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Chapter Three: The Choice

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“What choice?” Harry repeated.

“You have two choices. 1.) you can continue on into Timeheart-”

“Timeheart? What is timeheart?”

“Muggles call it Heaven. Like I was saying you can continue towards Timeheart where your deeds, both good and bad will be weighed and Glaux will decide your fate…”

“Great,” Harry muttered barely audible “another person deciding what I can or can’t do with my bloody life. Well I should be used to it by now.”

“Harry,” the Master of Time said. “Glaux judges everyone before they can enter Timeheart. He judged your mum and dad. In fact you would probally like to know that your father was one of the six offered the chance to make a change in time. He chose not to.”

“My father was given a chance to alter time and he gave it up! Why?”

“As you probally guessed it was the night that the Dark Lord attacked and he was killed that we offered him the chance. As for why he did not take it, we showed him both futures. The one where he and your mum died and the one where he and your mum survived. The only thing he would have been able to change, due to our Laws, is which child was attacked. If he had chosen to change time then Frank and Alice Longbottom would have been killed and Neville would have been “marked as his equal”, while your parents would have been tortured into insanity by Bellatrix Lestrange and Barty Crouch Jr.”

“He didn’t like the thought of being stuck in a bed for the rest of his life and having someone helping him…ahh…what was the word he used…take a shit?...yeah that was it! The idea of having to be stuck in a bed and have someone helping him take a shit for the rest of his life didn’t seem to appeal very well to him.” He said with a chuckle. “Would it be better never to have known your parents or to know them but they not know you?”

“You’re right. He chose the right path. I would have done the same. So what is my other choice?”

“2.) We send you back. You will be as powerful as you are now and have all the knowledge that Glaux gave you.”

“What do I have to do…let me guess kill Voldemort, right?”

“Precisely. Kill the Dark Lord.”

“What if I don’t kill him? What if I just go back and start a new life?”

“That is not an option. You will either kill the Dark Lord by your hand and your hand alone. Or be killed at his hand.”

“Why do I have to do this? What do I get in return?”

“Prove to us you can do it, that the Dark Lord can be eradicated and we will make it worth your while.”


“If you are able to kill Him, and I mean for good, then you will be the first person, since Glaux came to power, able to control, alter, and pretty much set-in-stone your life and destiny in accommodations with the Laws.”

“If I were to say yes, when would you send me back to and….well when would you be sending me back?”

“June 6, 1997 and in the next five to ten minutes.”

“The day Dumbledore was killed?” asked Harry.

“Yes. How you will accomplish your mission Glaux neither knows nor does he care as long as it is done. So what is your answer?”

“Tell Glaux he better be ready for a hell of a lot of time altering because I’m bloody changing every damn thing I can when I get back.”

“Alright Harry.” The Master of Time said with a grin as he created a circular portal and spoke in a loud, clear voice “Harry James Potter traveling back to the year of 1997, to the month of June, during the day of the 6th, at the time of 6:00 P.M. to the place London, England. Buckingham Palace,” he truned to Harry. "Are you ready?”

“As ready as I will ever be.” Harry stated.

“Before I send you back I most debrief you so you know what is going to happen and the sequence it happens in so you will know when to make your move. This is how it will go down. The Dark Lord-”

“Before you go on can I ask you a question…well two really?”


“First is there something else, something shorter that I can call you besides the Master of Time?”

“I was wondering when you would ask that.”

“Really? I thought being the Master of Time and all you would have known when I was going to ask before I asked it.” Harry said with a smirk.

“I am the Master of Time not a Seer. Now like I was saying, history is not set in stone. It may be bent or altered at your will. You should know this for you have all ready altered the course of history twice. Now as for your other question, you may call me Eldest or Elder if you think that saying my full title is not worth your time. What is your next question although I believe I already know what you are going to ask?”

“Really and what is my next question Elder?”

“You are going to ask why I don’t call the Dark Lord by the name he created for himself.”

“I thought you said you were not a Seer?”

“I’m not but anyone could have guessed what you were thinking. The reasoning behind that is that I know all of which Tom M. Riddle has done. Things that neither you nor Ablus Dumbledore anyone else can even try to comprehend. The things he went through to push the boundaries of immortality are unheard of. That is why I fear the name he christened himself with.” said Elder, somberly
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