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Aboslutely Stunning

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Bob gets a talk from Jaymee and Luna and Billie decides to change outfits but what happens when they have to talk one-on-one?

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"What do you mean it's about Billie? What's happened to her?" Bob asked still confused. Jaymee sighed and Luna tried not to crack up laughing. She let out an overjoyed sigh. He looked at them both and wondered what they meant.
"You don't know do you?" Luna asked him. He shook his head 'no' because in all honesty, he didn't know what they were talking about. "Billie likes you Bobo. She has has a thing for you for a long time and well, she might've liked Pat but she really and I mean really likes you. We also know that you like her too." Bob coughed slightly.
"You do?" He asked them. Luna rolled her eyes and put her hand to her forehead. Bob just wasn't catching on to anything.
"DUH! Why else would we be telling you this if we didn't already know?! Jesus Bob. Sometimes I swear you're Frank in disguise." Bob frowned upon Jaymee's comment whilst Luna began laughing. "So, Robert, what are you going to do about this situation then?" Bob thought for a moment then sighed.
"I'm guessing you'll want me to go and talk to her?" They nodded in agreement as if to say, 'No shit Sherlock' but they weren't that mean to say it. Bob sighed again and ran a hand through his ginger hair. 'I hope I don't screw up with talking to Billie alone. I always up end up doing that.' he thought. When he looked back at where Jaymee and Luna were standing, he saw them walking away. "HEY! Wait up!" He yelled and ran after them. When they got back to the group, they noticed that Billie wasn't there.

Billie's POV

After Bob left with Jaymee and Luna, I rushed back to the bus with my hat back in it's box.
"Tonight is going to be awesome. I just know it. A Chicago show, My Chemical Romance, everything is going great." I said to myself as I came closer and closer to the bus. When I got inside I heard someone follow me in too. It was my brother, William.
"What are you doing here, Billie?" He asked me. I looked at him and held up the box which held my hat.
"I'm changing clothes. Why? Is that a bad thing to do?" I asked him looking confused. William shook his head and laughed slightly then motioned his arm towards the bunk area and the bathroom. I nodded my head to say thank you. I threw my hat at him and ran back there so I could grab my clothes.
"So, why exactly are you changing?" I laughed at his silly question. My brother can be so moronic sometimes. I still think he's adopted but, I'll just keep that to myself.
"My dear William, don't you see? Gir Hoodies and pin-striped Fedoras don't match. That's why." His response? "Ah." When I got to my bunk, I pulled out my pure black long sleeve button down and since I hadn't straightened my hair this morning, my curling iron. I grabbed my plain silver studded belt to go with my wash fade tight jeans and my black skull Anarchics to go with it. I wanted to look perfect. I hope Bob likes it.

Author's POV

A little more than 15 minutes later, William got up to get off the bus when Billie came out of the bathroom with her long, dark brown hair curled so that when she took a step it was bounce a bit, her black eyeliner and dark gray shadow on her lids. A light blush to compliment her fair pale complex, a simple rouge lip gloss and her outfit was completely different. She walked over to her brother and grabbed her hat from him. She put it on in an almost crooked way and grinned.
"Well?" she said looking at him for approval. He looked at her in shock.
"You look beautiful sis. I can't wait to have you on stage tonight. You're going to knock everyone dead with your voice and your looks." Billie blushed at his comment. She gave him a hug in which he gladly returned.
When they got off the bus, they had to hurry back to the venue inside because it was starting to rain a little bit harder but not by much. As they walked back inside, Jaymee was the first to notice her.
"Oh my God. Guys look." She told them. Bob and Luna turned around to see Billie and William walking towards them. They stared in disbelief that the woman with William was actually Billie. She looked radiant in so many ways.
"Beautiful." was the only word Bob could manage to say. Billie grinned and ran the rest of the way over to them.
"Hey, guys!" she said in her almost usual chipper tone.
"Billie, you look absolutely gorgeous." Billie giggled slightly at Bob.
"Thanks Bobo. 'Preciate it." Bob blushed. Jaymee grinned and Luna knew what she was thinking.
"Let's go and let Bob and Billie talk for a little bit. William, are you coming?" Luna said, starting to walk off. Jaymee followed immediately but William was a little more hesitant but walked away with them knowing his sister would and could take care of herself.
Bob looked at Billie and mentally gulped.'Please God, don't let me screw this up. This is my only chance and you're my last hope. Please help me.'
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