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How Amazing Is Gerard Way?

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The guys come back for another visit. Frankie and Gee missed eachother!

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Wow! Yesterday was incredibly horrible! On top of everything else that's been going on my boyfriend didn't come to school! I haven't seenmy boyfriend in almost TWO WEEKS. That's fucking incredible. I was sick one Thurdsay then he was sick that Friday then it was sprink break and I was very very busy and so was he, then he couldn't come to school yesterday because.. uh, it's a funny reason actually. But yeah, I would like it if you could make my week better by reading and reviewing! =D Please? Thank youuuu.




I watched as Frankie closed his eyes, they were still beautiful even when closed. I reached out a brushed his long wavy hair from his face. We finally knew that we loved eachother. We loved eachother/. After all these years. I didn't want to wake him up or anything so I sat by his bed, stroking his hair and watching him sleep. Frankie had to be the cutest thing on the face of the earth. He was just so amazing. He was short, had beautiful eyes, cute hair, and on top of being majorly sexy, his personality was just amazing. I never want Frank to leave me ever again, I'll make sure he doesn't. I'm going to make sure that Frank is the happiest person alive, and if I can, then we'll be the happiest /people alive. My mind wanders as I stare off into Frank's perfect face. When will Frank wake up anyways? When will I get to see Frankie again? When will Frank be able to get out of the hospital bed? All of these thoughts terrified me. That's when I remembered that Ray, Bob, and Mikey were still outside of the room.
I quickly got up and opened the door, they all stood there like lumps, leaning against the wall. They slowly made their way in.
"Oh great Gee, you used up all the time that he was awake for yourself!" Bob whined.
It only made me laugh. Frankie'll be awake soon enough.
"Well that wont matter because we're going to visit everyday!" I announced proudly.
Mikey smiled and walked over to me. He pulled me close with one arm but didn't look at me.
"That brings us to the point, Gee. What's going on with you and Frankie?" Oh shit. I totally forgot.
What was I going to tell my band? That I was completely head over heels for Frank Iero? Everything was moving a bit too quickly now.
"Uhm... Can we talk about this later?" I asked putting a hand on my head.
"I still have a major headache from last night." I told them.
It was true, I did have a bad headache, but I just didn't want to talk to them about it. After a few sighs and scoffs we decided to talk about it later. Thank God. We sat in the room until about 6:00, we just talked as Frankie slept. I didn't want to wake Frank so I told the nurse to tell him that we were all coming back tomorrow and that he shouldn't worry. I felt so bad leaving him there. He was all broken and bruised. That's my Frankie. My Princess Frankie. Where was his Prince Charming to come save him from the scary car? So much for Prince Charming, huh? As the guys talked to the nurse about coming back tomorrow and things I walked back over to Frank.
I sat on the edge of his bed and looked down at him. Frank Iero, you are perfect. My hand brushed his hair from his face again, his eyes fluttered open.
"Goodnight love." I whispered to him.
I think he was half asleep, but he heard me. Frank just smiled and closed his eyes again. Before leaving I gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. God I wish I could just sleep here by him.
The ride back was long, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I was still so guilty and ashamed that I did that to Frank, it made me cringe, really. We arrived back to the bus around 6:45. It was still really early but we were all tired. Everyone started to watch V for Vendetta but we all fell asleep with the movie still playing, sprawled about the bus.

-----The Next Day-----


I woke up in the hospital bed, as expected. Yesterday I think the guys visited. Yeah, everyone did, including Gee. My heart jumped for a second. I remember! Gerard told me that he loved me! Gerard Way loved me! I was so happy that I could have gotten up and danced around if it weren't for me being so injured. Apparently I had four broken ribs and some internal injuries. All I knew was that my stomach hurt like a bitch. I had to take medicine now for my stomach and could barely eat any kind of foods. I could tell this was going to be a nighmare. At least I would have Gerard with me. He would take care of me now, despite my condition. I woke up around 2:00 PM, damn, I had slept for so long. You really never realize how tired getting hit by a car makes you until it actually happens. Not only was it a car, but it was a van being driven by a drunk guy. That made me remember how glad I was that Gerard was sober now. It was horrible seeing your best friend like that.
The nurse walked in to check on me as usual. She was kind of dull, like there wasn't much that interested her. Maybe I should talk to her and get to know her sometime? Maybe it would make her day a little better, I was in a band afterall. Wow... that sounded conceited. There's nothing to do until 3:30, when the guys would come by for their now daily visit. I guess I should just watch TV. I asked her to turn the TV to Cartoon Network. Ha, Cartoon Network, I'm such a kid. After I watched TV for a while I realized it was almost 3:00. Wow, only half an hour until I get to see my Gerard. I smiled to myself.
I would die without Gerard. That's weird. I almost did die without him. It made me smile thinking about him. Gerard Way and I loved eachother. It still kept running through my mind. It's like it hadn't hit me or something.
I guess I had just been sitting there thinking for longer than I thought because the nurse peeked in. She walked in and gave me a short talk about the guys visiting. After checking on me a bit she walked out of the room. God. Something about her just seemed too cold. She really should think about changing jobs. Just then the door opened. My heart jumped as Gerard pushed the nurse out of his way.
"Frankie!" He smiled at me.
With all the strength I could muster I smiled back at him and waved. Ugh. I must look horrible. I must be all bruised and dirty, now I wish Gee didn't have to see me like this. Behind him followed everyone else. They all smiled at me. Despite the fact that everyone was mad at me before, it's like seeing that I could have been gone made them forget. Thank you for hitting me car. Heh, wow, I'm such an idiot. All of these thoughts flooded out of my mind as Gerard slipped his hand into mine, sitting on the edge of my bed.
"I missed you Frank." He said, giving me the sweetest, pitiful smile I think I've ever seen.
"I missed you too Gee." I whispered out.
Damn. My voice was still quiet and raspy. I guess I didn't notice it, but I was crying. Fuck, I'm so dumb! Before I knew it Gerard's hand was whiping away my tears and a tear of his own slid down his cheek. He inhaled deeply and bit his lip,
"Oh God, I missed you so much." He sputtered out. His head was in his hands and his elbows were resting on my bed.
I slid my hand up his arm and grabbed his hand in mine. I guess he hadn't stopped thinking about me either. How amazing was Gerard Way?


AGHH. Short-ish chapter. Sorry. I'm having writers block and I've been working on this pretty much paragraph by paragraph for the past 4 days. D= That's a long time! Haha, sorry my children. =) Hope you enjoy! The next chapter will be full of love and aodrable-ness. And it will be better. x3 REVIEW IT HOESSS!

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