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The Return of the Boy Who Lived

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After the final battle, the Boy Who Lived is transported back into his 11 year old body, just prior to receiving his Hogwarts Letter. Sound like every re-do fic you've ever read? It is, except for ...

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The Return of the Boy Who Lived 1/?

Rating: Teen/PG-13

Summary: After the final battle, the Boy Who Lived is transported back into his 11 year old body, just prior to receiving his Hogwarts Letter. Sound like every re-do fic you've ever read? It is, except for one minor detail; the Boy Who Lived is named Neville Longbottom!

Disclaimer: Is this really necessary? I don't own any of the Harry Potter Characters or settings.

Pairings: None to start, come on; they're 11 years old! Will eventually be Neville/Ginny, and Harry/Hermione.

Authors Note: This is another plot bunny that has been biting on my toes, and hopefully I can get it out of the way and get moving on my other stories.

Feedback: Of course, it helps me write faster.

Chapter One

Hogwarts, July 28th 1998

The castle was in ruins; the lawn covered in the bodies of both the attackers and the students and professors who had remained behind to face Voldemort's assault. Neville blinked away the blood that had dripped into his eyes, trying not to look at the bodies of his friends lying around him.

“At least Ron got Greyback before he died, maybe now Bill can rest easily, Remus too.” He thought, before blocking another spell from Voldemort. “Come on, Tommy; you can do better than that!” He taunted, casting another chain of curses at the bane of his existence. He almost smiled as he saw Riddle's shield finally shatter under the force of the multiple reductor curses that Hermione and Professor Flitwick had taught him to combine into a single spell. While Voldemort was staggered and trying futilely to close the hole in his stomach, Neville pulled the Sword of Gryffindor and moved forward, preparing to remove the head of his enemy.

Before he could reach Voldemort; the dieing Dark Lord dropped to his knees; and looked up at his approaching doom. “So, you think you've beaten me, do you?” Voldemort hissed, “Maybe you have, but I'll be back, and you won't be here to see it. You see, when to kill this form, my final spell will go off, and you will join me in death! Of course, I've beaten death before, and I'll do so again! Can you say the same?” Riddle taunted him.

Neville chuckled bitterly, raising the sword for the killing stroke. “Two problems with that idea, Tommy boy, first, if you were counting on your 6 horcruxes to keep you alive, they've all been destroyed already, and, secondly, look around you, do you think I honestly give a damn about living anymore?You and your foolish followers have already killed every person I've ever loved, and I'll be happy to see them again.”

Voldemort's eyes widened as the fact that he had finally lost sunk into his brain. He took a breath, trying to plead for mercy, when the sword cut through his neck and his head fell in the grass, followed quickly by his body.

Neville dropped the sword, and knelt down beside the body, closing his eyes as the tears he had been holding back finally fell, allowing himself to remember those he had lost. He could feel the magical buildup from Voldemort's final spell, and smiled, “I'm coming for you Ginny! Mom, Dad, I'll see you soon.”

And just as the world exploded around him, he thought he heard a far off cry of Phoenix Song; and the world went black.

July 28th 1991

Longbottom Manor

“Master Neville! Master Neville!Youse need to be getting up now; Milly has breakfast ready, and your Grammy sent me to get you! Hurry! Hurry! Youse don't want yours breakfast to get cold, now does youse?”

“I'm up, I'm up!” Neville groaned, opening his eyes and looking at the family house elf. 'Wait a minute! I'm alive? What the hell is going here?' He wondered, as he saw Dilly, his elf, who he last saw as a burned corpse beside his Grandmother's body at the end of his Sixth year at Hogwarts.

'Okay, so I'm back at home, and apparently not quite 11 years old, because Gran stopped calling me down to breakfast after I got my letter. First things first, need to get myself ready for breakfast, otherwise it would get cold, and I'm actually hungry! After that I can figure out what is going on here.'

With that, he quickly cleaned himself up and got dressed, noting with disgust that he really needed to do something to lose the baby fat, and made his way downstairs to have breakfast with his Gran.

Augusta Longbottom looked just the same as she had the last time he saw her alive, and Neville was very thankful for the Occulmency training that he had received. It was the only thing that allowed him to keep his face impassive and maintain a polite conversation over breakfast, when what he really wanted to do was rush to his Grandmother and wrap his arms around her and start crying in relief at seeing her again.

He managed to get through breakfast without incident; and, after finishing, excused himself to go work in the greenhouses. After closing and locking the door to his personal work area behind him, he wandlessly cast a silencing and privacy charm, and dropped to the floor, sobbing hysterically. Neville had no idea how long he had laid there, but, eventually the tears dried, and he heard a sound he didn't think he would ever hear again, that of Phoenix song. Looking up; he saw Fawkes perched on his work table, singing softly. Neville smiled weakly at the Headmaster's companion; who he had last seen at his mentor's memorial service. “Hullo, Fawkes, its good to see you. What brings you here?”

The Phoenix held out his leg, and Neville saw an envelope wrapped around it. Taking the letter, he recognized Headmaster Dumbledore's handwriting; and hurried to open it. Reading the first line, his hands started shaking; and it was only Fawkes' singing that kept him from collapsing to the floor again.

December 25th 1996;

the letter began;

My dear Neville;

If you are reading this, than I have already departed on my Next Great Adventure; and was not at your side when you had your final confrontation with Tom. All I can say is I'm sorry I wasn't there for you at the end, as I had intended to be. However, Severus tells me that the curse on the Gaunt ring has damaged my body and magic too severely to be corrected, and, whether I wish it or not, I will be gone before the school year ends. Ijust hope it's peaceful, I find as I face my end, that the idea of apainful death disturbing.

Well, enough of an old man's rambling. If you are receiving this in the circumstances I believe you will, you are a young man again; with your future before you. One of the great regrets of my life, and I can only gather the courage to tell you this now; is that you were forced to grow up so soon, consider this a second chance to enjoy your life. Fawkes agreed to assist me in granting you this gift, he actually is quite fond of you, my boy.

Anyway; I realized that Tom would not be willing to go on alone, and would use any means to take you with him. I asked Fawkes to watch over you; and, if it was as Isuspected, to take you out of danger. What I didn't realize; at the time; was just how magical a Phoenix really is, being eternal, Fawkes actually is timeless, meaning that all times are the same to him. I'll admit to being almost giddy with excitement when I realized Fawkes could travel through time to any point he desired. I saw achance to correct all the mistakes I made, from preventing Tom from traveling his dark path, to avoiding Tom's spy from hearing part of the prophecy; to stopping myself from putting on the cursed ring. Alas, the excitement faded quickly when Fawkes made me understand that such travel is a one way trip; because, a Phoenix can only transport a person who is dieing, or just dead, because the flames of the trip would kill anyone else. So I couldn't take the chance of failing at my mission; and leaving you to face Tom and his Death Eaters without my guidance and support. Once I understood this; Iasked him to give you this final gift, to take you back to your younger self, and hopefully you can enjoy your childhood, while still preparing for what must be done.

I'll have to end this, because you are knocking on the door to my office, and we have several more memories to go through.


End Chapter One
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