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Small explinations

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When I finally got into the room, the sleeping arrangements were already chosen. Hunter had the couch, Adam and Davey had one bed, and the other bed was reserved for Jade and I.

"Hi my bed buddy!" Jade smiled and hugged me. He pulled me down and onto his lap.

"So...Who decided this?" I had no choice about being on Jade's lap, but didn't mind one bit.

Davey, Jade and Hunter all spoke and pointed to the culprit, "Adam did it!!"

"But we're just two friends sharing a bed, right?"

There it was again, that dreaded word 'friends'.

"Yupp, just two friends." I smiled, but Davey knew what I was feeling and gave me a concerning look. "Davey don't you have something to ask Jade?"

"Huh?...Oh yeah! Jade. Who's sexier? Me or Shayla?"

Jade gets a weird look on his face and I knew he was thinking about his girlfriend, and he set his chin on my shoulder.

"Well you're both equally sexy."

"Told you!" Davey stuck his tongue out at me and I threw a pillow. "Meanie!" He laughed some.

"I know, but you love me anyways."

Jade answered for Davey, "Yes he does, and he's really lucky."

Davey looked at Jade weirdly, "Jade, Shayla and I aren't dating."

Jade's grip on my loosened drastically, "You're...You're not? Seriously?...B-but...I thought." He had an exremely confused look on his face, I got off of him and put a foot of space between him and I. He looked at me confused. He motioned toward the door, I nodded and got up with him, and we stepped outside into the hallway.

"If you and Davey aren't dating, the who are you with?"

"I'm not with anyone."

"Then what are you and Davey?"

"We're best friends."

"Have know...with him?"

I gave him a weird look, "I haven't even kissed him, and I don't want to."

"Then what the hell possess you to stay then?"


"Me? Why me?"

"Becaues you asked me to stay, so I stayed."



"You're not to good with explinations are you?"

"No...I'm not."

"Then don't say anything." He smiled and pinned me to the wall, his hands on my hips.


"No buts." And then he kissed me.

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