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Chapter 2 - The Airport

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DarkFire comes across people who want to harm her in the airport!

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Chapter 2: The Airport

DarkFire ran through the glass of the airport doors, piercing the silence with a loud shatter. The airport was large – there were several food and duty-free stores to the right. She had no time for those – she needed to steal a plane – fast. DarkFire heard the distinct sound of boots pounding a hard surface from the left. They were a fair distance away, but would take some time to come. “I’d better take care of them quickly before they tell any other of those idiots… but now, for the security cameras…” DarkFire snapped claws together, and spots of fire ignited the roof. “There, the cameras should be burnt to a crisp now.” The fires extinguished with a pop.

“There it is! There’s the intruder! We only have one shot at this – the security cameras are down!” shouted a male voice. “Attack!”

Two large males, dressed in black all over, ran over to DarkFire. “There, it has no chance to escape now!”

“Who said I had to run?” DarkFire drew out one of her daggers strapped to her belt, and set it on fire.

The guards skidded to a halt just a metre from the flaming dagger. One of the guards was trembling a little. “Um… er… stop there, pyromaniac! Don’t move any closer! I’ll shoot you!!!” He held up his hand, in the shape of a gun.

“Do you really think I’m that stupid?” shouted DarkFire. “That looks nothing like a gun.” She held up her dagger, as though she was trying to stab someone at a very close range.

“Do you think you can stab us with that when we’re so far away?”

DarkFire brought the dagger down, as though she was slashing someone a few centimetres away. The dagger seemed to lengthen with fire. The guards were slightly toasted. “See what I can do! Now, tell me where the planes are.”

“Get away from us!!!” No sooner than that, the guards ran away, afraid of the beast they have just encountered.

DarkFire sighed. “How am I supposed to find where the planes are now? Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go through the baggage checkout and enter as cargo…” She walked further down the wide corridor, to see where people apparently queued to have their baggage checked. With caution, DarkFire walked up to one of the counters, to a conveyor belt for luggage. She gracefully jumped over it, wings flapping slightly to help her over. She landed without a sound, looking at the maze of conveyor belts left and right. “Oh great… how am I going to make it the right way through these? I don’t want to end up being shipped express to Korea with a heap of goods used to make shoes or something…”

She looked up, at a screen above. It read, “This counter for flight QF642 – Express Flight to America.” DarkFire smiled. But she heard more footsteps – more guards. They were all bringing fire extinguishers with them, in case DarkFire was going to burn the airport down. “Hey, there she is! Right next to the luggage handling units!!!”

DarkFire groaned. “Not more of these idiots…”

One of the guards out of the dozen guards stopped. ”Oh wait… we can try to negotiate with her to stop attacking us! Hi, my name is Max. Who are you? I’m here to negotiate peace…oh well…” The other guards were already pounding DarkFire with fire extinguishers.

“Ow… A little help here? Can someone tell me where the flights to America are? Get me a free ticket… please…” DarkFire was simply playing stupid.

“Oh, we can simply beat her up instead of negotiating peace… ATTACK!!!” The remaining guard dived onto the others, trying to beat DarkFire up a little. “Come on, we need her a little more bruised… gee, her skin is tough…”

DarkFire gathered a small bit of fire in her claws. She made the sphere explode, sending fire everywhere. All of the guards were knocked away, sent flying a few metres away, strewn all over the floor. DarkFire stood up, and looked into the counter for baggage check-in. There was a button: ‘Conveyor Bents: on’ There was also a red dial to the right of it: ‘Conveyor Belt speed.’ DarkFire slammed the on button, and switched the speed to highest. There was a slight stench of burning rubber in the air. She leapt into the air, flapped her wings; was airborne. She stared at the conveyor belts, judging by their movement where to head off. She flew of, with a whoosh, into the luggage handing unit.

“Great… we’ve lost her…”

DarkFire halted midair. She looked ahead. There was a heap of luggage in a large metal room – it must be the luggage compartment. She flew ahead, to see a door. Curious, she opened the door up to a crack, and peered inside. “Great, this is business class!” She scanned the area. There were many seats, lined up in neat rows. They were made of black leather, with small screens mounted to the backs of each. “This is just a typical plane here, no surprises…” She scanned further. There was a sign further up ahead, reading: ‘Taking over the World – Meeting. Builders of the airport will be plotting to take over the world during this reward fight’

There were several footsteps approaching. DarkFire dived beneath one of the cramped seats, and waited.
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