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Andria finds out about a new reality dating show with her favourite celebrity.

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I know I shouldn’t be starting yet another story, but I had to get this idea out in the open before I forgot about it. I’m quite sure there will bee long amounts of time before I update.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. Including My Chemical Romance. It never happened. It's all FICTION.

Weird world of reality;

Dating Gerard Way. Wouldn't anyone one that? Of course, that's the answer. Who wouldn't? Unless you were totally delusional. But, you must be totally desperate to actually go on a reality show hoping to find love. I mean, no one really knows what happens to the ‘happy’ couple after the whole show is over, right? Sure, there’s the heated reunions that’s filled with drama and unseen footage, but then what happens after that. I’d really like to know if the assumed in love couple try and make something work out.

My thoughts won’t get me anywhere, I thought to myself as I continued watching the screen in front of me, which was now playing commercials. I had just seen a preview for an upcoming show. It was a reality show, which is on everyday these days. To be more specific it was a dating show. But I was shocked to see the celebrity that was involved in it.

…Gerard Way. He was on this weird MTV version of The Bachelor. It was like a rock and roll kind of edition. What is this world coming to? It’s not like I wouldn’t give it a try for fun. I probably won’t even qualify for this show anyway. All the time you see thin beautiful women on this show. They seem to know nothing except knowing how to start controversy with each other. My eyes were now starring at the My Chemical romance CD’s on the rack by the television. I really wanted to try and see if things with Gerard would work out with us, I mean, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime, right? Million of girls around the world would probably be rather excited about this, and here I am actually considering this.

The commercial had given details about how to enter this show. I couldn’t quirt remember everything so I waited for the commercial to come on again. With a pad and paper in my hand, I awaited the ad, hoping I had some sort of chance at this thing.

Like it? Hate it? Let me know, yeah. Reviews and rates are awesome (= . This chapter is just like a little pre-introduction. The nest chapter should have more information on names, ages, personalities, etc. So, I hope you liked it.

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