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Chapter Four: No Longer the Only One He Fears

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“Right so anyway here’s how it will go down: The Dark Lord and his supporters launched a surprise attack on Buckingham Palace. This happened during a live broadcasting in which the Queen of England was stating that the attacks London had been experiencing were due to terrorist attacks, mainly blaming Al-Qaeda, we of course know it was the Dark Lord and His followers. They will attack and ambush the summit. The battle will go out live. The whole world will know of your people’s existence. You need to prevent that. I will send you back before the attack so you can…what would the muggles call it? Cut the feed? You must then remain hidden no matter what until just before the Dark Lord kills Dumbledore. Then you will strike hard and fast. Take him out as quick as you can. With this new found power of yours it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“O.k. but how do I get back?” When the time comes I will open another portal and bring you back here.”

“Great. I’m ready when you are.” replied Harry

“Glaux speed to you son.” said Elder.


Harry stepped through the portal and disappeared.

“Good luck Harry Potter and may Glaux watch over you.” Elder said to no one in the empty Halls of Time.


Harry came out of the portal just behind a row of cameras pointing at a podium were the Queen of England stood. He looked down at his watch which read: 5:58 P.M. ‘Great,’ Harry thought pulling out his wand. ‘A hundred cameras and only two minutes until the Death Eaters show up.’ He went to work. Doing two cameras at a time, he created a field in which once anything relating to the magical world happened, let’s say like…hundreds of robe and masked figures appearing out of nowhere, the television would instantly sever its connection and feed would be cut off. There! He was finished and with thirty seconds to spare to find a place to hide. He decided to crouch behind a shrub as he watched the Queens last sentence before she would be abruptly interrupted. “And make no mistakes you bloody terrorist, no matter whom ever you are or where you are we will hunt you down and eradicate you once and for al-”

The air was filled with loud pops. At the same time all the red lights at the top of the cameras, which signaled them being on, went out. Harry smiled to himself and thought well at least I’ve done something right so far. He looked down at his watch. It read: 6:00 P.M. Right on schedule. Over the course of the next several minutes Order members and Aurors started arriving. Then finally, at 6:15 what was suppose to be Ablus Dumbledore and Tom Marvolo Riddle’s last confrontation began. At this point Harry moved closer to their duel. He had to be in striking distants. What he would do…he had no clue but he was sure as hell not going to let his mentor die. Then at 6:17 he made his move. Lord Voldemort had just launched a killing curse at Albus, who was on the ground weakened by the Dark Lords last attack; it was over Albus thought he was going to die. In his head he heard a familiar voice cry out

“Like hell you will!” Less then a yard in front of him someone moved to block the curse with startling speed. The cruse hit the person but was directed into the ground cause the explosion to shoot dirt into the air, masking his defender in a veil of smoke.

The same voice he had heard in his head yelled out “Sorry but Albus isn’t dying today Tommy boy.”

All fighting had ceased.

The smoke cleared and a figure loomed over Dumbledore, his back to the old man. Energy was radiating from him and, like the color of his hair, a golden glow emanated from his being.

Voldemort gasped in shock. “No you can’t be alive I killed you! I incinerated you!”

“You can’t kill an immortal.” He jested.

“What! You lie! You’re not immortal.”

“Yet you claim to have killed me and here I stand Tom. What do you call that?”

The figure turned slightly to look back at his mentor who, like his foe, gasped. The figure smirked and said “What you thought someone could get rid of me that easily?”

“Harry? Is that really you?”

“Sure is Albus, sure is. I’ll explain later. Right now I got a destiny to fulfill.”

Harry drew his wand and dueled with the man who had altered the course of his life. In the space of sixty seconds, four-thousand eight hundred and thirty-two spells, hexes, curses, jinxes, and charms were thrown. The duel finally ended when Fawkes appeared and gave Harry the sword he was destined to wield. With his wand in one hand and the Sword of Godric Gryffindor in the other he charged his for one last time. Throwing very bit of magic he had ever learned at Voldemort. When he was mere feet away he jumped up and with one mighty thrust, plunged his sword in to the heart of the beast. The creature screamed in pain and agony before exploding into a billion pieces sending a shock wave throughout the a quarter mile area. A blood spattered Harry got up and looked around. All the Death Eaters, with an exception to Severus Snape who had just recently had the Dark Mark removed, was on the ground withering away before they to were dust. Tom Marvolo Riddle was no more.

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