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ch. 2 It hurts to hear your voice

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I Punch his face and throw him on the ground. His eyes are full of panic. Part of me is trying to stop, but on the other hand, I'm sick of his bullshit. He jumps up as I swing again. "Patrick!", Andy yells walking into the room. His voice snaps me back to sanity and I walk out of the room. What the hell was that?, I think to myself as I walk through the hotel Lobby, I am officially an idiot. I walk a couple blocks, lost in thought, until my phone starts to vibrate in my pocket. I bite my lip and open it, "...Hi." "Pat...waht the hell was that?", Andy asks. "I...dunno..." "Well can you explain to me why his throat is kinda red?" I bite my lip, "I um...held him against the wall by his throat." " Patrick you need to come back." "Why? what if I just loose it again?" "I'll make sure you don't"

I walk back into the room and see Pete freaking out. Great, I'm an idiot I look down. "Ok, it's not the first time one of us has lost it like this.", Andy says calmly, "Once I snaped at Joe..." Pete looks up at me. I sigh, "Look, I don't know what set me off", I lie, "but I don't wanna talk about it." "Well fuck, Patrick, you tried to kill me! I think I deserve some explanation." I grit my teeth. Sleep with your eyes open Wentz. "Well?", he demands. I glare at him and take my shoes off. I turn on my ipod and lay in my bed, facing away from him. He kicks my bed, and I yank my ipod out of my ears. I turn around, "I will fucking kick your ass if you so much as breath in my direction!" He glares at me, "Oh yeah, asswhole? You caught me off guard, try again and I'll beat your ass!" I stand up and push him, "That, so?" He pushes back, "Yeah." I shove him again, "Yeah?" Andy pulls Pete back and Joe grabs me. Pete tries to get out of Andy's grip, but fails. I don't even fight Joe. Wait 'til they leave Wentz I turn on my ipod again and close my eyes, pretending to sleep. Finnally Andy and Joe leave, after Pete cools down. I look over at him, and sigh, "Pete?" He bites his lip, "Yeah?" "I uh...think I'm sorry." "Think? What the hell Patrick? That makes no sense. Are you sorry or not?" I shrug. "No, Patrick you have got to tell me. I deserve to know why my best friend tried to kill me." "Heh, some best friend you are." His eyes widen, "I'm not a good friend? Who just tried to kill who?" I grit my teeth again, "Everyone has a breaking point, and your mine." He looks puzzled, "I'm lost." I shrug, "You wouldn't listen anyway..." "Fucking tell me Patrick Martin Stump!" "Fine! I hate you! You used to be someone I could come to about things. Now, you're on your damn cell phone with Ashlee! In fact ever since you met that whore I haven't existed. And I'm sick of 'Fall Out Boy' consisting of Pete Wentz only! Andy, Joe and I work our asses off and get absolutely NO credit for it." He swings at me and his fist collides with my face. I kick his shin and punch his nose. He punches my stomach, knocking the breath out of me. I gasp for air as he swings again. He knocks me to the ground. If I hit his nose just right, I can kill him
Not a good idea
So what he's askin' for it
I punch his nose and hear it break. "Fuck, Patrick! He grabs his nose. I pause for a second, not knowing what to do. He's distacted...I could easily strangle him
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