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if you watch the show you know that ash is more than he seems.

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Narrator: This is the story of Ash Ketchum before he became a legend…

“Shouldn’t you tell them what really happened?”

Narrator: I’m sure that they’ve already heard it all before…

“But what if you don’t know how Ash survived a blast from Mew and Mewtwo. Or why he’s always being picked as the Chosen One? Or why…”

Narrator: All right, I’ll tell them.


Narrator: In the beginning there was the heaven…

“Wrong story.”

Narrator: You mean this isn’t bible stories with Narrator Nathan?

“Your name is Nathan?”

Narrator: Yeah, but why does that matter. Anyway…” We hear some scuffling as the Narrator looks around for the script, “Ah here it is, anyway, our story starts before Ash Ketchum was a legend, before Samuel Oak was a famous professor, even before the pokeball was made. Pokemon lived in peace on a world far from the one they inhabit now. All Pokemon worked, and played together without problem. When something did come up the leaders for the pokemon’s type would settle the problem. As different as they all were, they all had something in common, they worshipped the God pokemon. Celebi, Mew, and Jirachi had one day. The twins Latias and Latios had another. Kyroge and Groudon had another. Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and Lugia had another. Entai, Raikou, Suicune, Rayquaza and Ho-oh had the last. The problems began when a Bulbasaur named Sapphire and a Flareon named Ragnarock started to fight. The one leader of the water types, a Blastoise named Bubba, and the one leader of the fire types, a Charizard named Lyoko tried to settle their differences. But when they still refused to help one another, it was decided that Bubba and Lyoko would appeal to the great gods.

“Why have you come to see me?” Entai rumbled as he yawned

“There is a problem between our two clans. These two pups can’t seem to get along, and will not listen to reason. We hoped that you would help us.”

“I am busy today, come to see me tomorrow.”

“Thank you wise Entai, we will come tomorrow as you have requested.” Lyoko said as he bowed.

“I told you we should have gone to see Suicune. She is of my sister element and would not ignore us as Entai did.” Bubba accused Lyoko as soon as they were far enough from Entai’s cave.

“But Entai is the peacekeeper of the brother gods, I thought that maybe…”

“Well you thought wrong. Maybe next time you’ll listen to those older and wiser than you and maybe we might get something done.”

“And maybe next time you’ll be able to keep some impulsive little cub from attacking one of my own!” Lyoko growled angrily, a flicker of flame escaping from his mouth, surprising Bubba.

“Did you just attack me?”

“N…N…N…No, I didn’t mean to. Please forgive me friend.”

“Alright friend.” Bubba grinned as he came close, and squirted a bubble beam attack in Lyoko’s face as he did so.

“What was that for?” Lyoko roared, flames now flickering dangerously around his mouth, hands and tail.

“I just thought it was time that someone put you in your place. You Fire types think you’re so great just because you have three god pokemon in your type category, but you’re no better than the rest of us.”

“I’m sick of you, blathering fool!” a flamethrower from Lyoko passed dangerously close to Bubba’s unprotected belly

“And I’m sick of your superiority complex. From now on, my clan and yours are enemies!”

And that’s how it all started, soon every pokemon was against one another for not being of their type, and while they argued, a new pokemon was coming into being, one that fed on negative energies, becoming stronger as the clans bickered. It wasn’t until cubs from each clan started to disappear that the gods started to realize something was wrong. So, the god pokemon had come together to meet about the problem.

“Cubs from the Dark types have disappeared. This is not the first of the disappearances, and it won’t be the last. It is time that we start to investigate these happenings.” Mew stated calmly as he floated above the table. The fact that he wasn’t laughing or playing like he normally did signaled the rest of the gods that there was indeed something seriously wrong.

“I think it’s more important for us to settle the differences between the clans.” Lugia, ever the peace maker said.

“It’s all Lyoko’s fault for attacking Bubba anyway, if that hadn’t happened, there wouldn’t be a battle between the clans.” Groudon growled.

“And if that idiot Bubba hadn’t insulted Lyoko, we wouldn’t be here right now.” Kyroge growled back.

“And if Entai hadn’t sent those two clan leaders away, none of this would ever have happened.” Lugia snarled, instantly quieting the crowd. But only for a minute.

“And if we had never agreed to interfere in there lives in the first place, we would not be here now arguing about how to fix this.” Rayquaza snarled

Soon, every one of the gods was fighting to get their input in, and nothing was getting accomplished. Unnoticed by all, a single unknown floated by, transmitting the entire thing to the strange presence.

“Just as I thought, by the time they realize what is happening it will be too late. Now go my pet, and bring me back more baby pokemon so we may increase our ranks. Soon” he laughed evilly, “Soon my power will be so strong that not even the God pokemon will be able to stop me.”

Mew seemed to hear the evil laughter on the wind, and shivered, for once in his life, he was afraid of what was happening, and wondered about the future of all pokemon kind.

End chapter
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