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"Bob, It's About Billie"

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Frank and his fiance come over to the small group and Billie is happy to see her friend but what happens when Bob has to get a talk?

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"Hey guys!" a female voice called out. Billie stopped talking to Jaymee and Bob and turned around and there she was. 5'3" with blonde hair, blue green eyes and a smile that could brighten anyone's day. Billie grinned widely and ran towards her then pulled her into a hug.
"LUNA! Oh my God! It's been forever! How have you been?" Luna laughed and gave her a hug in return. Frank rushed over to them short after. He wrapped an arm over her shoulders and panted from lack of air.
"Hey guys, what's up?"
"Hey Frank'n'Furter" Billie teased.
"No! I'm not a fucking transy! How many fucking times do I have to say it?! I'm not Tim Curry!" he half yelled. Billie, Jaymee, Bob, and Luna all nearly fell over from laughing so hard. Jaymee and Billie nearly started to cry because they were laughing so hard. Once they were able to gain control of themselves, they straightened up and wiped the tears from their eyes.
"Oh God, Frank. You should've seen the look on your face when Billie called you 'Frank'n'Furter. It was priceless. If only I could've gotten it on YouTube then we'd be raking in the chips." Jaymee sighed. Bob chuckled.
"Yeah, but I think we should head back over to the main center. They're probably wondering where we all are." Billie nodded in agreement and they all started back for the stage area. On the way there, Jaymee started to poke Billie in the side and soon the poking war began.
"Girls..girls. Ladies. KNOCK IT OFF!!" Billie and Jaymee looked at who was talking and it was William. Billie looked at what he was holding. It was a black box with a lid that was also black and a red ribbon tied around it to keep the lid on. She wondered what it was. Her eyebrow raised every so slightly and as she was about to ask, he interrupted.
"Happy late birthday. Remember, I missed it because of tour." William said as he threw her the box. She shook it slightly to make sure it wasn't breakable which it wasn't. Billie opened the box and squealed when she saw what was inside. It was the hat she desperately wanted for so long. It was a black silver pin-striped fedora. She has seen it in Hot Topic once but she didn't want to buy it because she didn't have the money and she was putting all of her money towards her band.
"Oh. My. GOD! I love it Bill!" She exclaimed as she put it on. Bob laughed at her and grinned. Luna and Jaymee both noticed this. Luna nudged Jaymee in the arm and then pointed at Bob. When they both looked at him again, he was still looking at Billie. He seemed so entranced by her that it looked impossible to tear him out of his little world.
"Jaymee, let's go talk to Bobo. He looked like he is about to go insane from not being able to tell Billie he wants to go out with her. I know you know it because I can tell. Let's go." Jaymee nodded in agreement and they walked over to Bob who was laughing at Billie because she had just tackled William.
"Bob, we need to talk. We as in me, you, and Luna." Bob looked at Jaymee surprised.
"Why? What's wrong? What's happened? What ever it is, I didn't do it. I swear it was Ray. He talked me into it. I--" Jaymee and Luna both put a hand up to stop his talking.
"Bob, it's about Billie."
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