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The possible end of Pete Wentz

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Patrick is sick of Pete getting all the attention and pushing him around. And, when Patrick needs him, Ashlee comes first. One time Pete pushes Patrick too far.

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Chapter 1

"Pattycakes!", Pete calls. I sigh and grab my guitar case. "What took so long?" I shrug and turn my ipod on. This is gonna be a long ride, I think to myself. Andy looks over at me, "You ok man?" I nod. "He's just hungry", Joe jokes. I glare at him adn turn my ipod all the way up. I lookout the window and sigh. Andy sits beside me and writes on his note book, " You ok?" I sigh, "not really"
"don't wanna talk about it,"
"you should..."
"i know, but i wont."
"ok...well if you need to talk im here..."
"ok Andy..."

I yawn and we get ready on stage, for sound check. Pete hits joe with a guitar strap. I roll my eyes, "Can we get this over with, Please?" "Somebody's grumpy", Pete snatches my hat. "Give it back asswhole." "Ouch. Whassamatter Pattycakes." I snatch my aht back, "None of your fucking buisiness Pete." We set up. "uh...what song Pat?", Andy asks akwardly. "I don't care." "um...Pete?" He shrugs, looking at his feet, "uh...i dunno." "Andy sighs, Joe?" "Dance, Dance?" "sure..."

Pete grabs the last red bull and I groan, since that's what I was going for. Andy and Joe are sharing a hotel room, so I'm stuck with Pete. He looks over at me, "So...are you gonna tell me?" "tell you what?", I snap. "WHAT THE HELL I DID!" I sigh, "Nothing Pete. Your perfect Pete. How could you do any thing wrong, Pete?" "Just tell me!" "No! Why don't you go annoy Ashlee or something and leave me the hell alone. "Ugh! I have a question. What did Ashlee ever do to you, huh? Why do you hate her so much?" "Because, Pete, I-she-you...NOTHING! Just leave me alone!" "No! Patrick tell me what's wro-" My fist collides with the side of his face. "What the hell, Patrick?!?" I grab his throat and shove him against the wall.
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