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Chapter 1

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Andria researches some more about the reality show.

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Long enough this time I hope. Just so you all know, it might take some time to get into the plot like most of my stories, so let me know what you think about that please. Because I don't want to rush into everything, but I don't want to drag it alone. Your opinions matter people (=.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. Including My Chemical Romance. It never happened. It's all FICTION.

Chapter 1-
Winning in total;

The commercial came on before I knew it, and I realised I had already lost the pad full of paper and my pen. “Damn it!” I yelled as I searched for it on the table in front of me. I shoved magazines and God knows what else around until I finally found it. I had no idea I could lose something that quickly. Luckily the details hadn’t come up yet, they were still talking about My Chemical Romance. I recognised the song softly playing in the background, which was ‘Helena’. It was one of my favourites, the first My Chemical Romance song I heard, actually.

Soon there was a website that I had to go to sign up for this thing. I quickly wrote it down, and it was then I noticed how messy my handwriting was. Shrugging away the last comment, I got all the details down on the paper. The commercial then finished and I stood up. I walked to the bedroom where my laptop was; yes I have kept up with today’s technology. I always thought the technology of today was kind of scary though. I think we we’re perfectly fine without it, and you never know, computers might blow up one day. But I guess I’ll take my chances and hope my laptop doesn’t kill me.

I grabbed the laptop from my desk, which needed a good clean, and sat down on my bed. I opened the device in front of me, and I turned it on and decided to lean back a bit. I set the laptop down on my side and retrieved some pillows to put behind my back. I grabbed the laptop again, and leaned back and sighed. The screen had now loaded and I was greeted with a ‘Welcome’ as it came across the screen in white letters. My screensaver was now visible and, you guessed it, it was My Chemical Romance. I moved the white arrow over across to the Internet button and clicked it twice. The new screen opened it a matter of seconds my Internet was already connected. I was soon on Google and searching for the MTV website.

It loaded and along with it played some music, something by Rihanna or something like that. I saw a small search engine at the top of the screen. I searched ‘Gerard Way’, and soon multiple links came up. One was for the official My Chemical Romance website, another was a link to their entry in Wikipedia, and at last I found the one I was looking for. It was a link to go to the website to register for this competition, clicking on it, I soon smiled. I actually had a chance with this man. Although many other women will be involved, right now I could care less about them. I’m being a little over confident, I know, but if you were in my position, wouldn’t you be doing the same thing?

The site loaded and I smiled even bigger. It started off with a black background and soon pictures of Gerard Way were on the screen. I looked around the site for a while and found some information about him. It turns out he was in a relationship before this, and was tired of getting his heart broken. Beside a picture of him there was some more writing:

Have you ever wanted to be with Gerard Way?
Are you sick of fantasising, and want the real thing?
Well, here’s your chance!
You could have the opportunity to be with the man of your dreams!
Just follow the simple instructions to enter!

The person who wrote that must have been overly certain that anyone could win this thing. Whoever made this competition was good at getting people’s hopes up, and enjoyed watching their hearts break. There was some side of me that knew Gerard’s wouldn’t have wanted any of that. I’m sure there were companies that helped him with his music somehow managed to get him to agree with this. He was last the person I thought would ever so something like this.

I then read the instructions after clicking on other buttons, and looking a numerous photos of him. It turns out there was a casting call taking place in a few days, they were going to take place in an area close to me. It was about and hour away actually, not too far for my standards. After all I didn’t mind travelling to new places either, so I didn’t really mind at all how far it was. That audition room will be filled, no doubt about that. I wasn't too sure if the true fans would be there. It's not like I'm not one, but, with a chnace to date my hero, I'd have to at least try. I'm, pretty sure some fan girls would be held in the same room as me, and I'd have to encounter them. Who would want that? Drama would definately be involved with this show if I had to come face to face with one those fan girls. Who knows what would happen? I soon found myself laughing, and I tried to focus on what was, literally, in fromt of me.

Scrolling down the screen, I read what was produced on the screen. It gave me the next place for the audition, which was a local college to the next town ahead. I wrote the address down on the pad that I had lost earlier, and smiled widely. I was trying not to get my hopes, but I couldn’t help but think that I could totally win this thing.

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