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Unfortunate Surprises

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Davey had come out to see what was taking so long, he grinned at the sight, "It's about damn time Jade."

Jade broke the kiss, but didn't pull away completely, he kept me pinned to the wall. He smiled innocently at Davey.

Then a voice rang out down the hall...

"Jade!! Oh good, you're still here!!" Jenny came running down the hall to hug him, but he stayed against me. "Jade, I'm not pregnant!!"

Jade got slightly pissed, "Doesn't matter, the fact that you thought you were was reason enough!"

"But...I made a mistake. I'm sorry!"

"That mistake cost you everything. Things you will never get back."

"Apparently you gave all I lost to the first whore you saw."

I was instantly offended, "Hey!" Jade put his hand to my mouth, not allowing me to continue.

"If you wanted to stay together you wouldn't have fucked another guy!" Jade remained against me, and still didn't release my mouth.

I knew this was the first time Davey heard this, but I still looked at him for help.

"Jenny, please just leave." Davey knew what all this was doing to me and Jade.

She gave him a hateful look, "Fine, but I'll be back." She turned and left, but Jade didn't move.

"Davey, we'll be in in a few."

Davey sat there for a few seconds, "Okay." He turned and went in, but Jade still had my mouth covered with him hand.

I had to whine before he noticed he still had me pinned.

"I'm sorry. I don't think I'm ready to date someone else yet." He moved completely away from me.

"I think you're readty to date, just not me. But I aslo think I should go." I walked toward the room to get my stuff to leave, but Jade stopped me, his arms wrapped around my waist and kept me stationary. He inhaled the scent of my shampoo.

"Mmmm...Please don't leave."

"But you don't need me, so I have no purpose here."

"You do have a purpose, I just odn't know what it is yet."

"Percisely why I should go home, I don't belong here."

"Just please don't go." could feel my hair starting to get wet. I turned around, slightly alarmed and saw tears escaping the edge of his eyes.

I hugged him tightly, my hands around his waist ad my head on his chest. "I wont leave until you tell me to, okay?"

"Okay, Thank You." He dried his eyes and kissed the top of my head, "Do you mind if we just stay friends though?"

I sighed some, wanting to cry myself, "If that's what you want." I bit my lip, keeping myself from crying. I figured I'd never be able to feel his lingering kiss on my lips again.

"Shall we go in?" He pulled away slightly.

"You can. I don't want to yet." I let completely go of him. He surprised me by lightly kissing me.

"Sorry, I wanted one more before we're just friends again." He smiled and went into the room. I took a few steps away from the door and bursted into tears. I felt Davey's arms around me and I buried myself into him, crying into his chest.

"Shayla, what happened?" I shook my head in a 'No' and continued crying.

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