted to be alone with her.

Katie snorted. “Pete swore—and I quote—‘I will never, ever go vegan again. Ever. Not even, vegetarian. The cows and I have made a deal and as long as I’m nice, I’m allowed to eat good food,’ remember? And Troi tried being one for like…two days and failed. Miserably. Plus she has David over.”

Andy smiled at the memory of Pete declaring his stand against never eating meat again; good times.

“Mmkay, we’ll just go alone then…I’m a fun guy.” Andy raised his eyebrows suggestively. “I’ kick ass at twister. Wanna play?”


“Kidding, kidding.”

“Sure, sure…” Katie said, planting a kiss on his cheek.


"Okay, see now…that would be my seat." Katie said walking over to the driver’s side door. She tapped her foot in wait.

"Yes, but I have the address." Andy said, wiggling the paper in front of her and sticking out his tongue.

“Ugh. Fuckmuffin.”

They drove about an hour singing duets to random songs that came on the radio and mimicking today’s top forty hits that sadly contained pop princesses that were on the verge of buying mental institutions and rappers who thought they were hard because they’d been shot numerous times. When they arrived the restaurant Katie stared at the menu in confusion. She was a strong vegetarian, but this place was like Vegan central and that made it harder to order some stuff. Andy ordered for her, purposely not telling her what he’d ordered because he knew she would ask until she found out.

Before they knew it, their food had arrived, and their waitress set down their food, another girl tagging along behind her. This one didn’t waste time; she got straight to the point.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT! You're that one dude from Fall Out Boy! The drummer, right?

“His name is Andy,” the waitress supplied.

“Yeah, Andy!!”

Andy smiled politely. “Hey.”

"Fucking wow, you guys are amazing; I listen to you every day. Cause, Pete is fucking hot, yeah. Wow, is she your girlfriend? She’s…nice. She’s nice, right Heather?”

The girl turned to Katie. “You’re nice!”

“Yeah, like, totally.” The girl chimed in; giving Katie a fake smile.

The girls turned back to and but didn’t try to hide the fact that they were obviously there to check Andy out.

“So Andy, maybe when you’re free we could go out or something,” The waitresses friend said, heavy on the ‘something’ part.

Andy turned a light shade of red and snapped his head to Katie to make sure she wasn’t going to slap anyone.

It was obvious to anyone with a spark in their brain that Katie was not gripping that metal fork for her amusement.

Before the two girls could say another word Katie was leaning over the booth, one hand taking a hold of Andy’s shirt and pulling him forward. She pressed her lips into his causing him to raise his eyebrows in momentary shock before kissing her back.

“Ew. What's she have that we don’t?” The waitress’s freeing spit at Andy as he pulled away from Katie who was now turning to glare at them. What was she, invisible? Smiling sweetly she sat back in her booth and showed the girls a choice finger.

"Bitch please, go fuck yourself.”

"No thanks.” Katie smiled slyly at Andy. "I already have someone who'll do it for me."

Andy let out a laugh and shrugged at the two girls. “She aint lying.”

Without saying another word, the two girls stalked off, possible discussing ways to poison Katie. Note to self: Don't order any more food or drinks.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.” Katie said meekly, however her smile didn’t fade.

Andy chuckled. “That offer still stands, right?”


“You know, I like this…”

Andy glanced up to catch Katie’s small smile as they made their way around a park a few minutes from the diner they’d just gone to.

“You know what?” Andy teased, his eyes glittering. He stopped and Katie followed suit, turning to face him. “What?”

“I like you.” He told her, taking her hand and pulling her into him. He swept a bang away from her face and very gently laid a kiss upon her lips. He froze in his spot, letting the feeling sink in for a moment before releasing her.

“No, wait, I wasn’t done.” Katie pouted. She took his face in her hands and brought their lips back together.


Patrick took his time walking up to her bedroom door. He didn’t want to go through this; it would make him feel stupid. Well, not too much more since he already felt that way, but still. What if they were in there, right now? Making out or something.

Not that he cared or anything. He snorted to himself. They could do whatever they pleased, he didn’t care. Not even a tiny bit.

So why was he still out there in the same spot he’d been in for the last five minutes?

He sighed to himself. Because it just wasn’t something he really wanted to see. Not because it would be gross…but because maybe…he might be a little jealous.

He stopped in his tracks. Jealous? Why would be jealous? This was Troi…
This was his (Ex) best friend…she wasn’t pretty….she didn’t really count…did she?

Nah. He shook his head, making his head hat go askew a little bit and glared at the door. He hadn’t expected this to be so hard.

My, my, when he was the one suddenly feeling left out, glaring at the front of a door while his best friend made out with someone, it wasn’t so fun.

He let out a breath of stress and pulled his cell phone outside, pushing speed dial #1.

Pete had better come through for him; it was definitely his turn to return the favor.

His friend answered the phone immediately with that annoying tone that made Patrick want to punch him for knowing him so well.

“You can’t figure out how to apologize, can you?”

“Do you always have to start out conversation on the phone with stating my problems?”

“It’s what I do.”

“Fuck you,” Patrick replied, turning around and heading for his room.

“So are you going to tell her the truth or you playing the asshole card for another few weeks?”

Patrick glared at his phone. Pete was lucky looks couldn’t kill or travel through phone.

“Just tell her you love her.”

“I don’t,” Patrick scowled back, knowing it was a lie. The feeling was there, he felt something, he just didn’t know what entirely.

“You are the worst liar I know.”

Patrick glared at the phone in his hand; he hated it when Pete spoke to him in lyrics. “Fuck you, Wentz, don’t talk to me about lies.”

“Then don’t tell shitty ones.”

“Remember when you couldn’t find your phone that time we went on tour in Arizona and you never found it?”


“I threw it in the hotel pool, I was pissed and you had dropped it, so I chucked it.”

“You little fuck!” Pete cried. “You gave me a fucking lecture about keeping up with my shit for like, hours! Fucking Liar.”

“Point made,” Patrick snorted back.

“Do you seriously listen to this?” David flicked a Nat King Cole Cd onto Troi’s bed then went back to shuffling through her Cd collection.

“Yes!” Troi snatched up the Cd defensively and set it on her drawer. “This Cd is—hey!” She snatched up the Cd of The Cure he had thrown her way and she shot him a look before setting it on top of Nat Kind Cole. “Quit harassing my Cds.”

“I’m not harassing them,” David said, wrinkling his nose at another one. “I’m reinitiating apartheid within them.”

“Shut up,” She chucked a pillow at him, hitting him in the side. “You don’t have permission to reinitiating apartheid within my Cds.”

“Pffft. If I do, will you punish me?” He raised eyebrow and Troi shook her head and rolled her eyes.

“I was never good at punishing people, I’m too nice.”

David left the Cd collection and joined her on the bed. He immediately leaned in close to her. His green eyes were bright with intention; his breath was warm on Troi’s cheek. David smiled, his hand touched Troi’s waist, fingers cool and careful, and when his mouth caught hers she closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss.

“Then let me teach you,” David muttered, pushing her onto her back.

Someone knocked on her door and Troi sighed, breaking away from David. “Great. Hold on.”

She opened the door and there stood the great Patrick. His voice could melt souls and now his words could break hearts.

David sat up, shooting a glare at Patrick and watched them.

“Hey…” Patrick was pretty sure that in the past five seconds as she had opened the door he had already made a fool of himself.

“Hi.” She answered curtly, blocking his entrance to the room. A moment passed and the two stared at each nervously.

“Um, can I talk to you?” He asked, keeping his gaze on his hands. Troi stared at him.

“Right now?”

“Well, yeah…”

David stood up now, his irritation getting the better of him. There was an obvious point being made when he crossed the room and put a hand around Troi’s waist. “Fuck off, Stump.”

“David!” Troi turned to him with look of appall.

“What? It’s not like he doesn’t fucking live here with you. Let him do it on his own goddamn time.”

Troi turned her glare to him for a moment before turning back to Patrick.

“Just say it. Whatever you want, say it.”

Patrick dropped his jaw, anger boiling inside him. “Dude, can we talk?” He insisted. “Without my asshole of a cousin breathing down our necks?”

David took a step forward but Troi held out a hand. “Stop it, David.”

“Why the fuck can’t you say your shit right here?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Patrick shot back. “It’s none your fucking business.”

“I think it is, since it’s my girlfriend and you just happened to break her heart.” Troi looked away at this, the embarrassment crawling along her cheeks.

“You know what, fuck, Troi. I came here to try and apologize, so can you please tell the fucker hanging on to your arm to back his shit up?” Patrick put his hand to his and willed himself to stay calm. There was more than one reason why couldn’t he stand David and this was only one.

Troi closed her eyes for a moment then gave a David look that pleaded he leave for now and they would talk later. He caught the hint and snatched up his jacket off the hook before pushing his way past Troi then Patrick. “I’ll call you later.” He muttered without looking back.

Patrick let out a breath of relief and pushed Troi backward, walking into her room. Patrick took a look around as she grudgingly let him enter and he raided his head for what he was trying to say.

The door sounded loud in the quiet room as it clicked shut and Troi cringed.

“Break up with him.” He said simply.

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