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Chapter 3 - The Plot

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DarkFire discovers a plot to destroy Sonic, the heroic hedgehog who has saved the world many times. Is this where DarkFire could finally find a use for herself?

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Chapter 3: A Plot by the Workers

DarkFire heard her heart pounding. What would happen if she was found? She tried to stop breathing so heavily, and tried to relax. People dressed in black suits walked into the plane.

There were at least a dozen of them. DarkFire stopped breathing as the unidentifiable people strolled in her direction, and sat down without a word.

DarkFire heard a female voice on the intercom. “Please fasten your seatbelts and get ready to show your passes to the hostess”

DarkFire heard a ruffling of jackets as the passengers reached into their pockets to reach for their passes. She started hearing voices again.

“Where is your pass, young man?”

“A pass? Who said anything about a pass?”

DarkFire peeked from under her seat in curiosity. She curled up into a ball again after a boy looked in her direction.

“Well, if you don’t have a pass, you’re not permitted to fly on this plane!”

DarkFire heard several meaty smacks, and male scream. The boy had been kicked off the plane – literally. She winced at the simple thought of it.

“Please fasten your seatbelts” announced the hostess. “We will be lifting off in five minutes.”

DarkFire closed her eyes, and saw no more. She fell asleep.

“So… we will be meeting at the alleyway near Triad Street?” She heard a deep, male voice.

“For the last time, yes.” replied a snakelike voice. “Madam, will we be killing the blue hedgehog first?”

The phrase ‘blue hedgehog’ brought back a few memories for DarkFire. She clearly remembered the name ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ from a radio playing when she was stealing food in someone’s house. He had once saved the world from a major villain by the name of ‘Doctor Eggman’. She tried to recall her memory, but her brain was empty.

…”No, we will capture his friends first. That will mean no-one will be there to help him. Then we kill him, and take over the world. This might take a month or so, but it I a good plan” said a young female voice. “Just obey me, and everything will be fine.”

DarkFire did not know what to do. She was a villain, in some aspect – she was a thief. But here was finally something to do. If Kate saw the news, and she was in it, she might be able to track her down. DarkFire, lost in her thoughts, sighed, unheard, and rested.

Several hours later, DarkFire heard voices again. “Gee, what now? Did they discover me?” she thought.

“…and now, Unit 2, strap on your parachutes, we are nearing out jumping destinations. Go to the door; we are descending, and you can almost jump.” It was the intercom.

She saw several black boots shuffling along the blue carpet. “Okay, we are jumping off in 30 seconds!”

DarkFire knew that she was the only one who was not amongst the workers who knew of a plot to destroy Sonic. She had to turn one way or the other…”

“…we are jumping in 20 seconds!”

She knew she would be caught by airport inspectors if she stayed on the plane.

“15 seconds!”

It was either stay on the plane and join the villains to not become caught, or leave the plane, and save a hero… It was one way or the other…


DarkFire turned the entire plane black, shrouded it in shadow. She unsheathed her daggers, broke her seat…


DarkFire flew at top speed – faster than the speed of sound, and headed for the door…


Several men jumped out of the plane, along with DarkFire, flying at full speed. DarkFire flew ahead, knowing there was no turning back. It was now a mission to save a hero; to save the world.
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