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chapter 6

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Soon, the guys came over and everyone went out for lunch to the restaurant that we went to for Gerard’s 30th.
We sat down and our waiter came up, whoa, and he was hot. He had black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, lip piecing, very cute face, nice body, hottie alert. As soon as he came over, me Shelby and Belinda all perked up and tried to get his attention.

“Hi im Liam, and ill be your waiter today, how can I help you?” He took everyone’s order and when it came to us three girls, he took Shelby’s order and smiled at her, he took Belinda’s order and didn’t even look twice at her. He looked over at me and his mouth came open a little, I smiled and politely gave him my order of salad and an orange juice.

“Right, it will be ready soon.” He said and gave me one last look, we stared at each other for 3 seconds, and then he walked off. Shelby nudged me in the leg, and gave me her omg-he-is-so-hot face, and I gave her my omg-I-know-he’s-hot face and then looked around the restaurant and saw him standing behind the bar, pouring the drinks and looking up every now and then.
I nudge Shelby and winked at her, she pouted because she knew what I was going to do.

“Please Shelby, it’s my birthday” I said to her, she looked at me giving me a face of shut-the-fuck-up. I just smiled at her.

“Um, ill be right back.” I said standing up, I looked over at Gerard who was narrowing his eyes at me, almost like trying to read my mind. I just smiled and walked over to the bar, and stood in front of the drink stand. He looked up and smiled.

“What can I get you miss?” He said smiling and in a polite way. I put on a think face and smiled slightly.

“Umm, my orange juice?” I said cutely, with a cute smile. He nodded and picked up my orange juice and sat it on the bench in front of me.

“So Liam, right?” I said playing with the straw in my orange juice, I sat down on the stool and leaned on the counter. He nodded and pretended to be cleaning up the counter.

“So how old are you Liam?” I said sipping my orange juice. He looked up at me, his eyes were fucking gawjuzz.

“I am 18, and you miss?” he said leaning on the bench with his arms spread.

“I am turning 16 as we speak, it is my birthday and my whole family is here, as you can see. I’ve got my dad, 4 uncles and 4 aunties, 3 best friends and my nana to celebrate with.” I said pointing over to the table, none of them was paying attention except Gerard, he was just glancing every few seconds or so.

“Oh my god, your Kayla Way, and Gerard from my chemical romance is your father, wow, I thought it was you, but I wasn’t going to say anything.” Liam said slowly and then his face turned to a smile.

“Oh okay, im just going to go now” I said really embarrassed. I hated when people recognized me, they always wanted to find out about my dad.

“Oh wait, I didn’t mean it like that, im not one of those die hard fans or anything, don’t worry, im not gonna ask for your autograph.” Liam said with a friendly smile. I turned back around and narrowed my eyes and smiled slightly.

“Thank you, you’re probably the first person to not want anything to do with my father or anything.” I said sitting back down and turning towards him. He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote something down.

“Here, call me next time you wanna hang out, because your order is up, have a good birthday Kayla.” Liam said before giving me one last smile and turning towards the backdoors. Okay, did someone just dump a whole lot of butterflies in my stomach and put them on drugs, because they must be flying like mad. I got up, and took my orange juice back to the table. I glanced at Gerard to see him staring at me with his eyebrows raised,
I shrugged and slipped the paper in my pocket before sitting down next to Shelby.
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